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PROJECT TOPIC – Business Policy and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of two Selected Companies in Lagos Unilever and Nigeria Breweries.

Business Policy and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of two Selected Companies in Lagos Unilever and Nigeria Breweries.




Organizations often fail to meet their target which it was  set up and the main aims and objectives of any organization is profit maximization. For effective performance and co-ordination of activities a standard operating procedure must be followed. Since business policy is said to be a broad general guide to action which constrains or directs goal attainment, every organization must have a well defined rules and regulations called policies to direct actions in order to achieve greater prominence. These policies  must not only be formulated but also make available workers and be implemented  effectively and efficiently by all concerned This research work is designed to investigate and determine the need and effect of business policies on organization’s performance.
The sample size for the work was determined by means of Yaro Yarninl’s formula. The respondents were se!ected by stratified random sampling method. Data were collected by methods of library research, questionnaire, oral and written interviews. The findings of the study in the two selected companies show that, there is need for policies in every organization since they have positive effect on organizations’ performance.






The main aim of setting up an  organization is for profit making and sometimes the organization fails to meet up the needs of thatt and this can be attributed to the way by which the organization  is been managed. In some organization there may be a high rate of turnover at the initial stage of their operations let say one month and at a later stage the turnover will start  to decline probably because some factors which mismanagement and unplanned process is one oi them and if it continues will lead to eventual run-dawn of the business. There is also some evidence that a host of  psychosomostic disorders such as heart diseases and hypertension may be linked to frustration caused by stress of organizational life Since more than half of :he population  work in one organization or the e other, the society tends to suffer in the hands of unhealthy organizations and vastly larger  governmental  institutions of today would be possible and certainly would not  function effectively. To alleviate these problems. organizations would need to define a standing line of action for all managerial relationship with the employees as every organization knows that there are a  number of issues that require the attention of top directors for optimal  performance. This gives to fundamentals rules and procedures which gives to basic procedures which emerged from basic objectives related
to organizational functional areas (Dale Yoder. 1″22)

Business policy which was defined by Koontz and O’Donnel (1976) as guides to the thinking in decision making which In other words, are internal  administrative laws governing executive within the organization when applied strictly to the business sphere! polices are established ways of doing business and directing actions in specified areas of management. Policies could be written or oral. They are long term which reflect the assumptions and beliefs  which organizations developed over a long time. In view of this fact, can we ever imagine an organization without policy? It is like a minister without a portfolio, for thee would Dc no direction for further action- Hence, one can define policy as the internal administration laws governing executive action through integration and co-ordination of activities (John Eze. 1995). We cannot finish talking of business policy without mentioning strategic management. Strategic management is that set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation.

The study of a strategic management therefore emphasizes the monitoring and evaluating of environmental opportunities and constraints in light of a  corporation’s strengths and weakness. In contrast, the study of business policy, with its integrative orientation, tends to look inward. By focusing on the efficient uti!ization of a corporation’s assets, it thus emphasizes the formulation of general oui&lines that will better accomplish a form’s mission and objectives


Business Policy and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of two Selected Companies in Lagos Unilever and Nigeria Breweries.



Most business organization in this country sometime do not meet up their target which is mainly profit maximization and sometime it is difficult for these organizations to perform  impressively. In other words. lack of clearly defined and implemented business policies has resulted In the poor performance of such business. It Is therefore, very difficult for the organizations to achieve their goals. The inability of the organizations to achieve their goals especially
with respect to profit maximization and growth affects their owners and employees. Apart from loss of their invested capital, poor business performance also adversely affects the lives of the owners and their employees. Thus, the problem of this study consists in the investigation of the effect of ineffective business policy cm the performance of business organizations. This study set out io look into this problem of ineffective performance inspite of the necessary incentives given 10 workers. Using the two selected organizations in Lagos as case study, the researcher wants to find out the need for po!icies in organization and the effect of these policies on the workers of these organizations. That is, to know the improvement or otherwise in the workers after being aware of the existing policies, whether there is any change on their attitude or work which results in increase -in performance (productivity) at work.
The study also wants  to find out those areas of the organization that require these polices. Hence, the purpose of this  study is to examine the workings of business policies and see how their implementation can improve organization’s performance.


Business Policy and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of two Selected Companies in Lagos Unilever and Nigeria Breweries.

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