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This project work attempts to determine the effect of training and development has on industrial efficiency with reference to Nigeria Gas Company. To achieve this objectives relevant life rather was reviewed and questionnaire was designed based on judgmental sampling techniques for the study for the purpose of this study a sample size for the two hundred people were randomly selected eighty (80) management /senior staff and one hundred and twenty (120) junior/peripheral staff made up the sample size. Three (3) hypothesis were formulated and tested. This result for the analysis shared that there was a significant relationship exist between the availability of facilities required for the job and post training performance of the workers. Lastly, the analysis indicated there was a significant relationship between training and development and as well as job satisfaction. Based on the findings, some recommendation were made among which are training and development of employees to harness their capabilities providing the facilities required by workers to effectively carry out their duties and also providing those other factors that aid in increasing industrial efficiency.



  • 1 Background to the Study

The compounding situation in an ever dynamic environment determines whether an organization is efficiency and it’s going to service. To avoid being scraped out in its efficient and to have opportunity for growth the organization has to be ready at all times. Effective training and development enable an organization or enterprise to move productive to situation provided the important resources are there. Among other factors, training and development help employees and management adopt to the demands of a dynamic world of rapid social technology, political and economic changes.

Hinrichs (1976) sees training and development as any organizationally initiated procedures which are intended to faster learning among organization members in a direction contributing towards organizational effectiveness. Garalan (1995) also sees training and development as  the planned learning and development of people as themselves. Manpower training and development are at the Hearst of employee utilization and growth (Nwachukwu, 1988) there have been many failures on the part of employees because Meir need for training and development were not identified and provided for as an absolute essential part of management function.

Private enterprise in developing countries invest a great deal of money and effort in training Meir employees and developing their managers. State enterprise seldom do attending more to technical expertise to managerial kill but under a reform programme, training and development become especially, important in helping state enterprise. Managers and employees adopt to the new rules of the game. Managers who have operated for years in protected industries expected to respond automatically to competition and freedom by cutting costs. Seeking new customers training staff, closing production lines and so on though operational assistance can contribute in the first instance training and development is necessary to help create the dynamic adaptive attitude required for a sustained improvement, such training however should be an explicit and on gong phase of staff development not an add on by consultants whose main assignment is operational (operations evaluation department) the would bank (1985) Lethern and Copper (1983).



  • 2 Statement Of The Problems

The concept of manpower training and development is taking a wider  range of attraction in both business management and other related disciplines like money and materials are used uo by employees to make employees perform well on their jobs at minimum cost. Therefore, competent and skilled employees are needed to do this. Although most organization are aware of the importance of training and development, they are still not making enough effort to train and develop their employees. His lack of interest in training and development could be as a result of the fact that some organization feel that training and development does not always translate into increased efficiency.

It may also be a lack of fund needed to embark on training and development programmes. It is common in our industries for employees to under go training and yet fail to perform better. This can be attributed to the fact that in some training programmes the contend towards the wrong employees. Also some employees are effectively trained but on resumption of work they are greeted with an entirely different environment while for others the facilities required for their effective post training performance are lacking. Some efforts are made in the industries with the focus of checking such poor performance on the job, which affect organization such efforts could be effective work design, motivation, reinforcements, promotions provision of infrastructure etc. but emphasis are not placed on manpower training and development are therefore the problems of industrial efficiency still persist his necessitate this study.

  • 3 Research Questions

Against the background of the problem analyzed, the following research questions are posed to draw a better focus to the issues of the study, they include:

  1. What is the perception of employees training and development to organization efficiency?
  2. What are the factors that influence the decision to carry out employees training and development?
  • Do training of employees and development of managers actually affect the performance effectiveness of organization?
  1. What type of training and development programmes relevant to organization?
  2. Do employees training and development necessarily level to increased job satisfaction?
  3. Would the availability of facilities that are used for training affect the post training performance of employees?

The attempt the answer some of all these question would enable. Use to find solution to the problem necessitated by this research study.

  • 4 Research Hypotheses

For the purpose of this study the following hypothesis were formulated. They include:

  • (1) There is not significant relations between employees training, development and industrial efficiency.
  • (2) There is no significant relationship between the availability of facilities required at works for the job and the post training performance of employees.
  • (3) There is no relationship between employee training and development and job satisfaction
    • 5 Objectives Of The Study

The need for effective and efficient performance in organizational activities in developing countries is a desirable social and economic pony. This is so because progress in the human resources is brought about by this effective performance.

The main aim of this study is to extensively examine the effectiveness training and development  activities of organization in the ignorant of reduced efficiency in most Nigerian organization. It is our desire to show importance of training and development as a source of improving efficiency in organization. This study also seeks to find but the reasons for organization refusing to make efforts to engage in employee training despite it’s perceived benefits. The objectives employees training and development and the different type of employee training and development programmes available will be highlighted by this study. Also the effect training and development have on the performance of employees in the organization. This study is intended to help managers and trainers better prepare and plan the training programmes to suit specific needs of organization as well as employees.

  • 6 Scope Of The Study

The study is intended to embrace the techniques used in training and development and what impact is created before and after training and development with a focus on Nigeria Gas Company. The company has it’s divisional offices in Warri Delta State and its administrative head quarters at Warri the training and development center is situated and it is usually called the learning and development department. The organizational structure starts with the managing director and under him or her there are six directors, production director, development. New business and development director commercial external relation director and human resources director. The study will cover how manpower training and development responds to sharp environmental changes to achieve high efficiency. Also changes.

  • 7 Significance Of The Study

The challenges the mangers faced in Nigeria today demands that managers should no longer sit and watch but must act to ensure that the wind of change does not blow away their organization.

The findings of this study world enable management better appreciate the need to embark on training and development programmes. Training allows better use to be made of human resources by giving employees a felling mastery over their work and recognition by management. This brings about increased job effectiveness. Also development enhance our managers.

Since industrial efficiency is as a result of work effort. Individual attributes and organization support the study of those attention on the determination of the factor whose absence irrespective of intense training and development still result decreased industrial efficiency.

This study is significant because it seeks to find the reason for poor individual efficiency even after training and development has been embarked upon. The findings of this study would highlight the need for managers and trainers to design the content of their training and development of reflection. training and development will then bear relation with the task the employee and management will be expected to perform after training and development. The result of his study will help find out if there is a relationship between employee and manpower, training development and the level of efficiency iin organization.

The result of this study will add to existing body of knowledge in personnel management and administrative sciences in general. The findings of this study will act as a base for further research on this subject.


  • 8 Limitations Of The Study

There are certain things problems that worked against composition and submission of this study for a sound approval.

The constraints include short frame, inadequate literature, gathering of data inadequate finance perception of people to research studies.

The short time frame was due to compounded work load in class and the instability of our academic year.

Inadequate finance also limited my work. Since there was not enough funds to purchase books, journals and to photocopy data/ materials from Nigeria Gas Company people’s perception and the uncooperative attitude of some respondents and supervisors was very discouraging.

Insufficient materials like book, journals, research work these etc. related to this study is not readily available.

These limitations have help to invalidate the reliability of some of the finding or generalization made in the study.


  • 9 Operational Definition Of Terms

Training: Systematic development of the attitude or aptitude by an individual skill pattern required by an individual in order to perform adequately a given tasks (Johnniel 1999). It is also organization effort aimed at helping an employee to acquire basic skill required for the efficiency execution of the function which he was hired.

Development: Manpower development from the perspective of service management deals with the quality of an organizations service resources (Marc L. 1980) development deals with activities undertaken to expose an employee to perform additional duties and assume position of importance in the organizational hierarchy.

Performance: This measure the extent to which a  employee does the work for which he was hired.

Industrial Efficiency: This occurs when an organization makes effective and optimum use of its resources in achieving its goals and objectives.



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