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PROJECT TOPIC – Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Agencies in Nigeria .

Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Agencies in Nigeria 










1950 marked the beginning of the practice of marketing concept. The concept states that the consumers’ wants and the satisfaction of their needs come first and are the economic justifications for the firms existence. Peter Durcker (1970:110) emphasizes the importance of the consumer in his assertion that “the purpose of a business is to create a customer”. Hence, marketing is vital to the company’s existence since without a customer, the business will cease to exist, as there will be no sales income.The concept is the forth among the five different concepts in a chronological order (production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept and societal market concept) in the development of marketing. However, many organizations especially in Nigeria practice marketing on paper while its’ rival (the selling concept) is actually in practice.

The selling concept is “a management orientation that assumes that consumers will normally not buy enough of the company’s products unless they are approached with a substantial selling and promotion effort” (Adirika, Ebue and Nnolim ,1996:18). This practice is hard-driven as customer satisfaction is considered secondary to the primary objective of getting the sales. Hence, protecting the interest of the manufacturers or sellers and their goods to the detriment of consumers’ satisfaction and promotion of buyers right.The failure of marketing to live up to its ethnics and social responsibilities to both consumers and the society gave rise to consumer protection (consumerism).

Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Agencies in Nigeria 

“Consumerism is an organized and legal movement involving individuals or groups of consumers against any activities that breach their legal rights to safety, information, choice ant to be heard on any issues effecting, their life as citizens of a given state or society and as consumers” (Jacques, 1999:54). Consumerism is a protest or a visible movement of aggrieved consumers, the government or independent organizations calling for protection of the interests of consumers against definite and dangerous products or services and seeking redress, restitution or remedy for dissatisfaction from unscrupulous business practices in general and marketing practices in particular. To the firm, consumerism is a threat, but to the marketer it is a challenge while to the consumer it is a right and a way of life (Ekechi, 1999:239).

In response to the yearnings of the consumer to be protected from unscrupulous operators, who tread on the rights of the consumers, the government through legislations and establishment of agencies has made several efforts to protect the consumers.


Notwithstanding, the timely intervention in the market mechanism by government, there are still complaints and discontentment on the part of consumers shown in litigations against unethical business practices.Consumers are not satisfied with the services they received in the hands of manufacturers or sellers inspite of the existence of organizations to protect their rights. This research is therefore carried out to investigate the effectiveness of consumer protection agencies whether the dissatisfaction of the consumers is as a result of unawareness of the existing laws protecting the right of the consumers.


Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Agencies in Nigeria 

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