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This research  analyzed the effect of decision making process in a business organization performance. the study was carried out in Guinness Nigeria Plc Benin city Edo state. The analysis paid special attention to the accuracy, credibility, accountability and reliability of decision making process in a business where as failure of decision making to attain the a fore mentioned objectives will lead to server economic problem. The study identify this lack of achievement with problems associated with lack of achievement with problems associated with lack of managerial techniques and technical skills among the decision makers, inadequacy of financial and other environmental problems that cannot be controlled. 



1.1     Background to the Study

Decision making is so important in our daily lives that adopting liaise fare attitude in the formulation could result to a grave consequence are known to have fallen because of wrong decision. Also another wise business unit could be crippled into bankruptcy because of wrong decision. Therefore, for any individual corporate body or government to function well, should decision is imperative.

There is no better way to do this than to follow a logical sequence of decision making, making use of all available modern techniques in gathering and analyzing information. The benefit of doing this is to outstrip the cost in terms of both medium and long-range benefits accruing.

Since decision making has become one of the most important functions of management study, it is the researchers believe that through examination of all facts of this concept will prove most rewarding to Nigeria business organization.



1.2     Statement of the Problem

          Effect of decision making are two crucial and interrelated aspect of administration that must be understood and appropriately carried out in order to successfully achieve organization goals. It has been the lack of understanding the intricacies of importance of decision making that sometimes influence organizational authority into making decisions and plans are unprofitable to the continuity of there operations.

1.3     Research Questions

The following are the questions gotten from the study of this project work:

  1. Does decision making process in business organization affect workers performance?
  2. How can the workers access the quality of decision making in the organization?
  3. Does decision making affect the operation of the organization?
  4. Does the organization inform the employees before taking routine decision?


1.4     Objectives of the Study

  1. To determine whether decision making affect the operations of Guinness Nigeria Plc, Benin City.
  2. To find out whether workers react to decisions made by management.
  3. To also find out the role decision making plays in the motivation of the workers.
  4. To ascertain whether decision made in Guinness Nigeria Plc, Benin City are democratic or autocratic.

15      Statement of the Hypotheses

This research is motivated by the desire to move the validity of some basic assumptions on the effect of decision making process in business organization such as hypothesis formulated include:

(1)     That there is no sire between organizations objective and decision making.

(2)     There is significant relationship between motivation of workers and decision making.


1.6     Scope of the Study

This research work is restricted to the examination of basic concepts of decision making with specific reference to the mathematical models. Actual mathematical models, actual mathematical calculations would be indulged into this topic. The researcher would examined the following concept. Improvement of decision making process through there are many organizations in Nigeria, the researcher chooses to limit this study to Guinness Nigeria Plc, Benin City.

1.7     Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to serve as a guide to business organization on how to make useful and worth while  decisions by exposing them to the various methods and processes involved. this work is equally of value to the casual readers who are interested in proving more about the concept of decision making.

It is hope that this study will make concrete recommendations on the decision making process in business organization and also form the basis of decision making process in business organization.


1.8     Limitation of the Study

There were series of problems or obstacles to this study in the course of carrying out this research. Many of the question administered were not returned. There was also difficulty in scouting for books that is relevant to the topic.

1.9     Operational Definition of Terms

Decision: A decision is the selection of action from available alternatives.

Decision Making: This is the process of identifying and selecting a course of action to solve a specific problem.

Organization: An organization is a group of people bund together to provide unity of action for the achievement of a predetermined objective.

Business: A business is any legal activity with sole aim of providing goods or services for the satisfaction of consumers at a profit.

Process: This is a connected series of actions/management: those concerned in managing an industry, enterprise, etc.

Strategic Decision: These are decision which are concerned with external rather than internal problem of the firm.


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