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This work is aimed at investigating how motivation serves as a tool for enhancing teachers productivity in secondary schools in Ikwo Local Government Area of Anambra State. Chapter one contains the things among other following to guide the investigation: How one teachers in secondary schools in Ikwo L.G.A motivated?. What are the various motivational elements provided to teachers in Ikwo L.G.A? How does motivation affect teacher’s productivity? What strategies could be used to improve teachers productivity? Chapter two of the work reviewed related literature while chapter three treated research methodology. Sample survey adopted while simple tables and percentages were used in analyzing data gathered. In chapter four we presented and analyzed data gathered while chapter five which contains summary, conclusion and recommendations brought the work to an end. At end or our investigation we scovered the following: That secondary schools teachers on Ikwo Local Government Area were not adequately motivated, that motivational elements were used by government to motivate teachers.



Background to the study

Formal Education has since been seen as one of the basic ways, any worthy citizen should pass through if such a citizen thinks of being socialized and to be a useful member of the society. The importance of Education in Ikwo Local Government in particular and in a developing country like Nigeria in general, cannot be over-emphasized. The restoration of quality in Educational system makes it useful for the all round development of the citizenry in Nigeria.

Odo (2000:19) states that it is generally noted that Education is one of the most important factors that plays the roles of the acquisition of skills development of the intellectual capacities of individual to understand and appreciate their environment and also the inculcation of the proper value orientation for the survival of the individual and society. In fact, Education is the factor that distinguishes man from animals, since it is one of the principles outcome of man’s rationality.

In realization of Educational benefits, teachers’ contributions are very important. They contribution in political, Economical and Socio-cultural development of any society. Hence, it is very imperative for the teachers to be adequately encouraged to enable them discharge their duties. For the moral of teachers to be activated and in order to get the best from teachers, motivation should be utilized. Bucher (1974), stressed that given opportunity, everybody is a potential achiever, people look at teaching as not lucrative, when compared with other professions like medicine, law and so on that are highly paid.

Consequently, so many teachers in Ikwo Local Government Area are no longer active in their teaching work. The fact remains that many of them are very poor. Some of them, up till now are still going to their far schools with bicycle, few that have motor-cycles, cannot maintain them. Some are living under leaking roofs, some cannot boast of good three meals a day. No conducive environment for working, lessons are taken under Mango trees. Seeing all these, teachers become discouraged.

However, motivation can make teaching profession attractive. It can be the best way of stimulating both the interest of those in it and those who may wish to take teaching as their profession. Motivation is the only incentive that can enhance teachers’ productivity in Ikwo Local Government Are in particular and Nigeria in general. It is the tool that can be used to improve teachers’ performance.

Motivation according to Kraus in Omebe (2001:94) states that motivation consist of tangible things such as bonus payment or promotion which may of course mean a rise in salary and lead to attainment of personal intangible attitudes such as recognition prestige, power and so on, desirable working condition which includes good classroom, clean office etc. Motivation can take many forms, it can be in form of regular payment of teachers, salaries, wages, all allowances and many other entitlements when due.

It can be in form of in-service training this will enable the teachers to up-grade their knowledge in order to cope with changes in the trend of Education. This is because there will be innovations or technological changes in the society. It can be in form of good working environment. This has to do with providing enough offices with all the facilities like electricity, air-conditioners, good seats and many other needed equipment that will make it comfortable and conducive for teachers and also provision of enough classrooms with normal number of students for proper control of teachers.

Teachers can be motivated. Through provision of teaching aids or instructional materials like Textbooks, chalk, chalkboard, stationery and well equipped laboratory and library. When all these are provided, teachers will put in their best and their productivity will be enhanced. This is true in the sense that they will know that they are facing a challenge. The challenge of achieving educational goals which primarily focuses on the transforming the society through inculcation of right value which will help in developing the society and students morally, socially, politically, economically and culturally.


Statement of the problem        

Anchored on the fact that non-motivation of teachers in secondary schools in Ikwo Local Government Area has caused some problems such as (teachers neglect to duty, appetite for money making venture which leads to dropping out of school and getting involved in criminal tendencies). This is simple, because of their poor condition of service. There is dearth of qualified teachers in our school system.

This is attributed to the fact that teaching had never been a lucrative profession, especially in the past and implication has attracted dropouts from other works of life, who look at teaching as a last resort and a stepping stone to other profession if the opportunity calls for one. In Ikwo Local Government Area the problem remain the same. Teachers do not take their work serious. The fact remains that their salaries are not paid as at when due.

Some for so many years have been teaching but cannot boast of a common bicycle, no good working environment. With all these problems one is convinced that teachers are completely neglected, hence they show no interest in the work. Actually, teachers are not to blame for their lukewarm attitude to their job, for out educational system develops only the memory without creating the stimulating environment for learning.

Then agrees with Blaug (1975) who asserts that the quality and people attracted to teaching and the way they were taught to teach at the heart of all problems of educational quality. Again, the problem of inadequate motivation of teachers has led to poor teaching, which has resulted in some students dropping out of school. They became discouraged and eventually get involve in criminal activities not only in the school but also outside the school environment.

This is usually a great loss to the family and society at large. So, it is always dangerous if the teachers who are character moulder are not adequately motivated to enable them discharge their duties effectively and efficiently. Therefore that the problem of this study is to identify the extent motivation enhance teachers’ productivity in secondary school in Ikwo Local Government of Anambra State.

Purpose of the study    

The general purpose of this study is to ascertain the extent to which motivation enhances teachers’ productivity in Ikwo Local Government of Anambra State.

Specifically, the study intended to investigate the following

  1. How the secondary school teachers in Ikwo Local Government Area are adequately motivated to teach.
  2. To determine ways of motivating teachers.
  3. How motivation affect teacher’s productivity.
  4. To determine strategies for improving motivation of   teachers.

Significance of the study

The study is of significance to many categories of people viz:

Researching students, practicing teachers, Head teachers, Guidance and counselors, parents, Educational planners and Educational supervisors.

The result of this study will be of helpful to researching students for It will be a source of data for further research. This study will help the Head Teachers to know their roles and responsibilities towards what teachers need to put in their best in their job.

Educational planners are key decision makers and policy formulators on educational issues. They take decision that affect educational problems. As stakeholder in education, this study will reveal to them all those problems that affect the progress of education in Ikwo local government Area in particular and Nigeria in general. It will enable them also to know those problems militating against teacher’s productivity so as address them.

The practicing teachers are not left out in this study. There is not doubt that attitudes and behaviour are related except that there has been a difficulty for Researchers to identify which teachers attitudes are related to teachers effectiveness as a result of inadequate motivation. This work will enable parents realize that teachers are the trainer of their children. They should therefore contribute in no small measure in motivating the teachers.

The relationship between teachers and parents should always be a cordial one. They should maintain a harmonious relationship among the teachers in the community, the culture, the geographical, and administrative features of the areas in which the teachers teach. Also parents should not see teachers as strangers who are given the credit only for knowing all about the welfare of their pupils.

They will also know that teachers, the second father of their children know what is good for their children. They are now aware of the roles of teachers in moulding the behaviour of children through proper disciplinary measures. Parents would realize the motivation of teachers should be a join effort between them and government to enable teachers carry on effectively their good work. It should not only be the case where some parents as Taylor (1967) should that some parents want teachers only to help in instructional subject and moral training of their children and no more.

This research work will help them to carryout supervision exercise in schools in order to ensure that other staffs are performing role and function assigned to them respectively when adequately motivated. It will also help supervisors to discover special abilities or qualities possessed by the teachers in schools. This can serve as a guide for teachers development in Ikwo Local Government.          

Will also help to determine whether a teacher should be transferred, retained, promoted, retired or dismissed based on the performance of the teacher and the assessment of the teacher by supervisors when teacher is adequately motivated.

Scope of the study

This study is intended to concentrate in examining motivation as a tool for enhancing teachers’ productivity in secondary schools in Ikwo Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Research questions

Based on the objectives of this study, the following research questions were formulated:

  1. How are Teachers in secondary schools in Ikwo Local Government Area motivated?
  2. What are the various motivational elements provided to teachers in Ikwo Local Government Area?
  3. How does motivation affect teacher’s productivity?

What strategies could be used to improve teacher’s productivity?


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