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This work factually, was written to find out the influence of gender and socio-economic status on career choice in Ishelu L.G.A. it had been noted that this mentioned statement above has been affecting the overall aspects of lives of adolescents in our modern society.

It was sad that proper ways and plan on how to show the problems emanating from the above had much been neglected for many years partly due to the inability of scholars to come up with effective research works on this particular issue which we look into with the view to recommending important steps to the problems.

In order to propel effectiveness and efficiency, for research question guided the students, which were all collected by the use of structured questionnaire. These all in all were used as the basis from which certain educational implications were highlighted and certain recommendations made. Further step suggested for further studies which in turn will act as a guide to our up-coming adolescents in facing challenges of career choice making.



Background to the study

            The aim of the new system of education in Nigeria is general towards the development of vocational competence among youths and adults so that they can contribute maximally to the national economic growth in their various occupational activities.

It is quite obvious that a person’s socio-economic status, gender and may more influences the person and the person’s choice making little wonder why psychologists, like jersh view that a good career choice is as a result of certain inherent and environment factors.

Career, however, according to BBCL English dictionary edited by John Sincler, Gwyneth for and Stephen Bullon is “the type of job that some one does for a long period of their life and in which they hope to gain advancement, it can be part of your life that you spent working.

By super (1995) career is the segrence of positions occupied by a person during the course of a life time with its recognition of the life stages of growth exploitation establishment maintenance and decline.

According to the research, it can be “a job that you have been trained for and intend to do for several years of you life.

In the view of all these career choice to the research can now simply mean the process of selecting the types of vocation that is suitable to one self.

Ginzbery (1993) stated, “A career is an irreversible process occurring in reasonably clearly marked periods. It is characterized by a series of compromises the individual makes between his makes and his possibilities.

Super (1995) in his history of vocational development maintained that this concept “is just a choice made by a person heavy his or her interest abilities and personality of heart”.

Fact wally, this career choice factors at ore mentioned influences it negatively and positively socio-economic status, gender and like peer group, personal interest, ability etc all have large degree of influences.

Socio-economic state by John Sinclair, Gwyneth Tox, and Stephen Bull on is the combination of social and economic condition of any person while sex is the characteristics of being male or female. It has been said that Gender in particular had been in influence of the concept right from the beginning of academic pursuit by people.

Oakeley (1997), carried out study on woman and industrial society and pointed out that woman concentrates more on particular type of job which are typically seen as female occupations such like nursing teaching secretarial and lower clerical jobs.

Recent longitudinal study of adolescents also showed that socio-economic status in its own angle is critical factor in predicting career choice and describes even how higher status occupation interacts to determine the career of adolescents —- sachs and Christmas (1998).

However, since career choice is a process spanning through a person life time it is imperative to rate that secondary school students comprising of adolescents are faced with the problem of career choice as they pass through the maturation period.

Well adolescents is in its own side being referenced by John Sinclair Gwyneth Fox, and Stephen Bull on as “ a young person not a child and equally not yet an adult, while they maintained also that adolescence is that period of your life during which you develop from say a child into an adult,” to the researcher as the time usually between the ages of 12 to 18, when a young, person or adolescent tend to experiment with life without understanding the possible consequences”.


At this stage also many adolescent experience a degree of role conflicts successes in any role during this period creates a sense of fulfillment and failures is chisastrous as it many head to negative self concept, frustrations, possible delinquencies and maladjustments all in turn place the adolescents in on ambiualment position.

It should be noted that people from higher status finishes never expect or persuade their children into doing a common job or even entering a woman filed of study since there is that reputation and economic buoyancy in their family they expect and stear their children to higher level of life while their counter parts from lower family choose whatever, comes their way because of lack of motivation and lack of economic buoyancy irrespective of their ability interest and aptitude.

Gender in its own side also, has been enormously expanciated but not clearly notified how it affects or influence choice making for this reason bring the points before and today never allow female to go into some filled of study or work. they seen those fields as in served for their opposite sex (male) field seems like she is wasting her life and time some even look at it as an abomination or an affront to the society for this reasons a lot of females and even males are relegated to various fields of study and looks of life which sometimes affect the society adversely

 These are many more that will come to the next chapter cumulates to adolescents to choose career without due consideration to the consequences offer of time so, realizing that all these factors are generally accepted as having influences on the choice of career of an adolescent the researcher under took more specific investigations with the aim of finding out the affect of the influences of Gender and socio-economic status in career choice of adolescents secondary school students in Ishule local government area Ebonyi state.

Statement Of The Problem.

            It has seen noted that adolescent often of time make wrong career choices because of the socio-economic status gender peer group interests and many more. This as matter of fact is caused by kick of adequate counseling or advice from the school counselors and other educational planning. Hinging on this fact above many adults have lost the handle of life during their active involvement of school counselors parents and the adolescents in our secondary schools.

SIGNIFICANCE of the study

   This study is expected to yield data that would be beneficial to student adolescents and educational planners. The data collected in this study would be a working tool with which school counselor parents and other educational planners will use in disseminating career information to students. This in turn will help students to make appropriate and wise career choice when appropriate and informed career decisions are made they will be expected to gain job satisfaction in their different occupational field. They belonging eliminate possible frustration etc which consequently will in increase the psychological social and physical development of the individual as well as the economic growth of the nation.

Finally, the study is also expected to prove the reality of the traditional belief that certain types of career are either mescaline or adolescent period and found no way to remedy their problems which now resulted drastically to the individual and to the society as whole therefore the researcher on a factor that influence our topic (camer choice) in ishule local government area.

Purpose of the study

            The main purpose of this study students can make a good career choice without parents or counselor?




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