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Child abuse: causes, consequences and prevention

Child abuse: causes, consequences and prevention

Child Abuse

This can be seen as causing or exposing any child to any harmful, offensive contact or hard labour. Child abuse could also manifest in transaction of any kind which humiliates or frightens the child, experts have further defined child abuse as any act or omission, which fails to nurture in the upbringing of the child growth and development.


Many factors may contribute to child abuse and neglect. Some of those factors may result from parents’ abuse of drug, poverty, death of any parent or all of them, etc. The above manifests in physical, emotional and sexual abuse of the child.

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Child abuse can have the following consequences on the child:

  1. Encourage the child to lie, fear, retaliate, and resent an elder instead of trusting, listening and loving an elder.
  2. Lower the child’s self- esteem and can effect the child’s psychological development.
  3. It can alienate children from their family members.


Educating the parents and guardians on the danger of child abuse and legal punishment of any body abusing a child will help prevent child abuse.

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