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A syntactic, analysis of the language the Radio commercials use in passing information

A syntactic, analysis of the language the Radio commercials use in passing information



  • Background of Study

       Language is an all embracing from of human activity that has an effect on every aspect of human existence. In various ways we speak, listen, read and even think in language. It is the ingredients, with which we build, destroy and re-build individuals, groups and socio- cultural identities and aspirations. It is with these functions of language in mind that 1 will precede with syntactical analysis of the language of the Radio commercials in Nigeria taking few specie men form the many samples.

       Radio commercial Advertising is an endeavor to produce concise, impressive, attractive and persuasive information of the advertised product and services, shops or entertainment. It is a form of public announcement intended to promote the sale of a commodity or service to advance an idea or bring about some other effect desired by the advertisers (Encyclopedia Britainica vol. 1 1973:179) through the use of commercial advertising media such as handbills, Newspapers magazines, billboards and the Radio.

Commercial advertising is important because it prepares grounds for the marketability of the commodity or service through a large coverage over the electronic media such as the Radio.

       Since the aims and importance of radio commercials advertising are not far-fetched I will describe and English language and are what is distinctive about it and what makes it peculiarly different from other ‘English’

1.2 purpose of Study

       A syntactic, analysis of the language the Radio commercials use in passing information gives us an idea to what these commercial make use of in promoting sales. The main purpose of this work is to critically analysis the phrases and clauses these commercials make use offer this promotion.

       The use of slang, pidgin and absolute English can actually be debated to an extent due to the audience. In some part of Nigeria especially the River-line areas which pidgin is an acceptable language, Radio commercials who would want to sale such areas would have to use the language they would understand, which is pidgin.

       But in the course of my research I discovered that the Radio commercials actually have different stations for different languages and I decided to work with the cool FM (96.9) which uses English language in all its advertisement. Most at times the levels of grammar they makes use of are simple sentences, which are very simple to understand and also draw any listener’s attention to products name being advertised. As we move further, we discover that the radio commercials have several ways of presenting an advert but there are the three main types which are frequently used mostly by Radio commercial. We have the singing commercials, the dialogue commercials and lastly the straight forward commercials.

2.3 Statement of the Problem

       The research problems I will solve are the problems of language of advertising been restricted to simple sentences and also scholar’s negligence towards creating a platform for more syntactic analysis on the three major languages in Nigeria regarding the radio commercials.

1.4 Research Questions

       The impending questions on this research are mainly questions on the dialogue mostly among market women and school children. The questions I threw to the school children were questions on the Brahma orange drink.

  • Do you know Brahma orange drink?
  • Do you like Brahma orange drinks?
  • Do did you get to know about it?
  • And do you like the taste of Brahma orange drink?

This product was advertised on the radio following the singing commercial procedure and as a result of this the children loved this drink and can practically sing the whole stanza.

       Most of my questions arose due to the need to understand more about a particular product and why it is appreciated. My answers came in accurately there by promoting the use of Radio in homes.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The study of the language of the radio commercials is important because it creates awareness on the main functions of the Radio commercials and language in promoting sales language had remained the identity of any given society and is seen as a very important aspect of any culture. For the Radio commercials use different languages can be used to promote sales depending on the geographical area. This research work tends to concentrate more on English language which is generally acceptable in Nigeria.

Radio has remained the only significant competitor to newspapers as an advertising medium, but it took some time before this occurred Radio advertisements are only available when a business or service provides their station financially because operating a radio station is a significant Expense and commercial advertisement can take a wide range of forms which are the three main forms of commercial advertising.

       The straight forward commercial informs the consumer the needs the product fulfils and the special advantages it provides him. It assures a potential consumer of the importance of particular goods or service and its analysis during my research is that such commercials make use of the present simple verb pattern and past tenses are avoided, unlike the Dialogue commercials which is mostly about conversations about a product by two or more participants and their main purpose is to awaken the consumers from a state of passive receptivity to an active response. The singing commercial is accompanied by some jingles here and there on the product. It is mostly for rhyme, rhythm and its analysis shows that it comes in stanzas.

       The significance of this study is that it analyzed the three major of commercial advertising and syntactically explored its structure and formation.

1.6 Scope and Delimitation of Study

       Due to limited Research and time I was only able to carryout a syntactic analysis. The research was conducted in kano state. Both male and female students were included in the sample. Market women were also involved.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

       Several restrictions prevented a more comprehensive analysis, first is that the language of Radio commercials is ruled by the use of simple sentences and I could not diversify into the stronger layers of sentence types. Another limitation is the concentration of this work on English language alone due to unlimited resource and time.

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