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The study investigated effects of insurgency on universal basic education in Borno state and other states in Nigeria. Basic education is the first level of education for children at primary 1 level to basic 9 which is the Junior Secondary School level in Nigeria. However, achieving education for all Nigeria children, Borno state need a secured teaching and learning environment. The study examined the effects of insurgence activities such as abduction of pupils and attacks on teachers in basic schools of Borno State.

The sample for the study was 270 teachers of basic schools selected on the basis of 10 teachers from each of the 27 local government areas that constituted Borno State. The instrument for data collection was a 20 items questionnaire title: Effect of insurgency on Basic Education Questionnaire. Two research questions were formulated, data collection were converted to mean, standard deviation was used to answer the research questions. It was therefore recommended that the Nigeria government should provide free and compulsory education to all Borno State internally displaced children through provision of scholarship from basic school level to university, the government should show higher commitment to ensuring security in the states and schools.




1.1       Background to the Study

The nation Nigeria has witnessed brutal confrontation and massive assault from terrorist group which is undoubtedly the most blood-thirsty and destructive, both in terms of brutality mindless of the savagery and flagrant disobedience to the principles of peace and stability. Nigeria has witnessed insurgency from this terrorist group called Boko-Haram from 2009. They have unleashed terror and fear in the minds of every Nigerian. There is massive destruction of government’s properties, burning of schools, bombing/burning of churches, mosques and other public places.

Historically, Borno State, which was founded in 1971 initially comprised the present Borno State and Yobe State. Prior to the advent of insurgency, has been relatively peaceful, multicultural and dynamic state in Nigeria. The state is fortunate to have human and natural resources which has created many opportunities for its indigenes and other Nigerians to live in harmony. Borno State started experiencing the global trend of insurgency from 2009 (Adamu, 2014). Which led to the gruesome killings of innocent Nigerian citizens perpetrated by an insurgent group called Boko Haram (Adamu, 2014). Since 2009, they have disrupted educational system in Borno State with huge negative effects on basic education. The insurgent group dislikes children attending schools and also commit criminal offences ranging from kidnapping of school pupils and attacking teachers in schools (Adeyemi, 2014). There is major destruction of schools activities in the state. In the recent past, they used under aged girls to carry out suicide bombing of major shopping malls, cinema halls and bus terminals. Moreso, abduction of school children and the elderly were also common in their recent styles of mindless attacks.




1.2       Statement of the Problem

Empathically, many basic schools in Borno State and other northern states had experienced several attacks from the insurgent group. Some basic schools especially in Baga towns in northern part of Borno State have been closed down for two (2) years (BSMOE, 2015). The problem could be traced down to when the Boko Haram group used religion to set up rules in the community unnoticed, advanced it with violence to the state level and metamorphous into an insurgent group and disturbed the peace of the state.

Moreso, basic education in Borno state have been experiencing serious problem prior to the insurgence, there were shortage of classes for teaching and learning, shortage of instructional materials and teachers (NUT, 2007). This has indicated that basic school is underfunded by the state government, lack of payment of teachers’ salary which led to frequent strike by basic school teaches are also a concern to many families (NUT, 2008). Moreover, while the state is struggling to overcome the existing problems, insurgent came in as a bigger challenge to the state, which now posed as a threat to many parents and children of school age in Borno State.(nta 2015)



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