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PROJECT TOPIC:Determine The Contributions of Integrated Marketing Communications of Consumer Products for Mr. Bigg’s at Awka branch.

Determine The Contributions of Integrated Marketing Communications of Consumer Products for Mr. Bigg’s at Awka branch







This study is set out to determine the contributions of integrated marketing communications of consumer products for Mr. Bigg’s at Awka branch. According to the America Association of Advertising Agency, Integrated Marketing communications is defined as a concept of marketing communication planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines example publicity. These prom tools are combined to provide charity, consistency and maximum communication impact through the integration of discrete message. Intergrated marketing communications is almost indispensable in getting messages across a product or service, the consumers and target audience.

In the past years, the promotional function in most companies was dominated by mass media advertising companies relied primarily on the advertising agencies for guidance in nearly all areas of marketing communication. Many companies consider advertising a superior promotion tool to personal selling, sales promotion and publicity etc. the advertising agencies include, Radio, television, Newspapers, Magazines and Direct Mail. Many marketers and organisations build strong barriers around the various marketing promotional functions and planned how to manage them separately, with different budgets, different views of the market and different goals and objectives.

This result was that they failed to recognize that the wide range of marketing and promotional tools must co-ordinated to communicate effectively to present a consistent image of the product to the target market. As a matter of fact, advertising must interact with both the other promotion mix variables, and the other marketing concerns including product development and research. In this regard, integrated marketing communication calls for a big picture approach to planning marketing and promotion programs and co-ordinating the various communication functions. This entails that firms, specifically Mr. Bigg’s ought to development total marketing communication strategy and recognize how her marketing activities not just promotion but other promotional tools could be applied in order to communicate with her customers in an effective and efficient manner.

Determine The Contributions of Integrated Marketing Communications of Consumer Products for Mr. Bigg’s at Awka branch

Historically, Mr. Bigg’s has been in quick service restaurant business since 1986. The quick service restaurant business evolved from the caffee shops of the old kings way rendezvous, which was run by (UAC) united African Company of Nigeria (parent company) from the early 1960’s. Mr. Bigg’s is a Nigerian fast food restaurant owned by emglomerate UAC  Nigeria. Mr. Bigg’s was established at Awka in the year 2004. the fast food restaurant concept emerged as a result of intensive consumers research aimed at identifying what the Nigeria consumers would like to experience on a visit to an ideal fast food restaurant. Integrated marketing communication contributed to excellent services to customers and even giving menu varieties to the concerned customers. With integrated marketing communication, Mr. Bigg’s in Awka  branch will be the preferred fast food restaurant experience because they are meeting customer’s needs for value, convenience, quality and taste.

To improve the standard of customer’s service to a level noticeably superior to that of all competitors, Mr. Bigg’s promised her customers. Quality services, clean environment and consistency in taste. Integrated marketing communication improved Mr. Bigg’s ability to reach the right customers with the right messages at the right time and in the right place. It leads to a total marketing communication strategy that aims at showing how Mr. Bigg’s and her products can help customers solve their problems. With the help of integrated marketing communication, Mr. Bigg’s profit level has grown greatly and increased her sales volume and has becomes the preferred fast food restaurant in Awka metropolis. This study therefore is carried out investigate to what extent integrated marketing communication can contribute to consumer product performance.



Despite the benefit that have been derived from integrated marketing communication, the modern marketing manager of the concerned organisation may be faced with a number of problems if they fail to integrate the marketing communication activities. In this regard, an un-integrated marketing communication send disjointed messages that dilute the impact of the message, which caused confusion, frustration and arose anxiety in customers. Without effective integrated marketing communication, there will be no increase in sale and the concerned organisation is bound to have little or no profit.

It also noted that uncoordinated integrated marketing communication is responsible for making the firm insolvent as a result of low productivity.


The objective of carrying out this research work is to find out whether:

  1. Integrated marketing communication increase the profit performance of Mr. Bigg’s.
  2. Integrated marketing communications influence the buying behaviour of customers and increase the market share of Mr. Bigg’s in Awka.
  • Integrated marketing communication helps the consumer maintain brand loyalty.

Determine The Contributions of Integrated Marketing Communications of Consumer Products for Mr. Bigg’s at Awka branch

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