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PROJECT TOPIC- Intrapreneurships and organizational development; issues and challenges with particular reference to Ebonyi State Staff Development Centre

PROJECT TOPIC- Intrapreneurships and organizational development; issues and challenges with particular reference to  Ebonyi State Staff  Development Centre



1.1 Background of the Study

 The word “organization” is derived from the Greek word “Organon” Meaning “to put somebody or something into a working order. Organization has been in existence either formally or informally where people from various works of life decided to make a living for themselves by being in an organization. No individual will ever venture into anything with a goal of failing, certainly, everybody seeks to outdo others in their respective fields.

The pioneers of an organization would one day cease to exist and even before that, the organization could grow so much that one man wouldn’t be able to spearhead its functionality any more. This brought the idea of developing people within the organization that would drive it, and this is what intrapreneurial development is all about. All profit making organizations such as businesses expect to exist forever and without the development of intrapreneurs, this will not be possible.

Intrapreneurial development is an attribute that predicts the absolute growth of organization and overcomes traditional bureaucratic barriers to adhere to h igh standards for open communications, assessment of business environment and the renewal of business polices to Proactively in the ever competitive market place (Hisrich, 2001). The external environment has an influence on intrapreneurial activity with dynamism, technological opportunities, industry growth and demand for new products being favourable for intrapreneurship (Covin and Slevin, 1991; Zahra, 1993).

Intrapreneurship development has been used successfully in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. This is based on the concept of developing entrepreneurial skills within an established firm by encouraging innovation by employees. The concept of intrapreneurial   development has a proven track record of profitably being used to create new products and services. Intrapreneurship can create a new profitable subsidiary or a division within the sponsoring firm.

There is adequate empirical evidence that intrapreneurship is closely linked to improved enterprise performance (Drejer e’ tal, 2004; Lindsey, 2001, Herbert and Brazeal, 1999). Therefore, identifying and fostering intrapreneurship is justified precisely because; the intrapreneurs will develop new ideas and products which will ultimately enhance the firms efficiency and effectiveness.

It takes unique set of skills beyond creativity in order to become a successful intrapreneur. An intrapreneur must be willing to take risk at sharing and pursuing a unique idea, have the perseverance to wait for senior management final approval to create and launch a product or service, and posses the drive to see the idea through fruition, no matter what (Udu, A.A, Udu, G.O.C. and Eze, 2008).

Though this dosen’t simply come easy but organizations must go into a deliberate act of intrapreneurial development tackling associated issues and related challenges. This study is concerned with intrapreneurships and organizational development; issues and challenges with particular reference to Ebonyi State Staff Development Centre.

PROJECT TOPIC- Intrapreneurships and organizational development; issues and challenges with particular reference to  Ebonyi State Staff  Development Centre

1.2 Statement of Problem

Employee contributions have become increasingly important in the overall corporate organizations because of the need to improve efficiency and effectiveness within an ever changing workplace. But virtually a good number of private and public organizations have taken lightly the importance of having intraprenerially driven organizations, without knowing its implication such as; business collapse, loss of revenue, stunted growth, low productivity, low profit and loss of market share.

These problems include lack of intrapreneurial culture in an organization. Intrapreneurial culture encourages creativity and innovation within an organization but this is hardly found in Nigerian organizations. Secondly, over-centralized organizational structure impedes intrapreneurship. A centralized organizational structure with its associated autocratic management style discourages creativity.

Thirdly, the issue of lack of management commitment also affects intrapreneurship. Most organizations are very reluctant in committing their resources in intrapreneurial development programmes. Finally, intrapreneurs may evolve new ideas but some times, they may find it very difficult to receive approval from top management even when the idea appears feasible and viable.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to investigate the issues and challenges that affect intrapreneurship and organizational development.

The specific objectives include:

(i) To explore the concepts of intrapreneurship and organizational development.

(ii) To examine the issues and challenges associated with intrapreneurship development

1.4 Research Questions

(i) Does intrapreneurship affect organizational development?

(ii) What are the issues and challenges associated with intraprenenrship development?

1.5 Research Hypotheses

Research Hypotheses 1

Ho: Intrapreneurship does not enhance organizational development.

H1: Intrapreneurship enhances organizational development.

Research Hypotheses 2

Ho: There are no issues and challenges associated with intrapreneurial development.

H1: There are some issues and challenges associated with intrapreneurial development.

1.6 Scope of the Study

          This study was carried out at Ebony State Staff Development Centre (SDC), a statutory body under the office of the Head of Civil/ Public Service of Ebonyi State of Nigeria. The centre is the human capital training and development arm of office of the Head of Service, and is located on a wide expanse of land in kirikpiri area of Abakaliki, the State capital.

          In terms of research coverage, the study is focused on intrapreneurship and organizational development. with particular reference to the issue of lack of management commitment and over centralized organizational structure.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

 A study of this nature cannot be carried out without difficulties in the process. Time constraint is one of such, this research work was carried out simultaneously with other class work and the researcher tried all he could in order to cover every aspect of the study in line with other academic activities. Another constraint suffered by the researcher is inadequate finance, a research of this nature involves traveling to various areas in search of adequate data. Lastly, difficulty in securing relevant data for the study, as most respondents were rather reluctant to give out some vital information.

1.8 Significance of the Study

This study would be beneficial to the organization being studied and other organizations. At the end of a particular organizational lifecycle, only those intrapreneurially developed individuals would be able to salvage the organization from an imminent crumb, so, this study would help

organizations to see the importance of developing intrapreneurs.

 Also, this work would help students wanting to study any aspect of intrapreneurial developme nt; may be not just students, but the whole of the academia. This work could be used as a secondary data source. Finally, as a researcher, this work will widen the horizon of my knowledge and understanding. This study is also significant because it is a pre- requisite for me to graduate.

PROJECT TOPIC- Intrapreneurships and organizational development; issues and challenges with particular reference to  Ebonyi State Staff  Development Centre    

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