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Impact of adult education in community development in Ohukwu Local government Area.

Impact of adult education in community development in Ohukwu Local government Area.



Background to the Study

Education is an ancient enterprise designed to be the vehicle of social change. In it is found the highest overall development of self culture and society in generally. All types of education emphasize teachers/learners participation but in the case of adult, the learners participate in planning the curriculum and the implementation of the learning experience because of their responsibilities in the society at large. Connor (2000:7) sees education as a necessity for survival of man. Being conceived of as an enabling factor opening up many vistas of personal, community and national development, education is generally seen as a necessary investment. However, despite this realization, there is an erroneous conception of education by some people as a terminal apprenticeship for a working adult life. In Nigeria, despite the fact that in the national policy on education (NPE, 1998) a well descried chapter is assigned to adult and non-formal education, yet this sector has not been fairly treated in practice. Adults who take key decisions, and therefore hold the destiny of the country in their hands, should deserve continuous enable them grapple with the enormous problems on their shoulders.

Okedara (1999), Adult education is a process whereby person who no longer attend school on a regular and full time basis (unless full time programmes are specially designed for adults) under take sequential and organized activities with the conscious intention of bring about changes in information, knowledge, under taking or skills, appreciation or attitudes or for the purpose of identifying and solving personal or community problems. Mejeni (2002) defined adult education as that form of educational programme, which is properly planned and methodically applied, for the provision of remedial, continuing and other aspects or forms of education to adults or adolescents outside the formal education system.

According to faure etal (2003:141), the issue of adult education concerns the illiterates who have never been to school and different completers of the formal education at different level. Every person no matter the level of education attained needs adult education of one type or another. Hence, adult education is basically defined as any educational programme designed for people regarded as adults in their communities. That is, designed for people who are mentally mature and are socially responsible for the illiterates, literacy education is designed so as to afford them some development for self-fulfillment through attainment of literacy skills.

Obviously, when illiteracy is on aspect of under-development, literacy training should form an integral part of any development undertaking to help man to become a conscious agent and master of himself. Functional literacy aims at developing individuals, mental equipment and communicative power, as well as technical and vocational. Capacities it offers educative functions to broad sectors of society, promotes the formative part, which the major economic activities may play.

The national policy on education (NPE: 1998) states that the objective of the adult and non-formal education section is the provision of literacy education for adults who have never had the advantage of any formal education, remedial education for those who prematurely dropped out of the formal school system, further of continuing education for different categories of completers of the formal education system in order to improve their basic knowledge and skill, in services on the job vocational and professional training for different categories of workers and professionals in giving adult citizens necessary aesthetic, cultural and civil education for public enlightenment. As a matter of fault, these objectives are very comprehensive and laudable of the objectives are fully implemented the country will be put on the right path of adult education for the benefit of adult in the country however, adult education generally has not be fully over the years.

Adult education programme has done a lot on the mental maturity and social responsibility of people in both rural and urban areas. It is through adult education that adults are helped to be mentally articulated so as to be able to understand issues and judge rightly, and are enabled to perceive reality and creditably discharge their social roles as parents, uncles and leaders. For instance, mothers have know the new responsibilities placed on them over the family form time to time. Father also should be made to understand their roles at any point in time as the changing socio-economic realities of their countries role by.

Eley (1999), pointed that the effect of the adult education programme for the nation has for years not received much attention from both the urban and rural populace of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi state.

Notwithstanding, the impact and progress brought about by the introduction of adult education programme in Effium community, still less due to some factors hiding the achievement of the programme in the area. Ezeuwa (2003) states that several discussions and resolutions during conferences, workshops, seminars, classroom interactions and informal interactions shows that Nigeria as a country is most often good at polices formulation but fumbles in their implementation. Adult education system could have gained more ground in Nigeria than it is now assuming it was given serious backing. Apart from Shehu Shagari’s administration, no other regime in the education system for development and improvement. Ezewa also stated that lack of adequate funding, insufficient adult education workers, lack of adult education facilities, misconception about adult education, lack of instructional materials, non professionalization of adult education in Nigeria is still a key factors militating against the achievement of adult education in Nigeria especially in Effium communities. Therefore, the researcher will sought to investigate those problems and prefers solution for effective implementation of adult education programme in Effium community and also to suggest it to all communities in Ebonyi state.

Statement of the Problem

Since the introduction of adult education in Nigeria especially in Effuim community, the purpose of the establishment has not been achieved due to some factors which government and some organization did not put in place for the effective and efficient implementation of the programme. Adult education programme has suffered a lot in Nigeria due to that some local government councils have shown no interest in funding adult education. State government also invest minimally in the sector. Also insufficient adult education facilities, misconception about adult education, lack of instructional materials, non professionalization of adult education , all these factors has been a hindrance to the effective implementation of adult education in Nigeria especially Ebonyi state. Ensuring that government put all these factors in place such as funding adult education programme, providing sufficient adult education workers, provide adult education facilities like conducive classroom, and also provide instructional materials like electrical appliance. Adult education programme will fully implemented and also achieve the aims and objectives.

Therefore, these factors hindering the implementation of adult education in Nigeria basically Effium community in Ohaukwu local government area Ebonyi state is the factors a researcher sought to investigate and possibly suggest some solutions to the factors affecting the fight in order to haul and make adult education programme a huge success for the commodity development.

Purpose of the Study

For the purpose of this research, the researcher is aimed at the following:

  1. To find out the level of awareness, acceptance and attendance to adult education centers in Effium community.
  2. To find out if government provides enough funds, instructional materials, and supervision to adult education programme in Effium community.
  3. Finally, to find out how adult education programme can be improved in Effium communities.

Significance of the Study

       The provision of literacy and eradicating illiterate members of the society who missed the opportunity to receive formal education at the primary and its equivalent level of education. Adult education programme has afforded the large arms to illiterate, the opportunity to rescues literacy skills .Therefore, this study will benefits adults to know the importance of adult education programme and also made them to understand that the further of this great nation lies on their hard, that without education the aim of building or developing the their communities will not be achieved.

The study will also benefit some stakeholders on educational sectors the needs to provide funds, adequate adult education facilities, adequate teachers, for effective and efficient implementation of adult education.

It will also help Government to understand that adults is the key to the nation building and development, that their need to eradicate illiteracy in order to create their citizens the spirit of national building and community development.

The study will also help some school drop out for them to complete their educational system. Adult education programme has no age limit, so with the help of the programme. Some people that feel they are old to attend formal school system will have the chance to be enrolled in the system for illiteracy eradication.

The Scope of the Study

       This study concentrates on the impact of adult education in community development in Effium community in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state. Some of the community will be studied in the area mentioned above.

Research Questions

       For the purpose of this study, these are the following question this research sought to answer.

  1. What is the level of awareness, acceptance and attendance to adult education centers in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state?
  2. How often does the government provide enough funds, instructional materials and supervisions to adult education programme in Effium community
  3. How can we improve the standard of adult education in Effium community?


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