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PROJECT TOPIC – A Study of the Effectiveness of Customer Relations and Employee Motivation Practices of Selected New Generation Banks

A Study of the Effectiveness of Customer Relations and Employee Motivation Practices of Selected New Generation



Banks in Nigeria today are engaged in a “war” with new generation banks I seemingly having the upper hand for customers and market share. it is generally
believed that good customer relations practices carried out by adequately motivated staff play a major role in this war. This study was therefore embarked upon primarily to confirm or dis-confirm the following:
1. Whether customer relations practices of these banks meal:: an enabling environment required for more efficient and reliable service I ielivery.
2. Whether motivation practices of banks, especially the new generation banks, satisfy the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of their staff

To provide answers to the above problem, this research work has as its major objectives:
1. Critically assess effectiveness of customer relations practices of new generation banks.
2. Identify motivators for staff and determine if these motives  serve their purpose.
3. Identify shortfalls in customer relations and motivators of new generation banks and make recommendations based on findings.

Two new generation banks Diamond and Inland Banks was selected as case studies. Six research questions and six hypotheses were posed and
formulated to guide the study. Questionnaires were prepared for staff and customers of the banks and based on the responses to the questions, the research questions were analyzed using tables and charts. Hypotheses were tested using the Chi-square formula Results obtained from data analysis and testing showed that while customer relations practices of both banks me achieving desired results motivational practices of the banks are yet to fully satisfy extrinsic and intrinsic needs of employees. Recommendations on how to improve upon lapses or short falls observed in customer relations and motivators of both banks were proffered based on available data collected from questionnaires and personal interviews.




In recent times, good customer and public relations has come to be recognized as an element of primary importance in bank operations, an element without which individual banks and indeed the entire banking system as we know it, cannot survive. Customer relations in banks means “Programmes and activities carried out among the many sectors of the public by banking institutions to create a good will and understanding of the bank’s role in their lives” (Adikwu, M.A.1982). Banks exist to serve the financial needs and wants of people, people as individuals, as business, as institutions and as government. Public or customer relations are also concerned with creating, promoting and selling bank services – Marketing. Banks have no vested right to existence as private institutions. They are operated under law which can be changed by people In the planned economy, as opposed to fiee enterprise system, people believe that banking should not be a private function but rather a function of government.

Public or customer relations for banks means consequently, that banks must perform to the satisfaction of people and persuade people that banks are main essential part of a free enterprise economy operating for the greatest number of people. A bank is people. It is the bank’s people who represent the bank to the people of the bank’s many customers or public. It is the bank’s people who provide the services or who do not; it is the bank’s people who make the bank a good citizen of the community or who do not; it is the bank’s people who make bank ‘A’ a better bank with which to do business than bank ‘B’ or who do not.
It is the bank’s people who assure the banks progress or who do not. The staff of any bank is the heart of its public or customer relations activities. Without the full support and active participation of those who work for the bank, its customer relations activities will not be fully successful.

Participation extends beyond the hours the employee spends inside the bank, for all his outside activities he is regarded as a representative of the bank and
should conduct himself in such a way that he brings credit both to himself and to his bank. Management’s attitude should not be to employ hands to run machines or balance books but to select people who may be entrusted with the business and goodwill of the bank’s customers and this is where the personnel policy of any bank should be closely correlated with its public or customer relations policy. Employees are the substance out to which any bank’s future success is built. Hence they require training and experience the clerical tasks and getting , along with people. ‘Therefore, all bank personnel should be imbued with the importance of good customer relations, and training employees in the art of getting along with people should be part of every bank’s customer relations programme.

In  addition, employees must be adequately motivated so as to actively participate and support customer relations activities of their respective banks and perform other tasks which would facilitate the smooth operations of heir respective banks. Banks employees, like most other Nigerian workers have for themselves a very high evaluation, such as self respect, achievement his ability,status recognition, knowledge and sense of being wanted and appreciated by their employees, not being exploited. The continuous satisfaction of an employee or employees offers the way to motivating them to better job performance, thus utilizing the human element to achieve the objectives of the bank.


A Study of the Effectiveness of Customer Relations and Employee Motivation Practices of Selected New Generation



Nigeria’s banking system has suffered for too long from lack of confidence from the banking public, a situation which arose  from losses
incurred by depositors in the various liquidated banks as a result of the distress syndrome which left the industry in tatters. To restore public confidence, compete effectively in a highly competitive industry, build up a positive corporate image and strategically reposition themselves to meet the major challenges of the banking industry in the next millennium, banks, especially the new generation banks rely heavily on efficient and reliable service delivery. To create an enabling e environment to allow for efficient service, the banks in turn rely on customer relations practices. The success of any bank’s customer relations activities del ends largely on the bank’s staff who must be adequately motivated in order to be fully committed to the banks customer relations activities.
The problem now arises in ascertaining whether:
1 . Customer relations practices of these new generation ban cs create the enabling environment required for efficient and reliable service delivery;
2. Motivational practices of new generation banks satisfy the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of their staff thus allowing for total commitment to the
success of customer relations in their respective banks. To this effect, two (2) new generation banks namely: Diamond bank and inland bank respectively have been selected as case studies to ascertain the effectiveness of customer relations an 1 Employee Motivation Practices in new generation banks.


A Study of the Effectiveness of Customer Relations and Employee Motivation Practices of Selected New Generation

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