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This work titled “Effect Of Personnel Management on Organizational Growth: A Case Of Nigeria Television Authority was aimed at establishing the relevance of personnel management towards achieving organizational objectives, to determine the extent at which efficiency could be achieved in an organization through effective personnel management, to establish some measure that will enhance integration or holistic approach, which provide for mutually supporting employment policies and practices and to determine how personnel management and human resource could be directed to leadto improving employee’s performance in Nigeria television Authority. The reseracher adopted descriptive research design, data were collected and analyzed through the use of questionnares. Based on the analysis it was revealed that effective personnel management is significantly linked to efficiency which will help in the attainment of organizational growth, it was discovered that corruption in the public service make it very difficult for the principle of merit and specialization to effect as benchmark for recruitment and placement in so many government establishments and that there is a very strong relationship between organizational growth and personnel management. This means that organizational growth will not be at its peak without human resource development which is co-function of personnel manager in any given organization.



1.1 Background of Study

Nigeria Television Authority also known as NTA was first inaugurated in 1977 and is the government owned body in charge of television broadcasting in the country. The NTA claims to run the biggest television network in Africa with stations in several parts of Nigeria. The network began with a takeover of regional television stations in 1976 by the then Nigeria military authority. However, the NTA’s monopoly on the Nigeria airspace was broken in the mid-1990s with the establishment of private owned television stations and networks notable among which is the Africa independent television.

Thus, Nigeria television Authority began broadcast on 31st October 1959 under the name western Nigeria government broadcasting corporation (WNTV). It was based in Ibadan and was the first television station in tropical Africa.A number of NTA programme can be viewed online via africast as well as telAfric television (US and Canada). NTA news bulletins are frequently aired on Africa independent television and BEN television in the United Kingdom.

The station was made available through sky in the UK on channel 202 but in early march 2010. However, this study will be focusing on the effect of personnel management on organizational growth in Nigeria television Authority (NTA).Thus, effectiveness of any organization whether manufacturing, service oriented, governmentalor quasi-governmental is measured by the quality of its services or products.

The quality of its services or product is to a large extent a function of the caliber of human resources or manpower component of the organizations. It is only when the manpower is adequately qualified for the job to be performed that the material resources input can be effectively developed and utilized in most optical manner toward achieving high productivity. Personnel, therefore is the catalyst that makes all other resources to succeed or fail.

It is rightly asserted that unless the administration of personnel is effectively carried out by members of line management, technical is inadequate to achieve organizational goals. We can therefore see that in management of organization, whether public or private sector, the component takes a very important position since other variables depend on how well they were been managed by the competent hands.

According to Cuming (1980:9) personnel is concerned with ‘‘obtaining the best possible staff for organization and having get them, looking after them so that they will give off their best of their jobs’’ Although, the major problem of all developing countries of Nigeria in one way, is their inability to manage their resources effectively and realistically. The result is a haphazard approach to a lot of the personnel function with government organization in Nigeria.

 For some of the organization in Nigeria, their strategic role in National development therefore demands that they should extract, develop and retain high quality personnel and also the maintenance of human resources. However, due to the managerial and operative function in achieving the organizational objectives, the personnel element must be properly managed.          In managing human resources component of an organization, personnel management takes a front place because of its immediate relevance to job performance.

Its importance is such that every administration unavoidably finds itself embarking in one form of personnel management or the other.The effect of personnel management on public organization productivity cannot be over emphasized. With the establishment of Nigeria Television Authority, the need for high caliber managerial and technical manpower in personnel management is no doubt a desired one.

However, for positive productivity to other public organization in Nigeria, the strategic role in organizational development demands that there should be high quality personnel. Thus, personnel management is the management of the individuals which constitute the main part of an organization. They should do this through efficient recruitment, selection, training and manpower development in personnel management programmes.This has become important not that there seem to be a general verdict of incompetency, inefficiency and ineffectiveness in our public organization which Nigeria Television Authority is not exception.

However, the need to carry out effective training of staff and rational management of human resources by the management of Nigeria Television Authority toward its productivity remains open to question. More so, experience has shown that training as a fundamental aspect of administration process, is yet to be given the serious attention it deserves in many of our public organizations.

The multiplicity of both public and private Television channel and stations as well as their rapid expansion has caused a marked depletion in the number of experienced personnel who have spread to the newly created channels and stations. Many of those who are hired to fill vacant positions are inexperienced and therefore in most cases inadequately qualified for the joband the reason for these abnormality is as a result of not allowing the specialist on personnel management in various organization to do what they knows how to do better.

Therefore, personnel management deals with the most important input in an organization. This input is so complex that it can make or mar any organization. The personnel management is the responsibility of a specific unit called personnel department in most of the sizeable organization. The personnel manager are required to be specialist with adequate training, knowledge and experience so as to be able to provide top management, functional and line managers in the work organization with a good practice guide to human resource management.

Hence, there is a crying need, not only to introduce and educate new employees on the role of personnel management at the public organizations, but call for introduction of personnel management courses in the universities like that of university of Zaria, Ife and Nsukka and in such disciplines as public Administration and at some parts mass communication. It is because of the imperativeness attached to personnel management on human resource in an organization that the researcher deemed it necessary to carry out research work in evaluating the personnel management and human resource in Nigeria television Authority so as to recommend any appropriate measure for proper management of the human element in the organization.


1.2 Statement of theProblem

Effective personnel management is a vital organizational and management tool designed to facilitate maximum productivity in public and private establishments. The personnel management focuses on the integration of the people (labour), its policies and practice with the business plan of the organization and practice as to appreciate organizational productivity. However, a good personnel management has not always been easy to attain in a public setting with reference to Nigeria Television Authority which usually result from both internal and external variable that militate against the achievement of those noble goals.

Such internal variable included; lack of qualified personnel managers, favoritism, nepotism, selfishness, inability to advertise the existing vacancies properly so as to attract viable personnel in various positions in the organization,etc. while the external variables consist of government political policies and their unnecessary interferences whereby, the government in power restrict parts of (NTA) news from going to air, they only want their own information on air. When government in power or ruling party controls Nigeria Television Authority to that extent, one can imagine what the implication will look like.

Nwachukwu (1988) also outlines other problem to include: lack of adequate performance appraisal and shortage of interested personnel due to low incentive and remuneration. Finance as we know is the most vital element in existence of every establishment, certain materials are needed to put in place in Nigeria Television Authority, but there is financial constraint.

1.3 Research Questions

These research questions will provide some guides towards effecting direct scrutiny as to come up with the understanding of the implications of effective personnel management in the organizations:

  1. What is the relationship between effective personnel management and efficiency in NTA?
  2. What are the recruitment policies of NTA?
  3. To what extent is the government playing its supposed roles in the management of NTA?
    • Objective of the Study

The purpose of this study is to undertake an empirical investigation into the effectiveness of personnel management towards organizational growth in Nigeria television Authority. Other specified objectives of the study include;

  1. To establish the relevance of personnel management towards achieving organizational objectives.
  2. To determine the extent at which efficiencycould be achieved in an organization through effective personnel management.
  3. To establish some measure that will enhance integration or holistic approach, which provide for mutually supporting employment policies and practices.
  4. To determine how personnel management and human resource could be directed to leadto improving employee’s performance in Nigeria television Authority.
  5. To provide data on the effect of personnel management and human resource in Nigeria television Authority administration to the actual performance of jobs as well as answers to the unanswered executed.

1.5Research Hypotheses

The following hypotheses are postulated for this study.

Ho: Effective personnel management does not act as a significant element that enhances the development of public organization productivity.

Hi: Effectivepersonnel management acts as a significant element that enhances the development of public organization productivity.

Ho: The personnel management and human resource development efficiency is not related to the range of management practices and reward management techniques.

Hi: The personnel management and human resource development efficiency is related to the same range of management practices and reward management techniques.

Ho: Adequate financing of research programmes by the government is not an instrument of organizational productivity.

Hi: Adequate financing of research programmes by the government is an instrument of organizational productivity.

1.6Significance of the Study

The utility of the output of this study has both theoretical and practical dimensions. Herein lies on the significant of the study to both scholars and students of public administration or rather management science especially those with a bias for personnel and human resource development and training (personnel management) in an organization.A number of discussion and studies has been carried out in the past as regards to the issue of efficiency and effectiveness in public organization.

This is the evident of the fact that the issue is of great significant to socio-economic well-being of the country and therefore cannot be over looked. From then foregoing therefore, the study sees as yet another contribution to search for efficiency and effectiveness in an organization hence in NTA. More, so, the study is of immense significance to the management of NTA in the sense that it would create knowledge to how efficient or extent to which the effective personnel management can enhance productivity in NTA. It further promotes understanding of the personnel as the environmental factor that effect the level of performance and commitment of employee to their job.

 In other word, the management would go a long way to know how and extent to which qualified workers should be recruited to affect the performance towards promotion or achievement of the goal of organization and objectives of NTA. Hence, in order to enhance an efficient personnel management in public organization is to have competent employee and work relationship that will enable employee and the employer to work as a team towards the attainment of optimal performance and effectiveness in the organization.

This study therefore promises to be of immense value not only to Nigeria television Authority but also to other governmental and nongovernmental organizations. The result of this research will hopefully sharpen the management towards effecting organizational growth with importance of well development manpower and staff training to the life of an organization like NTA. This work will also serve as important indices to anyone who wishes to know more about the effect of personnel management in public organization growth in Nigeria Television Authority. And equally go further to serve as a reference material to researcher on the similar topic.

1.7Scope and Limitation of the Study

This work encompasses the various departments that make up the organization, like commercial department, news department, and engineering department etc.

Other areas it cover covers is the various categories of workers from grade level six (6) or below to the higher grade level that can be found within the system of Nigeria Television Authority(NTA).

Apart from the scope of this work, the researcher had not enough time, opportunity coupled with other variable such as distance and poor response from the respondents. It was not easy for the researcher to shuttle from school to the organization of case study within the stipulated time of the study and at the same time attends to other academic and social obligation.

Considering the fact that the researcher is a student and dependent on transfer payment from his sponsor, it was not easy for him to cover some inevitable expenses and cost of producing questionnaire. Insufficient fund therefore constituted a set back to the project.

Beside the study was constrained by the inability of some workers that have little or no information as to the management of Nigeria Television Authority. Most of them were afraid to issue out necessary information in the interest of not trying to jeopardize the organization; in addition, due to inadequate resources some of the questionnaires were not properly completed. In spite of all this limitation, the researcher industrializes his effort to make sure that this research project sees the light of the day.

1.8Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework used in this research is management by objective (MBO) propounded by Peter Drucker in public policy analysis, Nweke (2006).

The approach was devised as a means of establishment, clarifying and setting out the objective and goals of government or public organization and monitoring progress towards the achievement of such objectives. Management by objective is the main ingredient of managing public structure towards realizing the organizational goal and objective through a joint participation of the manager and their sub-ordinate and also a link relation among them, which harmonizes all interest to achieve overall objectives of the organization.

The relevance of the theory to this study includes the following:

It calls for a careful examination of the relationship that exists between employers and the employee in the organizations. As we know, management by objective (MBO) emphasize on a joint supervisor (employers). Employee appraisal enhances workers commitment in the performance of their duties and their efficiency in public organization.

Management by objective (MBO) as an approach for development of human resource management, stressed on the area of improvement, such as motivation, communication, staff training and development as means of improving employees commitment thus, enhancing their performance.

However, the relevance of the theory to this study is that it can provide a rational basis for explaining or interpreting the result of the research. Furthermore, by basing a topic of the study on a theory, the researcher should ensure the compatibility of the theory to the research topic it is been set to advance.

1.9Operational Definitions of Terms

          Some terms and concept use in the context of this research could be defined thus;

  • Personnel: This are the people employed in an organization. Personnel, therefore is the catalyst that makes all other resources to succeed or fail.
  • Public: It is those thing that concerned people in general. It is use to denote the opposite of private.
  • Management:It is a process of reading organization goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources.
  • Organization: It means a group of people bound together in formal or informal relationship to achieve a goal. It is a co-operative, the social system involving the co-ordinate effort of two (2) or more people pursuing a shared purpose. Organization can either be public or private. It can as well be profit oriented or nonprofit oriented.
  • Growth: This is act of increasing, developing and advancing to a higher level.
  • Personnel Management: This is the specialist branch of management which is responsible for matters related to employment and regulation of employees’ ad worker. It is concerned with people at work and their relationship within an enterprise. This is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling the procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to the organizational and social goals. This definition shows human resource management as an integrated process, kind of system with inter-related process.
  • Human Resource Management: This is the management of all people and related activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of the work force in the achievement of the organization goals.
  • Productivity: This is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resource (capital, energy, material, personnel) consumed in that period. Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.

NTA: This term simply stand for Nigeria Television Authority. It is public television station via channel own by the national government of Nigeria.


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