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Proper planning is the one that makes for a longer life span of any business establishment. Only to reign supreme in a boom of recognition and so far a business is planned roughly, it then functions in a low standard and get to a full stop at an unplanned end.

It start with introduction, statement of problem, objectives of the study, and other matters in chapter one. The next chapter treats the issue of the review of related literature in the area of manpower planning and development. Chapter three talks about research methodology, research procedure, sources of data collection, Analysis and technique.

Recommendations were made and the conclusion summarize the whole of the research work concluded as it  concerns the manpower planning and development in public sector.




In both the advanced and underdeveloped countries, active manpower policy has increasingly come to be regarded as an indispensable supplement to a policy of economic growth. In this regard, one can say that both advanced and underdeveloped nations have come around the perspective of the subject as concerned by the international labour organization.

The right mix of high level manpower may be shortage or surplus can lead to serious set back in economic development. Thus to check unemployment that might arise in the process of economic development, develop and utilize  effective the available manpower  resources, many countries have utility realized the need for the establishment of government machinery for manpower planning that should initiate training programme. And this can act as an influence to the educational training system.

The need for manpower can be categorized into two part. The generation of skills. These can generally be regarded be regarded as the process of human capital formation of investment of human capital. Human capital may be efficiently employed or it may be useful under utilized

By definition, human capital or high level manpower is rather arbitrary for analytical purpose. It is necessary to have some definitions in terms of bill occupation and education and education technique personel, technicians, agriculture assistance, murices, engineering assistants, senior clerks, qualified teachers etc. these people in general strategic occupations in modern societies.

Since the supply of such manpower is related to the development of formal  education  from which these type of category of workers are trained. Also the system of vocational and technical education to be developed  and alternative means of providing them have to be made. Rural-urban migration, the rate of population increase, the demands for early achievement of universal primary education which the planner can have little or no direct control play a major  role in shaping the system.


Manpower which is the first step in the process of procurement of human resources of an organization. It covers more than simply planning for the future  manpower planning has this following problem which motives. According to Flippo

  • inadequate right number of people – In an organization where there is inadequate number of people (manpower) to carryout the essential duties that will hinder the work at hand and cause insufficient utilization of materials to personel or workers in the life-giving or even life wire of the organization for instance honey on its own is nothing. It is the number of people in an organization that uses money to actualize organizational goals. Material are used by staff, just as staff determines what methods to be employed in the discharge of functions. What time to discharge them and the like.
  • The way and manner personel are managed- This affects the performance of the organization fees disconted or dissatisfied, the performance of that organization will be diversely affected. Implicit in this is that personel in a critical input for the growth, survival development, regeneration and performance of an organization
  • Improper promotion of staff –promotion of staff or employees should be carefully done. When properly planned promotion can act as the required tonic for boosting the morale of employee and for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of performance. But when not properly carried out or when it is abused, promotion could engender suspicion and mistrust to the total disadvantage of the enterprise or organization.

The objectives of the study areas follows:-

  1. To estimate the existing stage of manpower in specific occupations
  2. To estimate the extent of shortage of the various category of manpower
  • To collect necessary information on the manpower for estimating the future requirement for such category of manpower

When we are carrying out research on this topic, there are so many questions that came out such as

  1. Why do we have human resource management?
  1. Why do we consider personel or staff as the most potent and often times the most difficult of all organization resources to manage?
  2. What is manpower planning?
  3. What is selection in relation to the personal function?
  4. why personel is the life wire of the organization?
  5. who is a manpower planner?.

Solution came up after we might have carried the research which include:-

1). Why do we have human resource management because they are responsible for planning organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement, development compensation, integration and maintenance of people for achieving organizational goals.

2). Why do we consider personel or staff as the most potent are often times the most difficult of all organizations resources to manage  – Because its speant nature; they are given special attention in most organization at different time. Undoubtedly, the personel function and management to pervasive   in all organization

3) what is manpower planning:- It is simply planned for the future manpower needs of an organization. It seeks to make sure that an organization has the right number of people at the right time, place and point and engage in activities that are economically useful and vital.

4) why personel is the life wire of an organization – money and material on its own cannot make out something. It is the staff of an organization that uses money to actualize organizational goals.    Materials are used by staff. The staff determine what method to be adopted as to discharge of functions.

5) who is manpower planner – manager planning is an emergent processing without accepted theory and techniques, entry requirement a profession ethics, or professional society. Planning as a profession is on more than two generations old, with most of its growth occurring in past quatic – country.


Is the manpower planner, a planner applying the feels of the trade to manpower problems? A specialist in labour economics industrial relations applying analytical abilities to solution of labour market or workforce problem? A behavioural scientist concerned about the welfare of culturally deprived people?

The answe to these question, not only affect the way the manpower planner approaches the assignment and the tools used in search of solutions they are precadent such cruel question as:-

  1. who is the client of the manpower planner? If the government body with which employs him? The political leadership of jurisdiction? Labour market institution? The body of personnel directory suffering from labour market dysfunctions
  2. who can speak for client? The planner, the elected official? The programme administer? The community based organization
  3. what are the responsibility of manpower planner to the client? Professionally, ethically?
  4. Do liaisons really precede action

It will enable organization to put in place the adequate manpower in the right, in the right time, because with these aforementioned, the organization will be viable and also have objective to achieve


The research work is limited to NEPA that is situated at Ebonyi voice in Abakaliki  in Izzi local government area, this is because of good number of records gotten from the NEPA office. The research work is to investigate the improper utilization of manpower in a public sector, precisely in NEPA.and also to identify the causes and solution to the problem in the area concerned.


The researcher encounter a lot of hiccups in an attempt to meet a satisfiable standard in this project work. The transportation cost bordas heavily on the researcher due to financist which is the major hinderance.

Dearth of accurate reliable and up to date statistic not being available made the work cumbersome.

Not including the health problem of the researchers while the research project. However, the researchers made use sure that the quality of the research work was not in any way thwarted.



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