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This research study focused on the constraints affecting the administrative function of principals in secondary schools, in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Four research questions were formulated to guide the work. Being a descriptive survey study, the instrument for he study was a structured questionnaire titled “Constraints to administrative functions of principals”, reliability determined using test-retest method. The population of the study constituted ten (10) principals and one hundred and seventy 9170) teachers from different selected secondary schools which was randomly picked and studied. Simple random sampling technique was used. Many constraints were identified using likert scale rating technique where by any time below 2.50 were regarded as an insignificant constraints. The findings indicated that inadequate administrative blocks, lack of seminars/workshops for the up date of principals knowledge among others were the most significant constraints affecting the administrative functions of principals where as short supply of sports facilities and creation of administrative problems by principals were considered insignificant. The study further recommended that training programmes such as workshop, seminar, in service training etc should be amended to provide real experience of school and community relationship. Also adequate up to data instructional materials as well as social amenities should be provided and made use of secondary school in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.



Background of the Study

Education administration focuses on the co-ordination of human and material resources towards the attainment of some predetermined educational objectives. It means bringing all the attributes in an effort to realize the educational objectives. Educational administration includes organization and structure, proprietorship and control, inspection and supervision, provision of good human relations and professionalism to schools and teaching learning situation.

According to Eresimadu and Nduka (1987), Educational administration as specially is implying the careful arrangement of the resources and programmes available for education. So that when mobilized they should operate as a unity for the achievement of education objectives. Its focus is the enhancement of teaching and learning process. In formal school setting as such as it is in Ishielu Local Government Area, Education according to Ruskin (1965) is the leading of human souls to what is best and making what is best of them and the training which makes men happiest themselves also makes them most serviceable to others.

All persons charged with the responsibility of co—ordination human efforts and the use of material in these establishment (schools) towards achievement of educational goals can then be regarded as educational administrators. Persons in such positions includes heads of educational institutional, their assistant, directors of specific educational programmes, inspectors of schools, members of school boards, subject heads and even the teachers who are classroom administrators, but for the  purpose of the study, our focus is on the principals as the administrators of secondary schools.

The school administrator is said to be an international personality in the learning business that takes place in the school environment. The school administrators (principals) shape and transmit educational policies and procedures reality. Administrator deals with student of different ages, sex, and level of understanding. In order for an administrator of school to succeed in his administration, it depends to a large extent on his leadership qualities.

Leadership according to Weihrich and Knoontz (1994) is defined as influence, who is the art or process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the achievement of group goal. This issue raised about leadership is that it requires moving along with the group which one is said to be leading. That is very true of educational leadership. The school principal cannot be said to be leading if the staff, students and parents etc are not ready to follow or corporate with him. What is implied here is that for any leadership to be effective, there must be effective followership, leadership lose it favour.

In some schools mostly in the village of Ishielu Local Governemnt Area, there could be acute shortage of staff. Many people do not like to work in areas without electricity, pipe bone water, good roads and medical centres. The principals in such schools are bond to experience difficulties in subject allocation and the allocation of other responsibilities. Probably, the population of such schools could deplete as parent and students opt for well-staffed and equipped schools, usually found in urban centres.

The shortage of manpower would imply the few available would be over utilized resulting in decrease in efficiency. It was on this ground that the Ebonyi State government in recognition of the above mentioned constraints had to set up the secondary Education Management Board, workshops and seminars on administration on secondary school, management for principals and other top management officials, improved funding to secondary schools, promotion of teachers, setting up P.T.A, encourage non-governmental changes, improved motivation for students, adheres to the Federal Government change in 6-3-3-4 system of education.

In the bid, to reduce constraints hindering effective administration by the principal in secondary school system in Ebonyi State. In spit of all these things or efforts, the general public complain bitterly that administration roles performance by the principal in the secondary school have not been improved as expected. All these challenging constraint confronts the principals of secondary schools by virtues of their position as administrators and therefore call for research on the ideal qualities and call administrators should possess in order to cope with these challenge constraints.

Research Problems

In this research, the following problems are imperatives and they constitute the constraints to administrative functions in secondary schools in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

There is the problem of effective administration in terms of human resource management.

There is a problem of human relationship among the parents, teachers and students of the school.

There is also the problem of training of administrators for the administrative functions in the schools.

Objective of the Study

This research has the following objectives:

  1. To establish a way to caution effective administration in the schools.
  2. To suggest the best way to bring good human relationship among the parents, teachers and students.
  3. To open door for training of administrators for good administration in the schools.

Research Questions

The following research questions are very important to deal with the constraints of administrativw functions in the schools in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

  1. How can there be effective administration in schools?
  2. How do the parents, teachers and the students start having good human relationship?
  3. What are the things necessary to do in order to bring back good administrative training in the schools?

Research Hypothesis

The following hypotheses Alternate and null are important in the study:

HA1: There is effective administrative in the schools

HOI: There is no effective administration in the schools.

HA2: There is no human relationship among the parents, the teachers and the students.

HA3: There is administrative training in the schools.

HO3: There is no administrative training in the schools.

Significant of the Study

It is envisaged that the results of this research will expose the positive and negative influence of administration manifest with a view to take necessary precautionary measures to help the administration of secondary schools.

The study will help the administrators to identify their strength and weakness in administrative task area. It will lead to some modification in the present administration.

Scope/Delimitation of the Study

This study is limited to the secondary schools in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. The time lag is from independent till date.

 Limitations of the Study

The limitations got in this research are:

There was a limitation of time.

There was also the limitation of literature.

There was also the limitation of correspondence/data.



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