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The study is on corporate management from the perspective of Business ethics. A study of union banks Benin City. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the extent to which Nigerian commercial banks adopt and maintain ethical standards. The research methodology is descriptive. Data were generated through primary and secondary sources. The study approach is based on research questions which have influenced the data generated and pattern of descriptive analysis presented. The researcher analyzed the data collected based on the responses from the distributed questionnaire. The chi-square test was used to test the hypotheses. The major findings of the study include these:

Areas of business ethics are seen in production, sales, marketing and in human resource management. Increased operating cost, loss of contracts/opportunities and revenues are the challenges faced by organizations that try to maintain ethical standards. Union bank try to maintain ethical standards. But in doing that the following are desire, benefits, increased profitability, Improved corporate image, Low risk of fraud and ethical standard due to; Weakness of regulator bodies, Corruption and Greed. On the basis of the above findings, the study recommended that.




  • 1 Background to the Study

Organizations are social systems that exist because of main’s inability to do everything alone because of this limitation (limited resources). This suggests, he must cooperate with other is order to achieve goals, objectives and wishes coordination of efforts to achieve common goals forms the basic idea behind the formulation of any organization.

An organization can therefore be defined as the coming together of people for the pursuit of common goal through the establishment of a hierarchy of authority and division of tasks according to members areas of specialization so that the human and material resources within the organization can be properly harnessed to  achieve the set objectives.

An organization is made up of individuals. These individual have their aims, goals and means of attaining an organization can not be perceived as being harmonious, at best, it should be seen as more or less a product of compromise or an organized chaos.

Management conflict is concerned primarily with the guiding principles designed to ensure the efficient management of organization an business enterprises during of conflict so as to assist them in overcoming at such difficult period.

This research work is undertaken so a to enable the organization functionaries understand and appreciated the inherent nature of industrial conflict management in organization, the mechanism involved in industrial conflict resolution and the need to enhance organizational performance by effectively utilizing he functional aspects of management conflict towards achieving organizational goals.

  • 2 Statements of the Research Problems

Conflicts are inherent in any business establishment. The major problem associated with industrial conflict is that, it leads to a considerable wastage of human and material resources. One of the authorities on modern management principles made an important point which has been echoed by several other writers on the subject to the effect that management conflicts should recognized as the most important management function. Everyday we learned about big, small and medium sized companies that have collapsed or gone into liquidation because their management ignored the conflict management system.


  • 3 Research Questions

The researcher will like to have the following question answer by the end of the research work via following question:

  • 1) How does managements handle conflict issues in an organization?
  • 2) Does the organization have a good communication flow as a major step in resolving conflict in organization?
  • 3) Does the organization involve the workers in decision that concerns that job?
    • 4 Objective of the Study

The objective of the research include the following:

  • 1) To create awareness of the inherent existence of industrial conflict.
  • 2) To prone that industrial conflict avoidance and suppression hampers the attainment of organizational objectives.
  • 3) To suggest to organization functionaries how to manage positive and negative conflict in order to accomplish organization goals.


 1.5     Research Hypotheses

  • 1) The unfair handling of grievance usually does not precipitate conflicts in an organization.
  • 2) Good communication flow in organization is not a major stap in resolving conflict in organization.
  • 3) The involvement of workers in decision that concern their jobs is not a way of preventing or minimizing conflict in organizations.

1.6     Scope of the Study

The study is geared towards funding out the causes of industrial conflicts in the organization and to recommend ways of finding contribution to these conflict using Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi as a case study.

1.7     Significance of the Study

The significance of the study will help to direct matters in such a way as to eliminate all risk factors that could lead to any form of any measure that plans well in advance for a conflict, thereby allowing each person or each corporate body to be in full control of its own destiny. It should be noted that the development of good organizational moral calls for in appropriate management skill that can properly integrate interest in order to achieve desired results and that the degree to which an organization succeeds depend largely on its ability to manage conflict.

1.8     Limitation of the Study

Time and financial constraints: Insufficient time and inadequately of fund place a barrier to the researcher ability to embark on an extensive mission so as to collect all the necessary details or comprehensive information that will aid in the successful completion of the research work. coupled with this is that the researcher is at the same time combining her lectures and intensive private study hour is preparation for the higher.

Another barrier in carrying out this research study: Is the ability of the researcher to have access to vital information needed. Some data’s needed here placed on a confidential files making retrieval as impossible mission.

Strict obedience to the ethics of the baking profession, makes it possible for the staff to grant an interview or answer certain information that will be if immense help to the researcher.

 1.9     Operational Definition of Terms

Organization: This is the coming together of people for the purpose of working together pursuit of common goals arid objectives.

Management of conflict: As a modern management concept, conflict management is concerned primarily with guiding principles designed to ensure efficient management of organization and business enterprises during period of conflict so as to assist them in overcoming their problems as such difficult period.

Product of compromise: The mutual agreement to work together for a purpose based on common understanding and recognition of individual interest.

Services organization: Any organization that is services oriented in its output product oriented.



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