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Effects of Environmental Influence on Child Education. A case study of Abakaliki Local Government Area in Ebonyi state.

Effects of Environmental Influence on Child Education. A case study of Abakaliki Local Government Area in Ebonyi state.




          The purpose of this work is to find out, through study the effects of environmental influence on child’s education with particular reference to Abakaliki Local Government area.For the purpose of this work, we shall consider education as the perpetuation of culture by passing it to those who would imbibe its ideal for on ward, transmission. Also, we shall group the child’s environment into two. The family influences the child greatly on certain traits in life.

Education is one of the areas in which the family influences child and this determine the child’s level of were the child’s education starts or begins in life. A mother  exerts a lot of influences  on the child’s  education before  the child goes out to meet with other influence outside the family. mother’s  laps it was the type of influence and education that Moses  received from his mother as  recorded in the bible  (Exodus 7:9) the influence of the mother on child at early stage is enormous and  in most cases  the influences of this groups carries a child through  life. This agrees with the bible passage that say’s “train up a child in the way he should go when he grows up, he shall not depart from it’ proverb 22:6

          The other group (the outer environment) has wider influence on the child’s education. It tends to enlarge, if not improve the scope of the family influence. It is however observed that environmental factors affect greatly, the life and education of the child particularly in Abakaliki L.G.A more when the child is born, grows and developed in these environments.

          The effect of environmental influence on child’s education has been a serious concern anywhere in the world. In Abakaliki, a formal district  headquarters  in old Enugu state  has great influence  on children’s education and this  has necessitated  a case  for study even after the state creation and  eventual naming Abakaliki as a local government headquarter  indigenes and foreignness alike, started  migrating to the town which activities  invariably  influenced  their life. Before this time majority of the people in Abakaliki local government area are constantly struggling for the necessities of life such as food clothing, shelter and infact for their immediate cash needs. Thus they had little or no worry about influences of the town on the child’s education and life. Style it is now that the activities of the various communities in Abakaliki local government area resulting from social, physical, biological even chemical stress posed by the dynamism of life, their effects on traditional family life and communal relationship influence greatly, the child’s education further to the above agents capable of adversely affecting the child and living organisms may be   related directly or indirectly into any part of the environment. Our land water, factory stock, municipal sewage cultural setting  all readily  come  under this category they  directly   affect the child’s  education in one way or   the other. Therefore, the need and care for effect of environmental influences on the child’s education cannot be over emphasized. Effects of environment influence a child’s education is the unfavorable alteration of our surrounding and partly as result of the child’s direct or indirect actions.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

          An educated child is an asset to his country, town, and society in general. Education, as explained earlier in this work is the systematic training and instruction of the child in order to enhance his knowledge abilities and develop his character and mental powers it therefore follows that a child’s education starts    from infancy   and the study seeks.

  • How the child’s environment influences his education
  • To know the level of influence the child’s environment has on his education whether permanent or temporal.
  • Whether the effect of the child’s environment on his education can be relied upon and used as basis for effective education of the child.

From the for-going a child’s environment constructs all those experiences to which the individual is exposed after conception it includes such experiences as type  of  family into which the child is born, the type of  schools attended, the type of  friends kept, effect neighborhood,  church, playground, climate, geographical location and others. John lock, in his mind is like a clean state on which the environment writes. He went on to hold that what a person then becomes depends on what is written on it.

JB Watson (1987) also held the view that the environment determines what or person becomes. From the views of the above environmentalists it could be deduced that parent’s background influences the education of the child. Other aspect of the child’s environment are school; the home, which can be referred to as the cradle of the child’s education.

          Urbanization and population of the child’s environment affect the child’s education. This can be explained in the sense that a child in an urban area has more educational opportunity that his counter part in less urban area. A child in an  urbanized  town  is more exposed to various environmental influences  language, social  interaction,  varieties  of  food, climate  and above  all, he is more equipped to face the challenges of education that those in less urbanized  areas.


  1. To investigate how home strongly influences the education of the child.
  2. To determine how the level of education of parents can influence the child’s education.
  3. To identify how physical structures on the home such as well furnished and luxurious homes strongly influence or affect the education of a child.
  4. To examine how the social-cultural conditions e.g. living in freedom affect the education of a child.
  5. To asses the extent frequency of a child’s attendance to school affects his/her education.


     This work has so far enumerated and explained fully, the various levels of environment to which a child particularly in Abakaliki L.G.A is exposed. The child’s environment could therefore, be the immediate surroundings in which the child finds himself for the purpose of growth and development. Summarily, the biological and social environment, all of which have great influence on the education of the child.

     The study therefore reveals that the child is not isolated from his environment and that the sums of the child’s environmental influence affect his education. The empirical study carried out in Abakaliki Local government area of Ebonyi state, particularly in lseke shows the relevance of the child’s environment to his education.


     This study is carried out in Isseke and other communities in Abakaliki local government area of Ebonyi state. Empirical studies and behavioural observation were employed and the views expressed in this work can not however, be generalized to other parts of the state or elsewhere not covered by the researcher.

      The work is also focused for a partial fulfillment for the award of a national diploma in community development at federal school of social works Emene, Enugu, the project also tends to high light the correlation between the effects of a child’s environmental influence and his education within a particular (specified) environment.

     This work is limited by a number of factors. The first among them is time frame. As an academic extensive research work for a project of this nature. The researcher a student who does not have enough opportunity to visit necessary community families and other locations to source enough material for this type of project. Above all, it has to be done as prescribed. The work was done by an individual who has capable limitations.

Additionally, respondents to questionnaires thought that they were required to disclose personal secrete and personal visitations were hampered by shortage of funds and lacks of mobility.


  1. How does the home strongly influence the education of the child
  1. How far does the level of education of parents influence the child’s education?
  2. Does the physical structures in the home such as well furnished and luxurious homes strongly influence or affect the education of a child?
  3. How does the socio –cultural conditions, (e.g) living in freedom) affect the education of a child?
  4. How far does the frequency of a child’s attendance to school affect his education?
  5. Do the natures of other churches indoctrination affect the child’s education?
  6. Can the teacher’s level of educational affect the educational performance of the child?
  7. How does the degree of the teacher’s commitment affect the education of the child?
  8. How does peer- group influence affect the education of a child?
  9. Can bad eating habits affect the education of children?
  10. How does the economic condition of parents affect the education of the child?


          The people of Abakaliki local Government area practice two type of religion, Christianity and paganism (worship of idols) history has it that early church missionaries settled in Abakaliki hence if one visits Aabakaliki today the person will see the efforts and land mark’s of their presence in most of the communities and is the missionary hospital, called our lady of lords hospital, Abakaliki and the holy ghost Junior seminary.

Language: means of communication ability  in community is to facilitate interpersonal interaction. Like in Abakaliki local government area of Ebonyi state are eight town and communities. The General language spoken is Igbo. About 80% or 90% of the pupils normally speak English language in the local Government in a situation where.

          People use English language to approach in this way it influences human behaviour. The psycho biological basis of human behaviour is also concerned with intervention between a child and other children because  from a parent that is to  poor, sometimes their child cannot make sure of  speaking good English then only depend on speaking Igbo language, but if the parent of the child  is  rich then they would start training their children early in such way that the child would be able  to speak the language both Igbo and English  language  in every  part of our state in Ebonyi state.

          Cultural values

Abakaliki communities like other similar  communities of Ebonyi  state, have every cultural  heritages, they are traditionally   ruled by the  clan head called Amagu: the communities consist of Agbaja, Nkwagu, Inyimagu, Iboko Ebia, Enyigba and each is ruled  by a clan head for easy administration their beliefs,  values ideologies  motives behaviours, norms etc. are  socially  moderated  and  adhered  in their daily interaction. Though   these dialectal differences and are slightly apart from one another the land mass just the same. They are prone to suffer the some hazard and social difficulties resulting from environmental influences on child’s education from all sources.

          A poplar cultural attraction in Abakaliki local government area is the traditional festival though they are  many and are held in most of the communities with variations, and periodicity, they are usually performed with pomp, pageantry, music   and dancing.As obtainable an almost all parts of Ebonyi state Abakaliki local government area is are dated with deities of supernatural   powers of divination. These offer deep insight Abakaliki local government area are:

  • Amagu – Abakaliki
  • Agbaja- Nkwagu

These shrines are venue for aoth taking and covenanting and are believed to bring security and fruition.

Masquerading is another important culture in Abakaliki most important occasions are celebrated with masquerades.


Project: A project can be defined as a set of investigations or other actions made to achieve specific development aims or a set of objectives within a pre-determined time.

Child: A child is a person below the age, cannot make any decision for himself.

Amagu:  Abode of an Abakaliki L.G.A

Agbaja: Abode of a shrine

Education: Perpetuation of culture by passing to these who would imbibe it’s ideal for a ward transmission.


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