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PROJECT TOPIC – An Empirical Examination of Instrument for Motivating Oil Company Employers

An Empirical Examination of Instrument for Motivating Oil Company Employers


The purpose of this study is to ascertain the  nature of motivational instruments in the use of  oil industry and their level of effectiveness.
The fieldwork was carried out in Shell Petrochemical Development Company Nigeria limited, Chevron Texaco and ExxonMobil, which were
used as case study. The instruments used  for data collection are Questionnaire method personal interview and observation. The analysis of data collection
indicates the following
(I) Money serves as a major motivational instrument in the companies especially among the junior workers who have basic needs to satisfy);
(2) a relationship exists between employees motivation and his job performance in the organizations;

(3) In addition to monetary rewards workers are motivated by fringe benefits and welfare for themselves a direct family, examples are Housing, good and standard medical facilities, car scheme /transportation, children/education and so on

(4) There is a relationship between motivation and job satisfaction. Based on the above, it was recommended that different motivational tools could be applied to different categories of’ workers  in line with identified  cum perceived needs of the workers.


An Empirical Examination of Instrument for Motivating Oil Company Employers






It is evidence that oil-producing companies are the most desired and preferred  organization among job seekers in the country. However only few Nigerians are privileged to work there. These people value their job so much that they will put in everything to make their organization succeed. Theirs performance
far exceeds that of their counterparts in government establishment in  other private companies . Their enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty to their organizations is so glaring. They also display self-fulfillment and job satisfaction. Cased on this development, it is generally believed that the workers in the oil producing companies panics are highly motivated. Motivation involves the application of veritable instruments to encourage workers in all work places. A motivated workforce is a satisfied work force: This will I turn increase their performance and overall productivity of the organization . With motivation, the work force will be focused and committed to achieving 01-ganizational goals. On the other hand when a workforce is not motivated they  will be dissatisfied. This feeling of dissatisfaction will impair on their satisfaction and negates the actualization of organizational goal. Stone (1978:405) pointed out that motivation is an important subject because managers by definition, work with and through people. They need some understanding which cause people to behave as they do, so that they can influence people to perform in ways their managers are desirable. Steers and Porter (1 991 : 1 10) see motivation  as the amount of  energy and direction of energy displayed by an individual. St31
(Ii)95:334) but~respect his claim by stating that an individual can be  greatly motivated in one setting but poorly motivated in another setting. Therefore,it
makes little or no sense to make general statement about a person’s motivational status without knowing the amount of  the direction of energy exl~e~ideci


An Empirical Examination of Instrument for Motivating Oil Company Employers



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