The President in response to the letter written to him by Olusegun Obasanjo would have simply issued response to such a letter (as it was not the first Obasanjo wrote to him) denying the allegations that border on national security, if any; as well as saying Obasanjo’s observations have been noted, and that the government would study them and then discuss with the former president in private, while assuring that the ship of state is on course.

Hence, the President’s response was not what Nigerian expected and the exchange of words felt like what one would have expected in a beer parlour. At the end of the day, the Presidency allowed Obasanjo to take the higher moral ground by simply insisting on the allegations he made in his letter and saying he would not respond to the presidency’s reply.


Some of the issues raised by Obasanjo date back to the 1966 Nzeogwu coup or even earlier. There is really nothing new here as we are all familiar with the crisis of nation building. Obasanjo has occupied the highest office in the land and should know better how to channel his observations.

On the concern that the letter is capable of derailing the nation’s democracy, one could say that Obasanjo ‘s letter can’t truncate any democracy. Obasanjo has only one vote out of the millions who voted for President Goodluck Jonathan. It will amount to being myopic if one assume that one vote (assuming Obasanjo even voted for Jonathan) affect our democracy?

On the issue of performance by Jonathan, Jonathan is laying the foundation for changes and such changes take time to be actualized. Nigerians like quick fixes and this is where our problem as Nigerians comes. We like those who would just throw money around without the concrete changes that should come about.

Trying to stop him (President Goodluck Jonathan) from second tenure could be termed “jealousy” as Obasanjo served for only two tenure; while Goodluck in his second tenure will be total of ten (10) years.  It is a retarded way of achieving power. I’m not a power-hungry person and I want the best man to win. And if you are a religious person, you would know that power comes from God. Jonathan, like every other Nigerian, is free to aspire to any office. This zoning stuff is only entrenching parochialism.”

On the planned national dialogue, Haruna said it would help to deepen democracy and form the basis for negotiations.

He said: “I look forward to the various deliberations. This is not like the last conference where the organiser wanted an endorsement for his third term. This is a platform for discussions on a wide variety of issues. We should be talking. It is better than us warring”


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