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Considering the deteriorating performance of the Nigeria Police in recent times and the incessant threat to the security of life and property of the citizens of this country, the Police Force is an indispensable arm of the nation’s security system that deserves adequate attention and maintenance. Especially with respect to human resources development and planning in the force.

Without an adequately trained and effectively maintained police force, the security of life and property would not be guaranteed, hence the need for this study. The employee training and human resources development in the Nigeria police force was examined in this study. Despite the various training institutions built for the Nigeria police in the country such as the police college, Jos, there are still many cases of insecurity in the country.

Owing to the above trend, this research work examined the human resources development and planning in the force, and how it has affected the performance of it, this was done through investigation of the following:-

  1. Improper training of the personnel of the Nigeria police force.
  2. High level of corruption in the Nigeria police force due to poor motivation and human resource development.
  3. Lack of commitment and attitude to work among the personnel of the force.
  4. The extent to which the training already acquired by the employees of Nigeria police force affects their performance.

Nigeria police affects their pressing questions is by theoretical and statistical data collection, the source of the data collections is primary and secondary. The primary sources include questionnaire and interview while the secondary sources are from text books, Journals, reports and publications, seminar presentations, preview research on the area of study.

Findings from the available information after the data analysis showed, that over the years, the training and human resources development in the Nigeria police force, have not been able to yield the expected result.

The federal government has not encourage the Nigeria police force especially in the area of remuneration and welfare. The Nigeria police force on its part, involves itself in some misconduct which does not enhance performance and integrity as claimed. The hypothesis tested shows that the police is unable to check the excesses of the clinic militia group in Nigeria.

The researcher discovered the factors that affect the performance of the Nigeria police and, therefore, recommends:

  • Adequate funding of the Nigeria police by the federal government
  • Consistency in government policy to enable training programmes of the Nigeria police to survive in the long run.
  • Adherence to the police code of conduct; that is, Officers and rank and file of the Nigeria police should work within the limit of the law and,

Total Re-orientation of the public; it is important for the public to change its negative perception towards the Nigeria Police Force.



Notable factors in the growth, viability and survival of any organization are effective training, adequate utilization and maintenance of organizations human resources. In other words, the development and enhancement of human resources in an organization, to a very large extent, contribute to the success and growth of that establishment perhaps, that is the reason why most organizations invest in their training/ and human resource programmes.

In our society today, it has been observed that top management staff enjoy this training; the same is also true of those in the lower cadre; it is a known fact that no matter how efficient and sophisticated your machines and tools are, and no matter how huge your financial and material resources may be, it is always the human element that has to put them to use; It is a truism, too that an adequate supply of physical and financial resources does not alone ensure the economic development of any organization.

Rather, it is the entrepreneurial spirit and human ideas which can adequately put these resources to use. According to Wilson (1966:20). The human being is the center and yard stick of everybody if you dig well into any problem you will get people. Organizations are social systems. and are made of structure, technology, and the environment. The common denominator among the three is the people or personnel involved in the development and use of appropriate technology to achieve organizational goals.

Similarly, people in their various spheres of life directly or indirectly examine, manipulate, or exploit their immediate. The consequences of which later translate to either challenges or progress for their organization. The human element is, therefore, the most important and versatile resources in any organization. Owing to the above fact organizations, over the years, have created human resources and staff training departments to handle these activities.

Since it is only the human element that is capable of thinking and planning, so as to achieve organizational goal, there is the need, therefore, for increased interest in employee training and development not only in the Nigeria Police Force, but also in any other establishment that is result-oriented. Owing to the above fact, the Nigeria police Force, over the years, has established training schools and human resources centers institutions to meet the desired goal.

In this regard, the importance of human resources development cannot be over-emphasized.

As Meyer (1976:106) reported:

Tom Beele, the one-time Chief Executive of United States Delta Airline, once declared when asked About the secret of his company’s huge success, That the name of the game in today’s business is Good financial or operating report, but unless your Personnel reductions are in order you cannot Make any progress, in whether company you are running.

A Chief executive or the Inspector-General of Police is nothing without people. You have to get hold of the right one, and in the right job, and you have to be sure that employees at every level are being paid fairly and given the opportunities for training and skill acquisition as well as promotion.

This will help to inculcate in the employee the right attitude necessary for the attainment of individual set objectives and sustained growth.

Management scholars all over the world have discussed them extensively; human resources, not capital, not income or material resources, constitute the basis of the wealth of a nation. Capital and materials resources are passive factors of production; human beings are active agents that accumulate wealth, exploit material resources, build social, economic and political organizations and carry out national development projects, Clearly, a country that is unable to develop the skill and knowledge of its people and to utilize them effectively in the national economy, will be unable to develop anything.

Management experts are of the view that human resources efforts, skill and time required for effective training and development are the wheel needed for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Employee development is aimed at raising the standard of skills possessed by an organization with a view to expending a whole ma with the ability to fully use capabilities and apply his knowledge and experience to the solution of old, new and potential problems.

Human resources or manpower development is the process of acquiring and increasing the number of persons who have educational skill relevant for economic and social development of a country. This involves investment in man and his development as a creative and production resources. (Ugoji 1986).

This study will explore how increased productivity and effective performance should be anchored on effective employee training and development in the Nigeria Police Force which provides the required number of personnel with the right skill and knowledge, doing the right thing for which they are economically relevant.


With the rising incidence of crime and the emergence of different militia groups like the Odua people’s Congress, Bakassi, Movement for Actualization for the sovereign State of Biafra, Arewa Youth Forum, e.t.c., and the high rate of armed robbery and political unrest in the country, unanswered question still linger in the air: why the Nigeria Police Force has not been able to check these crimes and excesses of the militia groups.

It is to be noted that this study will examine the training and human resources development of the Nigeria Police Force in meeting her day-to day responsibilities to the populace. It is a fact that among the duties of the Force the protection of life and property as well as ensuring peaceful coexistence among people in the society ranks high in he agenda. However, these responsibilities over the years have not been properly carried out, owing to poor training and inadequate human resources programmes for the personnel of the force.

It could be argued that if these men and women are well trained and properly developed to meet the challenges of today’s society, the reported crimes in the country, as well as the activities of these groups that now take the laws into their hands, in the name of protecting their own groups and interests, would be reduced to a minimum. Despite the establishment of police training colleges across the country, the desired the result still eludes us. The question is: how is this training conducted?



With the increasing rate of crimes and activities of ethic militias the Nigeria Police has been unable to check or put to an end to the menace. This is due to the fact that men and personnel of the force cannot contain the existing trend. As a result of the fact states above many citizens are of the opinion that the force has failed in carrying out its essential duties of maintaining law and order. Also, there is a popular belief that inadequate training and poor human resources programme in the Nigeria police force are responsible for their ineffectiveness.

For the purpose of this research, the issues which be investigation include the following:

  1. Improper training of personnel in the Nigeria Police Force
  2. High level of corruption, due to poor motivation and human resources development in the force.
  • Lack of commitment and attitude to work among the personnel of the Force.

Based on the facts stated above, this study will attempt to explain and examine, as well as proffer solutions to the following questions:

  1. To what extent have the existing facilities for training improved the activities of the Force?
  2. How affective is the human resources development in the Force?


This study will be anchored on the following research question:

  1. Will police training and human resources development in the Force enhance performance?
  2. To what extent does employee training and human development in the police force compare with other security outfits in the country?
  • How effective are the training policies and programmes adopted by the Nigeria police?


The present state of security in the country is a function of the increasing sophistication of criminal activities, coupled with inconsistent police programme of training and development.

Therefore, there is the need for well –training and highly skilled police officers and men, to protect lives and property.

Moreso, it is an acknowledge fact that in a volatile competitive and turbulent society like ours, a determined officer of the Nigeria police will be reflected in the kind of services rendered to the public.

Employee training and human resources development is not an end in itself, but a means to an end; it is programmed and designed to produce adequate, trained manpower to preside over decision- making position in the Nigeria Police.

The question most people asked is of what relevance is employee training and: human resources development? To the Nigeria Police Force to them, whether the employee is trained or not, the job goes on, and the desired objective is achieved.

They hold a country opinion of management, which stipulate that a well-planned and sustained employee training program is a key factor to the success of an organization. To this group of people, employee training and human resources development is a waste of funds.

This research centers on the objectives stated below:

  1. To assess the performance of the personnel of the Nigeria police force in discharging its duty of protecting life and properly
  2. To evaluate the problem facing employee training in the Nigeria police force.
  • To determined the relevance of employee training and human resources development in a competitive turbulent society like ours.



The study seeks to explain how lack of employee training and human resources development in the Nigeria Police Force has affected the service it renders to the public, especially in carrying out its day-to-day responsibilities.

It will also throw some light on the need for an enhanced training programme, which will in turn make way for good results. In other words, it will rein-enforce the need for training and development in the Force.

Furthermore, if adequately put to use, the study will be of immense assistance to the policy-makers.

The recommendations suggest ways of improving the already available employee training and human development in the force.


According to oxford Advanced learner dictionary ED: 1995:486 Hypothesis is an idea or suggestion that is based on known facts and is used as a basis for reasoning of further investigation the further researcher sort to investigate the ineffectiveness of the Nigeria Police Force in checking the excesses of the Ethnic militia and crimes in the country, therefore:- the following hypothesis will be tested.

H0: The kind of training acquired in the Nigeria Police Force can not check the excesses of the Ethnic militia group in Nigeria.

Hi: The kind of training acquired in the Nigeria Police Force will be able to check the activities of the Ethnic militia in Nigeria.

H0: The Federal Government is investing enough resources in the training and human resources development in the Nigeria Police Force.

Hi: The Federal Government in not investing enough resources in the training and human resources development in the Nigeria Police Force.


The study of employee and human resources development in the Nigeria Police Force, is a wide area that may not be covered in one single Research work. This research work is, therefore restricted to the Nigeria Police Force as a case study.

Another limiting factor is like the required time for the completion, and the financial resources to carry out research. Also the researcher encounter a lot of difficulties in gathering material for the study as only few secondary materials could got in the course of the study.


The research work will be in five chapters, organized as follows:

Chapter one is the introduction and contains the statement of the problem significance of the study, objectives of the study, among others.

Chapter two deals with the literature review, theoretical framework, concept of human resources development and Police training,

Chapter three contains research methodology and scope of data, research design, method of data analysis, etc.

Chapter four gives the findings of the research work, as well as provides the discussion on the study; while chapter five, the last chapter, gives the summary, conclusion and recommendations, based on the research findings.

At the end of the analysis, it will be confirmed, whether the employee training and human resources development in the Nigeria Police Force have yielded the expected result or not, likewise government effort.


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