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The research project studied the influence of star lager beer advertisement on the purchasing habit of Ebonyi State University students. Advertisement is simply an act to improve the awareness of the existence of good and services with a sponsor through any recognize channel of mass communication. And is always paid for, star beer is a product of Nigeria breweries Plc that was introduced in the market in 1949 since then this brand have grow both in consumption and circulation. Ebonyi state university is one of the newly created state university in the country that was established in 1999, today the

institution is widely known with it excellence in academic portfolio. Chapter one highlight the general overview and historical background of the research work, stating the research problem objective of study, significant of the study research question, research hypothesis and definition of key term. Chapter two is the main body of the project, where literature will be review on the actual topic, which is influence of star beer on the purchasing habit of Ebonyi State University students. Chapter three emphases the research method the researcher will adopt and type of population sampling and instrument for data

collection. Chapter four data generated were analysed and result presented while chapter five summarized the work, highlighted and suggest for solution of resolving some of the problems encounter in the research work.




1.1   Background of the Study

Brief history of Nigeria Breweries

Nigeria Breweries Plc, the pioneer and largest brewery industry in Nigeria was incorporated in 1946 and recorded a landmark when the first bottle of star lager beer rolled off the bottling lines in its Lagos brewery in June 1949. Also other subsequent establishment of brewery in Abia State in 1957, Kaduna in 1963, Ibadan in 1982 and Enugu brewery in 1993. Since then the company have rich portfolio of high quality brands like, star lager beer which was introduced in (1949), Gulder lager beer (1970), Maltina (1987), legend Extra stout (1992) Amstel Malta (1994) and Schweppes range of carbonated soft

drinks like; Schweppes Bitter Lemon, Schweppes soda water was launched in December, 1996 and Schweppes pineapples the same year. The company also introduced crush orange in 1997 which they bought over from7ups bottling company. In June 1998, the company launched Heineken beer into market. Today, the company now has five breweries with varieties of products been distributed to all parts of the country and they are seen us an integral part of the national economy, the company has its own share of problems and constraints in the development of the nation. However the company made an

impacts to the country through the provision of job employment opportunities both for the skilled and unskilled within the country. The breweries also engaged in distribution of some of their products across Nigeria.  The industry is an important factor in revenue generation for the country because they generate large revenues for the government agencies though various taxes ranging from tenant rates, advertisement permits, hawking permit for their vehicle etc. in essence, the brewery needs to communicate its actions to its public using various communication strategies in other to create awareness and

generate goodwill which are prelude to creating proper understanding and at the same time to promote their services. The brewery industry appreciate the way their populace sees them and this has a direct effect on the patronage they enjoy and on the support they receive from the communities in which they operate including the political authority. in the companies bid to attain extensive geographical spread, the company has built brewery plants in various parts of the country to ensure that its products are available nationwide. The company has an increase export business that dates back to 1986,

currently it exports to united kingdom, Germany and Kenya etc. the company has kept pace with international development, thus ensuring that its systems of operational procedures are always in conformity with proven best in most part of the world. It was for this reason that the company established a research and development center in 1987 to enhance its research activities on all aspects of brewing operations.  Star lager- brand profile was introduced in 1949 as the first indigenous beer in the country, from the on set, start took on a conceptual profile of international quality values, star beer was an

instant success even in the face of stiff competition from foreign beer brands. This brand enlivened the Nigerian beer market sparkling brightness that appealed to the self confident, social and friendly Nigerian, a worthy product of our land. The company organizational structure is made up of six departments and all these work together for efficient and smooth operations. These departments are Account, Brew house, packaging, Engineering, Marketing and sales department respectively. The basic objective of Nigeria breweries Plc as the first brewery in Nigeria is to attain geographical spread in

terms of services and products and also to contribute immensely to the development of Nigeria and maintain a good rapport between the internal (workforce) and external (customer) public. In order to achieve the said objectives, the organisation found it necessary and built five major breweries in the country in order to serve every section of the country this makes it product to circulate and through this, there is a considerable increase in general output, sales and income. A part from the commercial aspect of the organization also has economic and social responsibility to the entire populace of the

country as well. The organisation is open to outsiders and the employee to buy share and enjoy the equity of the organisation with about 55,000 shareholders, the authorized share capital of Nigeria breweries Plc is N762.5m. Sixty-one percent (61%) of the share is held by Nigerians amongst whom are company employees of various categories. The company is also the foremost sponsor of sport in the country with sponsorship covering table Tennis, cycling, chess, and golf. The consumption of alcoholic in Nigeria particularly palm wine, predates the introduction of bear and other related brewed distilled alcoholic beverages into the country. The usage then, as it is cuts across all cultural boundaries irrespective of religious inclinations and was for the following reasons.

  1. As a key ingredient for social interactions in home and out-home.
  2. As a variable ingredient for the entertainment of guests and for social accessions like child naming ceremony, funerals, wedding, birthday etc.
  3. For refreshing the body and enjoyment of the special taste and Flavor of the preferred brand/product.
  4. For relaxation.

In Nigeria as in most other civilizing countries around the world, brand/product/ service is designed to do the following:

  1. Create awareness amongst the target group for the brand/product/service and its benefits in both rational and emotional terms.
  2. Convince consumers within this target group that it will deliver against their expectations of quality effectiveness standards.


Brief history of Advertising

          The practice of advertising in the beginning was as a means of drawing attention to the availability of goods and services. It was mainly through words of mouth, hawking and display of goods in open places (market). According to Bel Molokwu (2000:8-10) “ the earlier recorded activities that could be described as advertising in its crude form include town criers early morning “gang’ signals that alerted the village dweller of all impending announcement”. The importance of the “gang” was its attention catching ability which is what advertising seek to do. He continued to mention other

methods like: bells, use of musical instruments, through which attention was called to different services, products or events. However, the mentions that as commerce diversified so do the need to the draw attention increased. This increase and diversify in commercial activities led to improvements in the means of drawing attention to goods and services. Iwe Ironhim fund Awon Ara Ati Yoruba, which first came into circulation in September,1959 and other newspapers, according to time paper, a forum for the motley surge of tradesmen who had hitherto organized the production of art impression and printed

poster, manufacturers began to produce in the large quantities, this attract more people to buy the goods and services. With massive commercialization, agencies like the west African publicity in Nigeria started emerging soon enough others followed. This effect improved technology which was now being used and have changed the practice of advertising as advancement and modernization. Bill-boards, cinemas radio, cable satellite television were some of the modern media advertising.  As a result of the activity and innovation in advertising, there have been new strategies in advertising with the aim of

creating awareness and improving sales of the advertised goods and services. With the technological advancement, advertising has become according Bovee and Avens (1992:27) “a powerful device that announces the availability and location of products and even imbues brands with personality while simultaneously defining the personality of people who buy the product. The influence of star beer advertisement on the purchasing habit of Ebonyi State University students is one of the major problems confronting the school management and the students at large. It has be observed that the level of alcohol students takes is much and this research project will focus on how the brewery Lured the students to patronize their product star beer among other alcohol product in the market, how advertisement promote sales and also hw the students can curtail the habit of consuming alcoholic.

1.2  Statement of the Problem

          Ebonyi State University (EBSU) is one of the state universities in Nigeria which was established in 1999 as a state university but before then it was Ebony State University College between 1996-1999. It comprises students from various parts of the country with different background. The growing spate of alcoholic drinks most especially star beer in the institution is quite shocking and abnormal despite the widely acknowledged hazards contained in it, yet the students finds it right to consume the product. This has been a problem the institution is not finding it easy to handle. The students spend much of the

relevant time consuming alcoholic and even go to lecture under the toxication. The particular art has become a problem that call for solution. Moreover, this research work will highlight the problems and also checkmate how advert have captured the Ebonyi State University students purchasing habit despite the danger about  the product. Consequent upon this backdrop, the research seek to examine how advertisement have help in promoting sales, increase patronage among the students in the campus to prevent and curtail this abnormal behaviour towards the brand. Also how the advert should be regulated against false claim. While Ebonyi State University students should be conscious of the product. Importantly, while the students consume star beer than other alcoholic beverages in the campus.

1.3  Objective of Study

          This research project, seek to intensively examine how the Nigeria brewery Plc use advert in induced on influence the Ebonyi State University students in consuming the Star Beer.

          The research will equally emphasis on these techniques the advertising agencies used in promoting sales of star beer in the campus and assess the level of awareness and understanding of the brand among the students in the campus, also while do they decide to patronize star beer.

          Light will be thrown, to checkmate the advertisement success in influencing the students. Importantly, the research will highlight the measure the institution have made in preventing this abnormal behaviour in the campus of learning. Advertisement will equally be examined as having the ability to influence purchasing habit.

1.4  Significant of Study

          The abnormality of the students of Ebonyi State University students in consuming alcohol in the campus is indeed a threat to the institution and the nation as a whole since they are future leaders, so they have to curtail this act, is also significant to both the researcher and the public in general.

          The work will help advertiser know how the students perceived the product in the campus and reveal to them on how best to carry out their advertisement strategy. This research will also help the students and the entire society as a whole to understand and no how to accept or patronize the product or brand of star beer.

          More importantly, the research will reveal all the secret of advertisement to students and bridges the knowledge gap between the advertiser (Nigeria Brewery) and the public, can effectively turn prejudice to and ignorance to knowledge their by enlightening the students and society. the work will present and afford the researcher the opportunity to engage in an intensive intellectual rigour that will expose him to the basic foundation of fact sourcing and finding.

          This study will serve as a framework and guide line for both the manufacturer of the product and the adverting agencies that advertise the product in mean to relate to their publics.

          Finally this study will contribute the already existing data that will aid advertising and consumer behaviour in future.

1.5  Research Questions

   1.   How do advert induce or influence the students on the brand star beer?

 2.Why does Ebonyi State University student consume only star beer than other drinks in campus?

3.  Are Ebonyi State University students aware of the high alcoholic content in the brand?

4. What are the motivating factors behind this patronage among the Ebonyi State University students?

5. What have been the reaction of the students about this brand star beer?


1.6 Research Hypothesis

H1: The advert of star beer induced and influences the Ebonyi State University students.

H0: The advert of star beer do not induced and influences the students.

H2: Why do students consume only star beer than other drinks in campus?

H0: Students consume only star beer among other drinks in campus?

H3: Are Ebonyi State University students aware of the danger in the brand star beer after consumption.

H0: Ebonyi State University students are not aware of the danger in the brand star beer after consumption.

H4: There is motivating factors behind the patronage among the students

H0: There is no motivating factors behind the patronage among the students.


1.7  Definition of Terns

For a good understanding of this study an operational and conceptual definition of key terms will be of importance for the interest majority of people that would in one way or the other lay hand on this study.

Terms to defined are;






Advertisement-operationally:- A picture, set of words, a film etc that is used to advertise a product or service inform of creating awareness.

Advertisement- conceptual; – the act of using persuading language or tone to lure prospect to patronize a product or goods or services.

Product – Operationally:- This simply means something produced by nature or by man. It could be item or anything.

Product- Conceptual:- Something a company or organisation manufacture as their output. It can be consumption as the case in this study star beer.

Consumer- Operationally:- Somebody who buys and uses products and services.

Consumer- Conceptual:- This is the actual consumer of a product, like the case of star beer, the students are the consumers of the product.

Purchase- Operationally:- This simply means buying some item for use.

Purchase- Conceptual:-The act to patronize an advertised product in the market.

Habit – Operationally:- Some thing that you do regularly, often without thinking about it because you have done it so may time before.

Habit –Conceptual:- The ability of the students to do something regularly, the students through the advert form the habit of patronizing the product.


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