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Building Maintenance in Ebonyi State Housing Corporation

Building Maintenance in Ebonyi State Housing Corporation



Background of the study.

          The Area of study is Ebonyi State Housing Corporation situated at the ministry of work and Housing, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Ebonyi State Housing Corporation was established in 1996 by then Military  Administrator of Ebonyi State, Waiter Feghabor. This means that the Housing Corporation is as old as the state. The corporation ensures the standardization of estate management, which is of paramount importance to the government and the society at large, the corporation undertakes the allocation of housing estates in the state.

          The corporation ensures the standardization of estate management, which is of paramount importance to the government and the society at large, The corporation undertakes the allocation of housing estates in the state. Ebonyi State Housing Corporation also stand as the mediator between the federal Government and the state Government in terms of any federal Government Housing allocation that could be to the States. A building starts to deteriorate from the moment it is  completed and from that time begins to shoe defects, if such defects are left unchecked in time, it will develop to more serious ones, and consequently failure.

          However, there is still a lack of precise knowledge of need and benefits occruing from a well maintained building which makes fit living and more economically viable.

Tenants and landlords, in most cases, may have very narrow view of what this entails. To the tenant, once the internal decoration is cheerful and accessories functional, he is satisfied. For the landlord, as long as he receives rents and there is no clear mcidence of nothing is wrong yet. He is very proud of the building if the external appearance is respectable at a glance.

          The state of disrepairs can include cracks, defective damp-proof course, loose ceilings, leaking roofs, defective plumbing work, defective and unsound timber etc on the source the property (building) will become damp and its structure will deteriorate to the extent that normal repair are repainting are no longer sufficient to restore even an appearance of well being. Generally, the existing poor condition of buildings in Ebonyi State with rapid growth in urbanization calls for an appraisal of the degree of building maintenance need in this country.

          This is evident from flaking points in walls of most buildings, leaking roots numbered loose titles, unhygienic toilets and dirty environment, to mention but few, yet it is increasingly difficult for average Ebonyi State to building a house to day more so, it stresses the need for the maintenance awareness since it is difficult to embark on a new building in view of the present economic hardship we are how experiencing.

          As many as have carried out work on maintenance, tried to give it a definition. There definitions continued to improve as people become more knowledgeable in maintenance work. At first it was merely seen or defined as keeping buildings to their original or near to their original state, but it was later found to embrace the other facilities including the surroundings, BS 3811 (1979) therefore defined maintenance as, keeping or improving every facility, every part of a site, buildings and its contents to acceptable.

          However, in 1982 Report of Committee on building maintenance although in support broadened the definition to cover more areas. Amobi,  (2005) defined it as the work done or under taken in order to keep, Restore or improve every facility to acceptable standard and to sustain the unity and value of the facility. The Chartered Institute of Building (C.I.B) agreed with the reports definition but felt that they forget that our resources are limited. She therefore defined maintenance as work undertaken to keep, restore or improve every facility, every part of the building its services and surroundings to agreed standard determined by the balance between need and available resources.

          Another school of thought still saw deficiency in the above definitions, Amboi  (2005) felt that development in technology should reflect in our maintenance and its concepts.  He therefore defined it as “A programmed transformation of a building fabric and services reflecting changes in pattern of use and technology.

          This hast definition thus, include alteration and renovation into maintenance aims at keeping, Restoring and transform buildings and its environments which taking precaution of the followings:-

  • The final product must be to acceptable standard.
  • It should sustain the unity and value of the facility
  • It should need the available resources.
  • It has to reflect the changes in pattern of use and technology.

Statement of the Problem

          Maintenance of building had been the order of the day this is because considering that resource needed in building a new structure is at high rate, people especially in this our less and or developing young State see or assume building maintenance as the best option since their economic resources cannot sometimes meet up with their needs.

          But it’s seen that people in our area Ebonyi State do not have what it takes to carry out effective building maintenance.  It might be as a result of the fact lack of enlisted below:-

  1. Lack of maintenance culture
  2. Lack of maintenance reassurance/equipment
  • Lack of manpower development/Skills.

These among others are considered as problems associated with building maintenance constraints in Ebonyi State. This research work therefore seeks to find the extent to which the above factors affect building maintenance in the state and to proper solution to them.

Purpose of the Study

          The purpose of this study is to ascertain the constraints involved in building maintenance in Ebonyi State, the study is based to  find out the following:-

  1. Find out the type of maintenance employed by Ebonyi State Housing corporations.
  2. Find out the quality of materials used in building maintenance in Ebonyi State
  3. Find out the interval needs for building maintenance in Ebonyi State
  4. Find out the potentiality in the people that engage in building maintenance, particularly the building engineers or technologists.

Significance of the Study

          The findings of this study will be beneficial to the building technologists, the clients and the society at large.

          The technologists will help to know the extent of achieving their set objectives and seek improve in where there is failure. The client will benefit from this work because material and human resource will help, even the students to understand batter method that could be adopted while maintain buildings.

          The entire society will benefit from the study when they adopt best type of maintenance whether costly or cheap.

          This will go a long way for improve the standard of buildings in the society.

Research Questions

          The following research questions were formulated to seek information for the study.

  1. What is the best type of building maintenance that should be adopted?
  2. What extent has the materials used in maintaining building contributed in building maintenance?
  3. What is the effect of maintenance culture in building maintenance?
  4. What effect has building technologist/engineers qualification on building maintenance?
  5. What extent is financial resource detrimental to building maintenance?

Scope of the Study

          The study will center on the quality and types of building maintenance and the materials used in maintaining building in Ebonyi State housing corporation.

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