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The purpose of this study is to find out how to use public relations in restoring public confidence in Hotels. (A case study of Victoria Gardens Hotel Limited Enugu). The background of the study traced the factors that have contributed to the loss of confidence in Hotels. It equally looked closely at those factors that has brought the credibility of Hotels to disrepute. Victoria Gardens Hotel Ltd Enugu was used as a case study thereby being thrown under the search light of this research project. The researcher looked at what a hotel is and also hostelling proper. A brief history of Victoria Gardens was taken while the definitions of public relations were equally considered. The related literature were also reviewed measuring instrument used for the study was the questionnaire made up of probing questions. It was administered to quests of who were lodged in the Hotel. In the analysis, the findings made amongst others was that majority of the respondents agreed that public relations is and remains the tool to restore public confidence in hotels. Therefore, it was then concluded that Hotels image, credibility and profitability depends on the relationship they create and maintain with their customers and that Hotels needs effective public relations units to support its customers services relations unit. Therefore Victoria Gardens Hotel needs to work hard and make progress towards rebuilding the confidence its customers has in them.



1.1 Background of the Study

In recent times, various factors have contributed immensely to the loss of confidence n hotel business. Such factors include armed robbery attacks, rise in room rates, prostitution, immediate environment, proliferation of new hotels and manners displayed by the owners and the staff of these hotels.

The incessant aimed robbery attacks in numerous hotels in Nigeria have lead to lost of billions of Naira from customers and operators of these hotel business. Most importantly, many customers have lost their life in hotel where they have gone to take refuge due to the same course. This now raises, the question whether a place that supposed to provide accommodation for customer, as well as excellent services for them have become death trap. Moreover, the astronomical rise in lodging rates of hotel have lead to decline in the number patronize the services render by the hotel business. Owning to the fact that it would take with little amount to pay for other bills. Beside, this have reduced hotel profitability in recent times.

The illegitimate business of prostitution, which has found it center stage in hotel business in Nigeria have made the establishment less attractive for persons of decent and moral upright to seek temporal accommodation. Thereby, taking it negative turn or rate of patronage and profitability these service-oriented establishments make. At times the situation of these hotels are not appropriate. Take for instance, where hotel is sited in degenerated light density settlement. It is not likely to attract patronage due to the degenerate immediate environment around the hotel irrespective of the services rendered in such hotels.

Proliferations of any new hotels in the country and Enugu have increased the competition among them, thereby reducing the general number of customers per hotel. Above all, the attitudes and manners displayed by the staff of these hotels further frustrate the patronage of these hotels. The Otokoto ritual saga is still very fresh in the minds of many Nigerians.

Where hotel and it environ was turn into ritual ground at the expense of the life of customers. What an irony, that those who would have help to promote the growth of Otokoto hotel are used for ritual by the owners ad the staff of this hotel. Beside this, some hotel gives preferential treatment to friends and most importantly shabby services to strangers. Eventually numerous customers have withdrawn their patronage from these hotels.

However, based on the going concern vis-a-vis, hotel being primarily among the service oriented industry should strive towards understanding customers needs and wants by offering maximum services to satisfy their customers and proving the superiority of services as compared with others. One must recognize and appreciate the need for the restoration of confidence and faith in hotels surely by providing adequate services, maximum security and general attitude of personnel.

It should be clearly recognized that we cannot automatically assume continued growth in today’s competitive nature of hotel business. Therefore, sound hotel decisions, like involved on the basis of factual information, not simply on opinion or guesswork. For steady patronage of hotels by customers, one must make very positive efforts by informing the customer capabilities of the hotels and what it can offer to it customers.

However, obtaining this factual information is complicated by the fact that today’s customers are better educated critical of hotels system and operational performances and as such required careful and tactful handling to bring the person to a better understanding of the hotels services. His is because, these days time have changed, organization have also changes especially hotel services, but less concerned about the way these services are offered.


1.2  Statements of the Problems

The issue of public relations is about communicating in order to achieve understanding through knowledge. And this is what this project has set out to achieve in using public relations in restoring confidence in hotels especially Victoria Gardens Hotel LTD Enugu. Therefore, the question is who and how should a hotel improve its image and restore confidence in itself thereby enhancing profitability? This is a question, which all members of any hotels should answer.

Almost every members of staff do interact with the customer at one time or the other, if not in the office or during social gathering outside the office,. The Hotel Services can be sold anywhere, and anytime by using an appropriate public relations and Marketing Strategy.

This is why the management of hotels pays for club membership for managerial staff and pay entertainment allowances to certain categories of senior staff in any hotel, the receptionist are the image and first representative of the hotel, anybody meats on entering into any hotel, whatever impression given to the customers by these set of staff last as long as the customers can remember.

Therefore, their mode of dressing, their cheerful attitude their diligence in attending to the customers, their honesty and trust worthyness in discharging their duties, matters much in public relations and marketing strategy in considering this.

Each morning as we get up from bed, we try to be nice and polite to persons around us by greeting and exchanging pleasantries, we brush our teeth, wash and bath our selves, put on neat and good cloths we do these things not because there is any law that makes it mandatory for us to do them, but because we want to look decent and attractive to others we meet.

Therefore, no-body would want to be repulsive or odious to others neither would anybody like t stay with somebody who emit odour, so we take out time to make sure that we are decent in outlook and spoken words, because we desire to relate positively well with people we met.

Therefore, all the above, points towards public relations of the indumenta level. Also from another angle, when a person behaves unpleasantly, it is said that he lacks manners or has poor public relation.


1.3  Objectives of the Study

Every Hotel in Nigeria today is currently doing every thing possible to stay afloat and maintain the level of profitability, which they have achieved in years ago. Therefore, all business organisations, without exception, must be capable of offering a desired item, products or services to its teeming customers. But when the above objectives and goals are not met, the existence or well being of the hotel came under question so, the relationship between a hotel staff and a customer is contractual it is basically the relationship of a debtor, weakens and becomes questionable them the creditor would obviously doubt the sincerity of the debtor, and this is exactly where the subject matter of this research come to be. So the researcher is going to look at the following objective to above mentioned the objectives are:

  1. To find out how the use of public relations can restore the confidence of the customers in the hotel management or customers relations.
  2. How to improve Hotel profitability.
  3. How to educate customers on services available.
  4. To find out the capability of inter Hotel and institutional competition.
  5. To reassert position in the industry.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The study is only limited in scope it is centered on the workers and the customers of Victoria Garden Hotels Enugu.

1.5  Limitation of the Study

There are some bottlenecks encountered by the researcher in the process of actualizing the objectives. The researcher did not have enough time for a wider study, because of lectures and examination. The un-corporative attitude of some of the staff and customers buts a lot responded very well. The researcher had not sufficient find to go about and for the collection of research material therefore the projects was not sponsored, the researcher had only a moderate budget for the study as a student.

1.7  The Research Hypotheses

Ho          Hotels do not need effective public relations units to support their customer services Relations.

Hi           Hotels need effective public relations units to support their Customer Services Relations.

Ho          The use of Public relation has not restored Public Confidence in Hotel.

Hi           The use of Public relation has restored Public Confidence in Hotel.

Ho          The staff indifferent attitude to customers at the hotel has not resulted in the low patronage by customers.

Hi           The staff indifferent attitude to customers at the hotel has resulted in the low patronage by customers.

1.8    Significance of the Study

The result of this study will help in creating more awareness and revive customer services of Victoria Gardens Hotels. It will also be of greater important to professional hoteliers in the hotel industry who have lost touch with the new innovations in modern hotel business. The study would also help in identifying those key areas of marketing strategies which hotels have neglected so much and unfortunately organisational growth.

1.9  Definition of Terms

  1. HOTEL: The Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary Second Edition defined a Hotel as an establishment where quests are accommodated making them comfortable and protection, and giving them excellent services for their money worth with a view for making profit.
  2. PUBLIC RELATIONS: This is a promotional understanding and Goodwill between the organisation and the people it associate with.
  • PUBLICITY: This is an exercise that aims at getting the attention or interest of Public to the organisation or its products, it involved informing or educating the public of its existence objective or products. it differ from other promotional tools like advertising in that, it is not paid for. It also has no identified sponsor since the publicity could be from editorial, news, releases or news talk publicity also focuses mainly on the organisation.


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