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Background to the Study

Influence of political instability on the secondary education in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. The history of political instability that engulfed the Nigeria geopolitical zones came to be as a result of misconception of politics can be seen in all terms of human endeavour. Politics as is in existence in other social science discipline   is difficult to present a sample definition or that which can be said to have universal acceptance.However, the word politics was derived from the Greek word polis, which means city state.Tane, (2005) asserted that the polis was the most inclusive association where beings sought to improve their lives and lives in a good society. This made him political animal, By this definition Aristotle was of the view that the essence of human existence resolves around politics and that politics can be said to be the mass activities between individuals within a geopolitical location because no human being can prefer a life of isolation. Aristotle (384-322BC) stated that the most sovereign and inclusive association is the polis, as it is called whose essence is establishment of Government law making enforcement and eliciting obedience from members of the society . When he observed that man by nature is a political animal: this means that politics come naturally to all men. It can be seen in the day today living of a man and encompasses of all items of human endeavor.

                We are bound to live in community and interact with others. This gives rise to relationship and in their constant relations with each other, they are bound to get involved in politics.

                According to Akindele (1998) politics can be seen as understand, to imply an act (human or practice) and an academic discipline or a field of study. He further illustrated politics as an act in terms of being an occupation which involves the skills, insight and astuteness of a leader or other officials involved in politics as a career. It involves also the activities of people who work for a politics which involves the study of how people are governed. It deals with the relationship between the government and the citizens.

                According to Appadorai (2000), the word politics itself is derived from Greek word polis, meaning “a city state” which we observe in the life of human beings around us, two facts as every person desire to have his own way because he lives in a society. The relations of individual members of society with one another therefore need regulation of government through political decision. Politics therefore deals with the state or their political society, making law within a definite territory.

                This stand was collaborated by Hey- wood (2000), when he pictured politics in the following ways. He buttressed the fact that politics is a mass of activities and it is a result of all these activities that described the phenomenon of politics as the “master science.”

                Meanwhile, politics is in exotically linked to the phenomenon of conflict and co-operation, this is because as people get involved in all their activities conflict is bound to generate stemming from rival views or competing to get these issues resolved is concerned of politics.

                Adrian left which (1984) in his own definition of politics posited that politics is at the heart of all collective special activity; formal and in all human groups, institutions and societies.

                Another sticking and the most celebrated definition of politics is that which saw the phenomenon as a study that focuses on the personal and machinery of government because to politics is when some one is trying to gain a relative advantages over one another.

                To study politics means to study government and her exercise of authority. The most influential scholar who hold this view was David (1971) and he defined politics as the Authoritative allocation of value.

                By this Easton means that politics embraces all the process through which government respond to pressure from the polity especially as it concerns the allocation of rewards, benefits and penalties. In this definition politics is an authoritative decision that establish a plan of action of the government for the community. It also restrict politics only to those activities that took place in cabinet rooms, legislative chambers, government department etc and engaged by limited on specific groups of people like politicians, civil servants and lobbyists point to the fact that the definition failed to take a co-holistic view of the phenomenon on politics.

                Politics is also power that is also used to determine who benefits from his scarce resources at the disposal of the state.

                In his corroboration, to this view, cit heads (1981) defined politics as any extensive use of power, rule and authority within the society. Therefore, Mnoli (1986) also in his definition saw politics as being concerned with power, where he asserted that politics may be, correctly defined as all these activities, which are directly or indirectly associated with the seizer of state power, the consolidation of state power and the use of state power.

                Generally, politics in Nigeria political system presented a negative picture of these definitions by various scholars because of the existence of canker warn of get-rich quick syndrome in Nigeria political culture and behavior.

                In its 45 years of nation hood, Nigeria has undertaken several transition programs yet, the journey of democracy continued probably end on May 29, 1999 with the hand over to Obasanjo by Abubukar. This was because political system of Nigeria had never been stable. The time of colonial to date facilitated by the numbers of factors such as greed for political power among the Nigeria military men, bad heart which the people in power used to do all sort against the people they are ruling. For instance, the 12 June 1993 election M.K.O. Abiola was not allowed to rule rather, he was detained for more than four years and died in detention.

                Another notable factor that contributed immensely to political instability in Nigeria political system is selfishness among politicians.

                There is always political unrest because an average Nigeria politician is selfish. There is a saying that politicians appeals ore to the people with questionable character. “Tends to believe this because of the role politicians played during the dictatorship of Abacha alone could not have done these evils. By igneous Agmne (2004).

Statement of the Problem

               According to Steve Egbo (2002), political soldering Africa men on horses back. The rate at which political instability engulfed and influence the implementation of secondary educational programme in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has given no room for implementation of standard of education and educational qualities in the line of students of Ohaukwu and Ebonyi State in general.

                This devilish and long wash act, has detrimentally affected some good spirited students in their academic careers.

                According to the paper presented by Larry Udu; the formal informational officer of Ohaukwu Local Government Area on the occasion “median visit of military Governor of Enugu State, in 1996 Governor Torry Ejo. This influence of political instability on secondary Education in Ohaukwu Local Government Area and Ebonyi State as a whole considering students situations, a lot of things are distended and disturbed due to this urgly practices played among the political leaders which has an influence on secondary educational programmess.

                It is worthy to note that with 2 years (3) three new secondary school programmes were formed or established in Ohaukwu Local Government Area and in Ebonyi in general.

                Moreso, the result of this study will be value to both educational practitioners and also the politicians both those living in Ohaukwu and Ebonyi state in general.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to help the politicians to formulate and implement sound educational programmes and identify issues in body of politics in Nigeria that tend to cause political instability especially in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State and from where the specific purposes are derived:

Specifically the study sought to:

(i) Suggest how Nigeria governments do not understand the important of education in human progress and national development.

(ii) This work will also express the effect of teacher’s role as a professional and the Government takes over of schools which Is as a result of political instability.

(iii) This work will further examine the effort made through by the promotion of education programmes or system not to turn to politicians and politics ruling system.

(iv)It will also make emphasis on how the political instability influences our educational programmes especially in Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

Significance of the Study

We have seen people who academically know nothing but they feel that they know everything in prime position bring about chaos of which they are totally unaware. But today’s educational grown up and development cannot allow position of the educated one with reference to Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

This study will be of immense benefit in the following ways:

(i) This study will be of benefit to politicians and political office holders reminding them on the influence of political instability on secondary Educational programme.

(ii) It will be of a benefit to researchers who may wish to further this research topic.

(iii) It will serve as an insight to students, teachers and others.

(iv)This study will be of important to Ohaukwu students in terms of knowing the effects and relevance of political instability in Ohaukwu Local Government.

Research Questions

The following question will be formulated to guide the study:

(i) Does political instability have any influence in Ohaukwu Local Government Educational programmes?

(ii) How does political instability affect educational programmes.

(iii)Does political instability really exist in Ohaukwu Local Government of Ebonyi State?

(iv)How does political instability influence and affects the teacher’s role as professionals?

Scope of the Study

This study will focus on the influence of political instability on secondary educational programmes in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. It will also put emphasis on those issues and politics that termed to gring the influence of political instability. It will further explain how the educational programmes influence the adult and youth in Ohaukwu Local Government Area and the importance of education in human life.

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