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Assessment of local foodstuffs for breakfast in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State

Assessment   of local foodstuffs for breakfast in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State



Background of the study

       Food is any edible substance solid or liquid which when ingested, digested, absorbed and assimilated provide the body with substance necessary for growth, repair and replacement of worm out tissues, supplies the body which energy and regulate the metabolic processes (Micheal and Sue, 2002)

       According to the council of food and nutrition of America medical associated (2007), nutrition is the science of food, the nutrition and substance there in, the action interaction and balance in relation to health and diseases.

       For good nutrition the body needs different kinds of food for building, growth and repairs, for protection against disease. Without a good variety of foods, the body will not work properly. A person will become tired and sick. He may even die.

Nigeria is blessed with various kinds of food stuffs that are nourishing to the body; this kind of nourishing food may be available but not eaten by some group of people, partly due to ignorance of their value and status, symbols or wrong social values. Man has become sophisticated and artificial in many things including his choice of food and feeding habits. Some individuals have the impression that only imported and other very expensive food items are best for health. As man moves further and further away from nature, he no longer appreciates the natural food product readily available in his locality, which if wisely combined would meet his nutritional requirement.

The most popular breakfast especially in recent time is bread and other baked baked product like meat pie and fish roll made from wheat flour. Most of the wheat required to satisfy the baked products needs of the Nigeria populace is being imported with the country’s hard earned currency. Wheat importation is an adverse economic factor to developing nation like Nigeria, Ene-obong (1999). There is a great need for Nigerians to develop and use local food stuffs in preparation of break fast.

Ene-Obong, (2001) pointed out that a small amount of money spent carefully can buy better nutrition than a large amount spent carelessly. Good nutrition is a prerequisite for health. Food is associated with health or illness in one way or the other, this is because food provides materials for the growth of the body and or energy needed for a multitude of functions that constitute human life (Baal, 2002). The amount of food an individual takes especially in a disease condition is very imp1ortant for an excess, deficiency, or imbalance of nutrients may lead to deficiency disease. When someone is in stage of disease condition there must be an amount of food he/she should be taken per hour, days or monthly for such a person to be well healthy. Mostly the foods must be in specific percentage less than that percentage can leads to deficiency disease. The nutrients or nutrition of the foods is also important at this stage for the person to be well balanced. Someone that in a disease condition need to be taken food which contain protein more than carbohydrate. At this point for such person not to contact any deficiency disease he/she needs to be taken excessive food, food that is nutrition’s for well balance health.

The development in Nigeria today is that, Mr. President is embanking on “Operation use the resources in your country to get what you want”. Therefore it is good for the home- maker in Obokun Local Government Area and even homemaker in Nigeria entirely to embrace the idea of making use of the local food staff we have around in preparing breakfast.

Eating breakfast began in the Neolittic (Late stone Age) era, when large stones were used to grind grains to make a sort of porridge. Porridge was also a stample of Roman solder’s diets (Judith 2005)

During the middle ages, barley and hops were used to make beer which was served up in the morning to hungry peasants along side oat cakes or porridge. (Kellogy 1998).

Break fast begin in the early 19th century, when some middle-class men started to work regular hours in offices-prior to that people would often work for a few hours, then eat a meal at about loan. Wives or kitchen staff would often serve these 19th century commuters a two course meal that would often begin with a bowl of porridge. This would be followed by a full English breakfast: toast and eggs with becon or fish. This style of meal wasn’t referred to as the full English” until the first world war when lighter breakfast raise in popularity. (Kellogy and Henry Perky, 1997).

Eating breakfast had become a more elaborate act by the 19th century, at least in well-off house- holds. In the Book of household management, Isabella included a cold joint of meat, game pies, boiled mackerel, butter jam, coffee and tea. (Isabella Beeton, 2006).

Towards the end of the 1800s, there was backlash against these kinds of lavish diets. Group like the 17th day Advertises protested that meat- based breakfast were leading to ill health! Over the next few decades, pioneers like kellogy and Henry Perky post developed ready to eat breakfast cereals that would go on to become extremely popular and varied. At the turn of the 20th century, other cereals, such as muesli were being invented in Europe. Break fast cereals found success when rationing made bacon and eggs scare during the war. Also, as woman entered the work force, they no longer had the time to cook a full meal in the morning and cereals allowed children to prepare their own breakfast. The range of breakfast foods became more and more varied. Now, however, despite the choice available, fewer and fewer people take time to have breakfast

Statement of the Problem

       Nigeria is one of the African countries that is endowed with local foodstuffs. These local food stuffs are many and varied, but only few of them are utilized by the inhabitants of Nigeria in their daily cooking and meals. These few ones includes Rice, Pap, yam, pottage among others.

       Many of the Nigerian local foodstuffs have been neglected and gradually replaced with the foreign foodstuffs, and only little attempt have been made to redeem this situation.

       It has been observed that in a majority of Nigeria hotels most of the breakfast served are foreign. The menu card reveals a whole lot of foreign dishes which most Nigerians read and interpreter with the aid of stewards. As a result, they do not have the idea the type of food they will be served. They simply want to try them. In as much as it is good to try foreign dishes the importance attached to them in hotels and restaurant leads a lot of people to believe that good breakfast consist of bread, tea, peas beefs etc. most of these food stuff are not grown in Nigeria. When this food stuff are vary expensive to import.

       A critical look at our meals reveals that there is little variety in the diet like; corn food, eba, vegetable soup etc. This is because of poor nutrition education by nutrition educators. If the population had nutrition education they would break the monotony. With this nutrition problems in view, this research is aimed at assess local foodstuffs for use as breakfast in homes, schools and restaurant – even hotels.

Purpose of the Study

       The main purpose of this study is to assess some local foodstuffs use as breakfast at home and other eating places in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun state. Specifically the study tends to:-

  1. Assess some existing local foodstuffs available to homemaker.
  2. Assess the local foodstuffs that are used for breakfast.
  3. Find out why they are used for breakfast
  4. Find out method of preparation and cooking of the local food.
  5. Find out problems encountered in their preparation and cooking of the food item.
  6. Find solutions to the problem.



Significant of the Study

The result of the study will be beneficial to the following individuals, members of the family, students etc.

       Families will benefit immensely from the result of this study because they will spend less for break fast and be able to save money for other family needs.

       Students will also benefit because they will learn about other food sources for breakfast, which they have not known before.

       Individuals and consumers generally will also benefit because their nutritional status will be improved due to the fact that they are now consuming locally made foods which are natural and not synthetic

       Other researchers will also benefit because this study will serve as a baseline study for further research.

Research Question

  1. What are the existing local foodstuffs available for the homemaker?
  2. Which of the local foodstuffs are used for breakfast?
  3. Why are they used for break fast?
  4. What are the methods used to prepare and cook them?
  5. What are the problems encountered in preparing the local foodstuffs?
  6. How can the problems encountered during the preparation of breakfast with the local foodstuffs be solved.

Scope of the Study

This study is limited to the assessment of local foodstuff for breakfast in Obokun local government area. It is designed to assess some existing local foodstuff, assess food stuffs that, are used for breakfast, ascertain why they are used and method of preparing them. Also the problem and solutions of using the local foodstuff. The study will be carried out in Obokun local government area of    Osun state.



Literature for this work will be reviewed based on the following sub headings.

  • Conceptual framework
  • Review of related empirical studies
  • Summary of literature review

Conceptual framework

  • The concept of breakfast
  • Existing local foodstuffs available to the homemaker
  • Local foodstuffs used for breakfast
  • Method of preparing local foodstuffs for breakfast
  • Problems of using local foodstuffs for breakfast
  • Solution to the problems of using local foodstuffs for breakfast.
  • The effect of food on the choice of breakfast
  • Important of a good breakfast
  • Adapting breakfast to individual meals
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