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PROJECT TOPIC – Organizational Conflict in Nigerian Specialist Hospitals : A Case study of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu and National Orthpaedic Hospital Enugu

Organizational Conflict in Nigerian Specialist Hospitals : A Case study of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu and National Orthpaedic Hospital Enugu



Conflicts in work environment often have resulted to disharmony, Industrial actions, and other associated management problems. The health institutions especially the specialist hospitals are not exception. The objectives of this study are
To examine the incidence of conflict
The predominantly occurring type

The current conflict management impact on organizational performance

If the negative impact exceeds its positive impact. Data was collected by both primary’ and secondary sources. Questionnaire was used to elicit responses from 78 respondents of Neuropsychiatric hospital and 83 respondents from Orthopaedic hospital both in Enugu. They are used to test the formulated  hypothesis using chi square at 5% (0.05) level of significance. Data collected showed that  Conflicts occur in both hospitals 7 Predominantly occurring conflict type in the both hospitals is intergroup, 7 Cur-rent conflict tnanagement methods applied in the hospital contribute positively to organizational performance k ~ o s i h eef fects of conflict resolution method applied in the hospitals exceed its negative effect on organizational perforrnance. Based on theses findings, conclusions were draw and recommev4ion made.





No organization experience conflict in can escape conflict. At some point, people will some forms, be it frustration over not getting a promotion or disagreement over the quality of a service rendered. Conflict generally occur when two or more individuals or groups that have opposing goals ideas,  philosophies or orientations confront each other in some way, they might oppose each other by vying for resources, support, etc all to ensure that their position prevails. In health sector, ‘ this imposes great responsibility to health managers. This is particularly in contending with and effectively managing conflicts in their respective institutions. In view of this, conflict in a work environment is inevitable.

Nwokolo (1997) and Osunwa (1998) contend that the role of effective and efficient health tnanagement in human health and development carmot be over emphasized. Nwokolo (1997) further stresses the need to evolved good management practice in health care . delivery system of the country The Nigeria constitution placed the health service on the concurrent legislative list. The responsibility for provision of health facilities and the health care delivery system lie with the federal, state and local government. The three tiers of government in Nigeria are all at least in principle committed to the goal of achieving good health institutions presenting it’s negative impact, militate against this laudable goal of the three tiers of government in Nigeria (Abuja Health Summit, In Nigeria, the health care delivery system provide health services through different health institution which are categorized as follows.

Teaching Hospitals
Specialist Hospitals (eg Orthopedic, Psychiatric) ;
Federal Medical Centres
Gener’al Hospitals
Comprehensive Health Centres
t-lealth Centres
Health Clinics
I-lealtli Post
Mobile Health Services
Others includes Non Governmental Institutions such as:-
Mission Hospitals
Voluntary Agencies Hospitals ,
Private Hospitals
Meanwhile, specialist hospitals are available in many states of the federation for provision of specialist care, research and training of health professionals  in the specialty areas involved. 7-0 implement their activities, the specialist hospitals work in collaboration with the federal ministry of health and the Hospital board. In any specialist Hospital in Nigeria four main categories of staff are usually available, these are, medical staff (Doctors), the para-medical
staff (Nurses, Pharmacists), the scientists (Psychologists, Laboratory, technologist, occupational therapists) and the support staff, that is those who are concerned with provision of basic facilities such as ‘space, administrative support, engineering, maintenance and catering services. These non-medical workers ensure continuous efficient and effective delivery of hospital services. Furthermore, with the above categorization of staff, there are group
interests and goals which make conflict inevitable in the nospitals.

This need to be effectively managed to ensure maximum utility for the consumers of health services, it has been identified (Abuja Health Summit 1995) that poor management is one:’of the major problem militating Ggainst effective and efficient health services in Nigeria. This probleh is not peculiar to Nigeria as it is also the case with other countries of the world ~wokolo,(l997) ~ u t .(1; 985) also it is noted that hospital administrators usually face several  management problems. As a result of this, conflict management remain an important aspect of health policy trlanagernent in Nigeria. Thus, it should be addressed to ascertain the best means to ensure positive impart of conflict in our health institutions.


Organizational Conflict in Nigerian Specialist Hospitals : A Case study of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu and National Orthpaedic Hospital Enugu



The study is carried out to ascertain the incidence of organizational conflicts in Nigeria specialist hospitals, types of conflict5 that occur, it predominantly occurring types, its impart on efficiency of the hospital, how it is managed and the impact of prevalent conflict management methods applied in the organizational performance. The purpose of this study is to determine if conflict actually occur, it ilicidellce, types, causes and effect of it’s management method applied in Nigeria specialist hospitals specifically, the study intends to To examine the incidence of orgar~izational conflicts in federal
specialist hospitals (Federal ~euro~sychiat r ich ospital and Orthopedic hospital Enugu) To Ascertain the type of conflict that exists, predominantly in
federal Neuropsychiatric and Orthopedic hospitals Enugu.

To Ascertain how conflict is managed in Federal Neuropsychiatric and Orthopedic hospitals Enugu; the impact on organizational perforrnance and how it’s dysfunctional effects are contained To rnake necessary recommendation based on findings.



All organization irrespective of size or function experience some degree of conflicts in the system. riff in, (1 990). Most people assume that conflict is  something to be avoided because it connotes antagonism, hostility, unpleasantness, indeed, managers and. management theorists have traditionally viewed conflict as a problem to be avoided. Plinnkett and Attner, 1992 found that if conflict is managed correctly, it can be helpful (functional) in meeting the
correctly managed can be destructible organizational dysfunctional goals and if it is not

As conflict is a basic managerial problem in the health sectors (hospitals), which may be external or internal, the health manger have to be adequately prepared with this inevitable situation. Thus the enduring challenge for hospital’s management is how to carry out effective administration in this special environmental framework, so as to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and minimize waste. The existence of conflicts in hospitals necessitates a proper
irivestigatiori of the organizational structure and functions of Nigeria Health care delivery system. . Meanwhile, with Nigeria Specialist hospitals as points of focus, the researcher asks these pertinent questions.


Organizational Conflict in Nigerian Specialist Hospitals : A Case study of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu and National Orthpaedic Hospital Enugu

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