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Background of the study.

        Our society is faced with various kinds of malpractices. It is very common to see people failing to do their professional duties properly. Examination malpractice is one of such acts  where people do  things wrongly in an attempt to achieve or acquire correct  things. Salami (1995) explained examination malpractices as all forms of illegal acts or cheating in order to pass an examination. He said that these include cheating in the hall, writing examination  out side  the hall, buying of certificates and all illegal acts connected with the examinations.

        These acts according to Ani ( 1999) are very common in both, internal and external  examinations. He stated further that  cheating in order to pass are most common in secondary schools,  especially  during senior and junior school certificates examination. According to him, indications, abound where  examination bodies like West African Examination Council,

(WACE). National Examination Council (NECO). And Joint Admission Matriculation Broad (JAMB). Withhold Students results  NECO  and JAMB  withheld or cancelled students  results due to examination malpractices.

                Agu (1991), observed that most secondary school students have shifted their efforts from studying to pass examination  to struggle to get good results through all means. Most students who are no longer  eager to burn their midnight candle but resort to indulgement on various unlawful act in order to pass examination. Another effect of this examination  malpractice  is that some parents   even go to the extend of perverting the laid down rules and regulations for their children which they can never  defend.  These have undoubtedly led to the  continuous decline of academic quality and standard in the society.  It has also culuminated to the issue of educated illiterates in the educational system.

        Eya (1992), observed that the Nigeria academic system many years ago has been suffering from cheating and leakages

of examination papers. .it may not rule out that examination malpractice have been in the schools for a long time now , even before Nigeria civil war. But the fact is that there has been an increase of Examination malpractices since the end of the civil war. All sorts of cartoons have appeared showing how students especially the  female students , run  to  places like Lagos not minding the class they miss  to meet some sugar daddies who have zeal to read more. ( Salami 1996). But many a times some of such cheats have ended up getting fake papers, while the lucky ones as it were got live papers. Teachers or principal of schools who have tried to debar such students from dabbling into such practices have had themselves beaten up or in other case had their lives threatened. Each of these people find a way of getting round the accusation and shifting the blames to others, but these do not helps us out any way students who managed to cheat pass the  examination’s get their certificate and later got away undetected and  got into higher institutions some of such “Furtunate” people have been employed in job based on the certificate they got and grade in related subjects only to prove their incompetence. The upshots of such examination malpractice’s have been abundantly detrimental to both those directly and indirectly concerned. Some upshots, of examination malpractice  includes  the lose of good tone to some schools, the banning of some schools from taking examination for some years, the down grading of some affected principal of schools, the  frustration of directly affect students, the admission into higher institution of incapable student who may leave the universities. for instance without taking a degree examination from the foregoing we would see that majority of the community is directly or indirectly involved in the result of examination malpractice.

        Banyo (1995), stated that examination malpractice’s have stated to take different forms and shapes and started affecting every fabric of the natures of national educational system.

        Ezeocha (1985), pointed out that candidates for the west Africa examination council have resorted to purchase answer script from supervisors or WESC officials,
instead of studying honestly and taking their examination. He further noted that when student believe they can obtain the question papers for their final examination from some sources before the examination they will not listen to their teachers or to carryout any instruction. They have  no need therefore to study.

        Chukwu (1995), says “it is worthy to observe that examination malpractice has over the year caused a lot of grief to educational administrations, law enforcement agents, examination bodies and generally at the society member”.

        Mama (1997), had it that WAEC has expressed concerned over the alleged involvement of some traditional rulers and community leaders in examination malpractice in the country. This report did not miss word in saying that  the scandal was done during the May/June 1996 senior school certificate examination in some parts of the country. It would also be seen in the SSCE 2003, National examination council (NECO), The radio broadcast on the net work service of radio Nigeria on November 10th  owning to the release of NECO  2003 result informed the Nigerian citizens that about 20% of the candidates that sat for the examination would not see their results this is for the fact that they took part in examination fraud. It is therefore, no mere gain saying the fact that cases of it are seen during semester examination in higher institutions of learning, and this leads to examination being cancelled rescheduled, withheld, and this at its work, bringing  down the academic standard.

        According to Eya (1992), examination malpractice has become part of the educational system in the country which would have adverse effects on the secondary school students. If proper measure are not taken to check the situation . The standard of education in our motherland is really falling if the situation is not checked, we would have more educated illiterates than the literate ones more ignorant experts than the knowledgeable ones at situation which may not be unconnected to the addicting called examination malpractice. It is against this background that this research is aimed at finding out the determination of effects of examination malpractice on graduates of secondary schools in uzo- uwani local government area of Enugu state.

Statement of the problem.

        The rampant cancellations of the important subjects such as English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics and other subjects in most secondary schools in uzo-uwani local government area between 2000 and 2007 external exams was  a clear indication that examination malpractice exist in the area.

        The outcome of the  examination malpractice is not only that the cancellation of the result demoralizes the innocent students but also that those who made their result through the act are always unable to defend their result in the public. This leads to low production of such people if eventually employ to serve the society. This also  may lead to continuous economic decline of the society if not seriously checked.

Purpose of the study.

        The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of examination malpractice on graduates of secondary schools in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state.

        The study is specifically designed to:

  • To find out the academic effects of examination malpractice on graduates of secondary schools in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state.
  • To find out the social effects of examination malpractice in the area.
  • To determine its effects on the economic development of the state.

Significance of the study.

        It is hoped that the result of this research will motivate heads of secondary school in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State towards implementing better methods of conducting examinations. This will be of immense benefit to the current and graduates of secondary schools. This is because the result will not only motivate the students to read to face their future studies in the university. Though Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, is used as case study. The finding can also work in order Local Government Area of the state and possibly the nation at Large.

The findings of this study if applied will be of benefits to the society at Large where education is meant to serve because the examination malpractices which is a cankerworm that has  eaten every  fabrics of the nation’s educational system will be eradicated. It can also be beneficial to parents by enlightening them on how to educate their children to devote to hard work and shun every act of examination malpractice.

Research questions.

        The following research questions were used to guide the study:-

  • what are the academic effects of examination malpractice on graduates of secondary schools in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state?
  • what are the social effects of examination malpractice in the area?
  • What are the economic effects of examination malpractice on the development of the state?

Scope of the study

        This research is limited to study of the effect of examination malpractice’s on graduates of secondary schools in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state, the effects of examination  malpractice on the academic development of graduate of secondary schools students in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state shall also be investigated and the various  ways by which examination malpractice’s are manifested by the graduate of secondary schools in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state shall be studied.

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