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The assessment of customer service in financial institution cannot be overemphasized, because of its importance and impact on the rate of turnover of bank. Therefore, the purpose of this research work is to examine the extent of customer service in enhancing the good and quality relationship between staffs and customer of financial institution and to facilitate the rate of profitability. The study explores both descriptive and inferential statistical tools to carry out the research. A total of 120 questionnaires were distributed to customers of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc of which 108 questionnaires were returned for analysis. The outcome of the results of the three (3) hypothesis tested revealed that customers are not delayed in the banks and are provided with prompt answers to their problems. But it also reveals that internal factors like ICT problem, staff ego, and so on had adversely affected the pace of bank development. Finally, the researcher recommends that the banks should train staff on customer service representative on how to relate with customers. The bank should also provide on invest in formal training facilities for transfer of knowledge among their staffs.



  • Background to the Study

Union Bank of Nigeria was founded in the year 1917 as Colonial Bank. In 1925, Barclays Bank acquired Colonial Bank, changing the bank’s name to Barclay’s Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) or Barclays Bank (DCO) in 1969, Barclays Bank DCO was incorporated in Nigeria.

In 1971, the shares of the bank stock were listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In the same year 8.33% of the banks shares were offered to Nigerians. The following year, the Federal government of Nigeria acquired 51.67% ownership of the bank, leaving Barclays Bank Plc. In 1979, that 40% was sold to Nigerian individuals and business to comply with then recently enacted banking and investment laws. The bank changed its name to Union Bank of Nigeria Plc to reflect its new ownership structure.

In 1993, the federal government of Nigeria completely diverted its ownership in the bank. Subsequently, Union Bank of Nigeria, Plc acquired the former Universal Trust Bank Plc and Broad Bank Limited, it also absorbed its former subsidiary Union Merchant Bank Limited.

The bank maintains a vast network of interconnected branches in all Nigerian States, it has two wholly owned bank subsidiaries one is in Cotonou, Benin and another in London, in the United Kingdom. It also maintains a representative office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Customer service unit offer a number of service to the general public. Below is a list of some of the services offered by customers service unit.

  1. Deposit/Investment Accounts:

Savings, fixed (term) deposits, special investment, accounts, corporate/personal chequing accounts and foreign currency accounts, etc.

The term “customer service” encompasses a variety of techniques used by business to ensure the satisfaction of a customer from friendly and attentive staff to prompt responses when confronted with product defects.

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.  

According to Turban (2002) “customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. That is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation” customer service provides on experience that meets customers expectation.

  • Statement of Problem


Banking is a service industry and as such a bank should have it as a duty to provide service to its customers.

  1. Is there a good working relationship between bank staff and customers?
  2. How can the banks improve on customer services?
  3. Why are customers always delayed in the banks?
  4. Will improved technology lead to a corresponding improvement in customer service?
  5. Do banks have adequate manpower to render customer service?
  6. Are customers well attended to by the bank?
    • Objectives of the Study

Bearing the stated problem in mind this study has been designed to explore ways of correcting the problem of improving on the services. The objective of this study therefore includes the following:

  1. To find out ways of improving the quality and the efficiency of those financial service products, rendered to the customers of Union Bank Plc.
  2. To find out the characteristics of banks staff and their customers with particular reference to the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.
  3. To determine the extent of customer complaints about non action.
  4. To determine the adequacy of the bank resources, human and material for effective operation.
  5. To find out the degree of staff customer relationship.
    • Significance of the Study

This research work can be of great help to those who have little or no knowledge in banking business.

It will be valuable to people who are interested in the banking profession and want to make it their career.

This study will also help the management of Union Bank Plc to appreciate areas where improvement is needed in it organization structure in other words, the management of Union Bank Plc will find it helpful in making sure amendment such as restructuring its organizational structure so as to be able to improve on the service which it renders to the customers or members of the public.

Finally, this is also very important to the research in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the National Diploma. 

  • Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research study covers the organizational structure of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, the function of the different departments and the service rendered by the banks to its customers. No research is carried out in any field of human endeavor could be said to be perfect nor without limitation. Therefore, we cannot delude ourselves that the study will take into account all this is required in the field.

The fact that researcher ventured into the field for the Union time was a limitation of its own, no matter the carefulness or the pains that would be taken in conducting a research, there must be some act of commission and omission.

Secondly, data was collected from Union Bank customers staff from some selected branches in Benin and Auchi due to the proximity of the cities to the researcher. Otherwise, the study would have extended to other States of the duration set for this research is too short.

Finally, the fact that this research is restricted to a very inappropriate and presumption to generalized the result that was obtained to the whole federation. 

  • Statement of Hypothesis
  1. Ho: There is no delay by Union Bank workers when attending to customers.

Hi:   There is delay by Union Bank workers when attending to customers.

  1. Ho: The services rendered by Union Bank of Nigeria Plc does not enhance the patronage of the public and the economic growth of the country.

Hi:   The services rendered by Union Bank of Nigeria Plc enhances the patronage of the public and the economic growth of the country.

  1. Ho: The organizational structure of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc does not have an impact on customer service.

Hi:   The organizational structure of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc has an impact on customer service.


  • Definition of Terms
  1. Organization: The financial manager has to organize how the firm can obtain more resources while at the same time maximizing the use of its existing resources. The financial manager would maintain the inflow of cash to be no idea cash so that there will be no ideal cash balances.
  2. Structure: This refers to the way in which something is organized or put together.
  3. Customer: Any person who maintains an account with a bank and also transacts business of any kind with it is known as customer.
  4. Efficient: Producing result within the shortest possible time.
  5. Quality: The degree of excellence.
  6. Public: Any group that has an actual or potential interest of impact on an organization’s ability to achieve it objective.
  7. Commercial Bank: This is an institution that collects money from the general public for safe keeping either on current account or savings account and makes them available when required. It offers loans at interest to those who require security.


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