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This  project examines the Effect of Planning on Decision Making and Organizational Effectiveness using  Nigeria Bottling Company Benin City, as a case study. It is  to find out what effect decision making has on an organization. The  researcher used both primary and secondary methods of data collection. The chi-square and simple percentage method were also used to analysis the data collected. Based on the analysis and interpretation of data. It was discovered that decision making is important to organization. Business organization requires decision making in its management activities. Based on the findings the researcher make the recommendations that: management should see employees opinion before decisions are reached.



1.1 Background to the Study

In every  organization there are people who ensure that  the system continues, these are the management personnel’s. The system cannot function well if decisions are made instantaneously. It can only excel where there is importance of planning process.  Effect of planning is an integral part of organizational strategies to ensure the smooth running of a system. Effect of planning is always future oriented. It beings with the formulation of clean aims and objectives most organization have multiple objective related to their production, services and social dimension same objectives are short termed, once these objectives have been established, ways must be designed to pursue when successful in an bureaucratic set up like organization existing method of executive plans could only be modified due to laws and decrees of such entities organization.

Effect of planning is not how precisely we can product future, but how to uncover things we must do today in order to have a future it bridges the gap between where we are now and where we want to be in a desired future. To do this, the organization must maintain a balance between organization result and means. This principle requires analytical and synthesizing ability on the part of the organization.  To make empirical and viable decisions, the organization need tools or devices to get necessary information or the evaluation of various options for an administration, effect of planning and decision making  are never ending process, a process centered to the organization and administration.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Effect of planning and decision making are two crucial and interrelated aspect of administration that must be understood and appropriately carried out in order to successfully achieve organization goals. It has been the lack of understanding the intricacies of importance of planning and decision making that sometimes influence organizational authority into making decisions and plans are unprofitable to the continuity of there operations.  In bid to solve this problem with viable solutions this study is sought out to look into different approaches of effect of planning as well as improving the effectiveness of decision making in order to create an atmosphere where workers in the organization will work together in a cordial environment through effect of good planning and decision making.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Is there any functional relationship between  planning and  decision making?

  2. Does resources allocation leads to effective decision making in an organization?

  3. Can effective decision making bring about harmonious relationship in an organization?


1.4 Objective of the Study

In viewed of this reason a discussion on this issue is to formulate a broad planning and development frame work setting out guidelines and stand aids for more effective and comprehensive planning.

 1.5 Statement of the Hypotheses

  1. There is no functional relationship between  planning and  decision making.

  2. Resources allocation does not lead to effective decision making process in the organization.

1.6 Scope of the Study 

The study shall cover the geographical area of Nestle Nigeria Plc Lagos.Human Resources Department if proper and effective decision is not been makes in these department then it will not be possible for the organization to achieve it set objective.

1.7 Significance of the Study

This work shall be of immense significance to decision makes in the Nigeria organization in one hand as well as those who may went to use the library in future because it will serve as basis for those who will want to study in the same research topic (effect of planning and decision making) it will serve to educate them, that behind every result oriented endeavour it has to do with adequate planning. Because he who fail to plan, plan to fail. Through this the need the organization cannot be over emphasis as a measure for meeting expected needs.

 1.8 Limitation of the Study 

The research work is faced with the problem of finance. As a result of the general increase in the prices of commodities as a function of recent increase in the prices of fuel, transportation to the study area, cost of data constraint to this study.

1.9 Operational Definition of Terms Effect:

This is the state or fact of being great significance or value, importance refer to something valuable influential or worthy of note. Planning: This is executive function that involves deciding in advance the time of action by which desired result can be achieved.According to McCarthy (1996) planning is a managerial function that put into perspective strategies in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Millicent defines planning as the process of determining the objectives of administrative effort and of devising the means calculated to achieve them. Carlist defines planning as the development of strategy, procedure determination of control direction as well as method or techniques from meeting overall organizational objectives. Decision Making: This is the development of a particular course of action that will either restore formerly acceptable conditions or improve the situation in a significant way.

Decision making is a process done by the management that put into cognizance organizational plans to ensure that goals and objectives are met in an organization simply put; it is an attempt to formulate organizational objectives and the best path to follow in order to achieve such objectives.  Management: According to Pigors and Myers, management is a hierarchy of person’s from the chair person for the board and direct executive down through middle management and various staff specialist at first level supervision.

Oxford Dictionary (2009), defined management as a process of planning, organizing, directing, budgeting and for controlling of operations, so that the objective of the organization can be achieved effectively senior officials in the organization burdened with task of ensuring the smooth  running of the  secretanal, i.e. the day to day activities are properly placed. Problem:

This is only obstacle known or hidden which affects the proper discharge of duties in the organization. Problems thwart effort made towards achieving goals when removed smooth discharge of work and adequate realization of goals and objective would be enhanced. Problem is a question to be answered or solved in the local council. Workers: This concept means any person under a contract of service whether permanent or temporal with the organization. These persons are responsible for ensuring that organizational plans and decision are met. These are people who make sure the goals and objectives of organization are actualized.


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