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PROJECT TOPIC- Public Relations: Issues and Crises Management in Organizations (A Case Study of Guinness Nig.Plc)

PROJECT TOPIC- Public Relations: Issues and Crises Management in Organizations (A Case Study of Guinness Nig.Plc)



This project work bears the title; “Public Relations: issucs and Crisis Ma~~agcn~icnn otr ganizations (A case study of Guinness Nig. PLC)” It sought to know how issues and crises are rnmaged in organizations contemporary. The ciTcctivcness of their maliagcmc~it stra tcgy, and the outcome of Crises ~nanagcdw ithout Communication and full infonnation. I11 the cxecution for tlie study the background was laid. The literatures wcre also reviewed. The survey method was uscd to collcct data k o ~ nth c population of the study.
‘l’he infonnation obtained from the respondcnts wcr-c tested and ailalyzcd, and the results of the study showecl that public relations is rclcvant
i n nianaging issues and crises situations in organiz a 11’ 011s.



We are in a world those changes constantly and which is not easily predictable. Change is the only factor that is constant in life. It is at times slow and at other times fast. Whatever speed it takes, a change in the environment of an industry such that it affects the industry favourably or , uni’avourably is a crisis to that industry for according to Webster English Dictionary, a crisis is “a turning point for better or worse”. The Webster English Dictionary implies that a moment of crisis is a decisive moment – a cl-ucial moment. Viewed this way, we can see that a crisis has both positive and negative scores as a’ cliange agent or factor in organizational i~anagement. Canadian Public Relations consultants have concurred in Salu (1992) that “when viewed in the conlinuum of an organization’s development, a crisis is aIso one of the most effective agents of c;hange inlaginable”. For the purpose of this study crisis shall be studied from the point of view that it is likely to have harmful effect on an industry. Crisis can come in form of acts of God (or causation of nature), intentional human causation or, ur~intentioi~aolc currences. No matter the form of the crisis, all crises have common elements. I’hcse elements

A trigger
A threat
An ui~controlleds ituation
Urgent crisis
A crisis can trigger unexpected repercussions and subsequent ii-rquiry or probe. An alert public relations practitioner must follow up a trigger to’
ascertain whether or not it poses a threat to the industry like threats ol’ danger to 11uman life, risks to the environment or property, financial loss and
damage to corporate image. Guinness Nigeria PLC is a Nigerian-based industry with Ileadquarters located in ilteja, Lagos State of Nigeria. Concerning its corporate structure, thc ownership of the company is 47% Nigerian and 53% foreign. The sharc capital is 708 million shares of 501~e ach. This industry as it is, and as an active ~nen~beolf- the Exchange, is still open to crises that arc likely to haw the capability of affecting a change in it.

PROJECT TOPIC- Public Relations: Issues and Crises Management in Organizations (A Case Study of Guinness Nig.Plc)



GUINNESS NIGERIA PIX, one of the leading brewing companies, started from small beginnings as a trading company in 1950. The success of
As a I-esult oi’ the e~icoi~raginsga lcs volmies, thc installed capacily 01′ 71’liis was later expanded to include Satze~lbrau Lager I3cc1. awl Guili~lcss
spark (a11 exotic giwbased 1.1-uit drink). I ‘I’lle company was listed i n I965 and has a n autllo1-izec1s liarc capital 01’ 83400 million with aboul 59,000 sharelloldel-s. As an active member of the Exchange, Guinness Nigesia PI,(‘ has con~ributed to the gi-owth and development of the capital market by
introducing novel instruments such as thc Irredee~.nable Coiivcrtiblc Loan stock in I993 and 1994 and the successf~~inlt roduction of scrip dividend
optioli in both 1996 and 1997. Its main thrust is tlie enhancement of sliareliolders valuc through improved nianageinent practices, which are now reflecting, in the impsessive perfol-mances of the company.
The industry has among other units, tlie corporate Affairs Dcpartmcnt. 111idcr which all crises are anticipated and managed.
IJ~idert his department headed by the corporate ~ f f a i r sD irector, MI-. U.A. Savagc, thci-e is tlie Public Relations Unit. This unit is charged with
thc role of maintaining good corporate image, preventing and managing unexpccted events among other things.

There is a body called the crisis management team put up by the industi-y. The body is chasged with the du

PROJECT TOPIC- Public Relations: Issues and Crises Management in Organizations (A Case Study of Guinness Nig.Plc)


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