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This study sought to investigate the influence of computerization on the management of science education programme in Ebonyi State University. Five research questions were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted a structured questionnaire as an instrument for data collection and Test-retest parallel equivalent procedures, was used to ascertain the reliability co-efficient of an instrument.  The sample size for the study was two hundred (200) respondents while the sampling techniques used was simple random sampling. The data generated was analyzed by the use of mean and standard deviation. After the analysis, the major findings were: computerization influences short-listing candidates for admission, teaching and learning science, course online registration, uploading of result online and payment of departmental fees for science education programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. Based on the findings, the following recommendations were made; that government and stakeholders in education should increase their roles in the realization of an effective e-learning strategy in our schools, and should constantly train and re-train university students and staff on the current changes that are involved in the use of ICT in our campuses.



Background to the Study

Computer is an electronic device or machine that is capable of accepting inputs or data through input devices, processes the inputs and generates appropriate results, which are displayed through output devices (Mbam2008). He also stressed that a computer has the capabilities of accepting data, processing the data and producing meaningful results/ information automatically under program control. Ituma (2006) defined computer science as the study of computers and computational systems unlike electrical and engineering work.

According to him, computer science deals with the theoretical production of information and computation, together with practical techniques for the implementation of computer applications. Ezeliora (2008), defined computer science as the scientific and practical approach to computation and its application. It is the systematic study of the modernization of the methodological procedure (algorithms) that underline the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of and access to information.

Encarta (2002) defined computer science as the study of automating algorithmic processes in order to simplify human task in everyday life programmes. He also emphasized that the introduction of computer into the world has paved way for technological advancement in most parts of the universe which makes it easier for more complicated tasks to be done in an efficient way. Ituma (2006) said that the evolutions of computer science have made it possible for man to do most of the activities which required much time and resources to be done in less time and with accuracy.

To him, the evolutions of computer science have made proper channels for the development of information technology. Today, the development of information technology has gained the worldwide applications of computer because of its efficiency, quality and speed. Ezeoha (2011) stated that computer as an electronic-automated machine is capable of storing, recalling or retrieving information that has to been given to it.

Based on its capability, it is the fastest processing machine ever invented by man. He also emphasized that computer usage has aided man in all areas of his endeavour. Today computer is useful in hospital for keeping of patients, drugs and also serves as an instrument for diagnosis in the hospitals. In banking sector, computer is also important as it helps to facilitate banking services to customers. Computer can also be useful in other professional services like engineering, chartered fins and businesses, computer can be used in other areas such as transportation, education, security and Agriculture etc. Therefore, computer is said to be all purpose machine (Ezeliora, 2008). According to Lawaton (2008), some of the relevance of computer science to our nation are found in the following areas:

Hospitals: Computer is used for diagnosing diseases, conducting an x-ray on the patient and monitoring the patient, and recovering pattern.

In offices; computer can be used in documentation, preparation, typing of memorandum and letters because it offers an elegant error free in typing. Computer is also used in the offices for spreadsheet accounting system which include calculation of profit and lost account, preparation of payroll for workers. Computer can also be used in our offices for data base management and management information system (MIS).

According to Lawton (2008), manufacturing industries, uses computer to control and monitor their tools. Also computer is useful in our tertiary institution for analysis of experimental data which enables students to come up with a reliable result gotten from their experimental work. Today in our educational institutions, computer can be use in e-learning, e-library, computer assistance instruction (CAI), computer-managed instruction (CMI) etc.

Ezeliora (2008) stated that e-learning, though not new in Nigeria, has been given much prominence of recent. Today, the advances in communication and computer technologies have culminated in the supplementation and near phase out of traditional educational delivery system. Ezelioraalso defined E-learning as the use of internet technologies to deliver a broad array of solutions that enhances knowledge and performance. Ebigbo (2006) defined computer-managed instruction (CMI)as an instructional strategy whereby the computer is used to provide learning objectives, learning resources and assessment of learners’ performance.

Computer-managed instruction (CMI) aids the instructor in instructional management without actually doing the teaching. Furthermore, Ebigbo (2006) also defined computer assisted instruction (CAI) as a program of instructional materials presented by means of a computer or computer system to help the learners and teachers facilitate learning. There are many advantages to the use of computer in our nation Nigeria. In the department of science and computer education Ebonyi state university, computer is used to provide one-to-one interaction with the students, as well as an instantaneous response to the answer elicited, and to allow students to proceed at their own pace, Ezeliora (2008).

In conclusion of the relevance’s of computer science to our nation; Mbam (2008) said that computer is particularly useful in subjects that require drill, freeing teacher time from some classroom tasks. Education in most Nigeria communities is weak especially in our local villages where teachers are deprived of up-to-date information and other basic educational resources. As these wireless services becomes real, advanced contents play a key role in the adaption and long lasting success of this new information architecture.

Despite the numerous benefits of computer in our societies today, we believed that the application of computer activities enhances the speed, accuracy and security of life. According to Ituma (2006), the belief is a theory that needs to be proven over and over again until all thinkable activities are computerized. To this end, the researcher wants to further prove this by writing on Utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programme in Ebonyi State University,Abakaliki.

Ezeoha (2011) said that the inception of the twenty-first (21st) century is believed that the application of computer activities enhances the speed, accuracy, efficiency and security of life and properties. To him this belief is a theory that needs to be proven over and over again until all thinkable activities are computerized. Ituma (2006) stated that the era where computer utilizes    every other discipline of human endeavours is called computational science era.

He also emphasized that computational science should not be confused with computer science;neither does “computerization” means the same thing with computer science. According to him “computerization is defined as the introduction of computer machine to carry out tasks that are supposed to be done by manual labour. According Mbam (2008), computerization means the use of computer system to execute a variety of office operations such as document processing, accounting, data base, management and communication activities.

Its often implies a network of computers with a variety of available programmes, which aids the carrying out of office activities. He also emphasized that with office jobs and activities hitherto done through the use of common traditional or manual methods and replaced with the use of more modern and faster method with the aids of computers. Thus, it involves using machine (electronic or mechanical device or robots etc),to carry out normal office routines.

Onu (2006) said that computerization or automation can be partial or full. It is partial when human effort is combined with the use of machines, while full when the entire process involved is entirely handed over to their machine. However, complete automation is not common in developing countries like Nigeria. He also said that the different activities carried out in our institutions and departments are determined by the nature of the business done in that office or by the service line of the organization that takes place in the office/science education department, the activities  are as many as the number of offices one can account in any city.

There are many offices such as law offices, pharmaceutical office, a financial institution office such as science education office/department etc. The type of activities in these offices differ. No matter the nature of business/educational activities in an office, every office requires computerization in one form or  other. It is therefore, important to research on this topic,“Utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakalilki”. Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki was founded in 1999 (Odoh 2005).

It is located in Abakalilki, capital of Ebonyi state. EbonyiState University is made up of different faculties such as faculty of Biological science, faculty of Agricultural science, faculty of Education etc. The department of science and computer education is found inside faculty of education,Ishieke campus. It comprise different options such as computer science, mathematics, physics, inter science, chemistry and biology education.

The introduction of information and computer technology and robotics aids research works and teaching activities. It makes teaching and learning easy to students and lecturers. Encarta (2002) defined university as an institution of higher education that offers programmes that enable one to be certificated as a degree holder. It is also stressed that successful candidates who were admitted into the department of science education need to check up their results in their institution of choice.

The whole processes and procedures involved in checking result, admission list and transaction activities was difficult, time consuming and also cost intensive. Baker (2001) said that in order to reduce the difficult effect of the process involved, computerization was introduced in the department of science education by the management, to simplifyand make their job easier for them.

According to Baker (2001), computerization is the use of computer to store information or control the way something is done. Chidi (2005) defined computer as electronic device which accepts data as input, processes it and brings it out as an output through output device. He said that computer history was dated back to 1946. Ituma (2006) said that computer science is the study of algorithms, languages and machines for solving problems.

He emphasized that the use of computer is very important in various fields, ranging from medicine, engineering, education and even the arts faculty. The use of computer to him, has some utilization on the educational sector, like improving the access to knowledge and the quality and reliability of information. Encarta (2008) defined Utilization as the process of making profitable or effective use of something. Thus; computer utilization is defined as the profitable or effective usage of computer in solving problem of man.

Utilization in the context of this study is noticeable effect that computer has on the management of science education programme in Ebonyi State University. With the introduction of computer, students cannot depend on the management for the semester result but rather they can access their results or register for their courses online and workforce can keep their document online and through internet which is a system that allows people to exchange information using interconnecting of networks.

Nwala (2005) stated that the wave of computerization began in Ebonyi State University in the year 2007, during the tenure of Professor F.Ogah, a former vice chancellor, before its full manifestation in the year 2009, through our present vice chancellor,Professor F. Idike. According to him, there is a need for the university to maximize the internet even in the admission process and management, day-to-day office activities.

Arising from Nwala’s request (Nwala, 2005), this need was actualized with the university officials by creating website early 2007 and start listing students for the post-UM Examination in the year 2009. This brought to an end the infiltration of the campuses with the half-baked students who sorted their way in the JAMB examination (Nebo 2006). The creating of the university website also necessitated the keeping of records through online for easier referencing.

The researcher also believed that since the inception of computerization processes in the department of science education, teaching and learning has been more meaning, school management can keep record of computers which take up smaller space.Transaction and advertisement became very easy. The roles of computerization/automation in offices today are numerous: they   enhance teaching and learning to our higher institutions (tertiary institutions) and also aid some department in transaction and documentation purposes. Hence the study is on “Utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programme in EbonyiState University,Abakaliki”.


Statement of the Problems

Onu (2006)said that office computerization/automation is very important as it aids many activities such as file documentation, accounting and data management, yet many offices and department fail to introduce computerization to their office. The use of manual documentation or storage of students’ semester results instead of computerization had led to many protests in some departments as some students and department could not account for the results during the final result computation in the department.

Also inadequate computerization in the office brings about transaction and financial Miss-management, as many students can involve in cheating and receipt forgery. As a result, of these challenges mentioned above, computerization is very important to every office, yet students fail imbibe in it. According to Ebigbo (2006), minister of education, school administrators and those who have educational sector at heart in Nigeria, have said that every activities carried out in educational sector should be computerized.

This is because computerization has great utilization on the way things are carried out in various sectors of the world, Nigeria inclusive. Akindele (2006)stated that before the advent of computer, manual computation and processing was commonly applied which made the work difficult, time-wasting and also intensive. He also emphasized that the third world nations, unlike developed nations, do not fully harness the use of the computer in information handling as they stock to the manual process until the new millennium.

Today, computer has wide application in the field of business, education, agriculture and medical field. It has succeeded in bringing a great relationship between students and nations, as the whole world is now global a village. (Akindele, 2006) noted that despite the instruction that educational institution of developed nations should be fully maximized computerization, heal so strongly believed that Nigeria educational sectors could be computerized as those of other developed nations.

He greatly condemned the manual process, outing its delay and difficulty in nature. Furthermore, he said that results and names of transaction made in educational sectors were delayed due to large number of intakes, registration processes were hindered due to insufficient man power and the whole administrative process was greatly affected.Nebo (2006) said that year 2006 was indeed a year of noticeable improvement as the computerization of the admission process which accepted and fully implemented there by eliminating the problem of manual computing of student results, was introduced. It is against this background that the researcher was motivated to carry out a study that will determine “Utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki”. With a view to encouraging the computerization processes in the department of science education.

Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of this study is to determine the Utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.Specifically, the study seeks to find out:

  1. Utilization of computerization in short-listing candidate for

admission in science education programmes.

  1. Utilization of computerization in teaching and learning

science education programmes.

  1. Utilization of computerization in uploading of students

results online.

  1. Utilization of computerization in course-online registration.
  2. Utilization of computerization in the payment of

Departmental fees.

Significance of the Study

The results of the findings will be beneficial to students, science education management, school administrators, ministry of education and Ebonyi State University Management, as it provides details on utilization of Computerization on the Management of Science Education Programmes in Ebonyi State University, Abakalilki. This study will be helpful to science education students, as it will enable them to know the importance of the course online registration and proper documentation of the semester’s results.

To the school administration, it will enable them to make budget and also facilitate planning. It will also aid forecasting and help them in tackling the challenges that may result as improper records and results keeping. The Federal and State Ministry of Education or National University Commission will also benefit from this study as it will help in the monitoring and evaluation analysis of the entire departmental academic activities during supervision and accreditation.

The general Ebonyi State University commission will also benefit from this study, as the information generated by this study will help to lighten the commission on the benefits and problems of computerization process in other department entirely in Ebonyi state university. These findings will benefit both state and students of Ebonyi  State University and the society at large as it will provide information  that will facilitate understanding and appreciating of the computerization in students results.

Scope of the Study

This study focused on utilization of computerization on the management of science education programme in Ebonyi state university, Abakalilki. Specifically, the research was carried out in Ebonyi State University, Faculty of Education, narrowed to the department of science education. This research was also interested in the extent computer has utilization in the general management of science education programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakailiki. The items that the researcher covered in this topic are on how to use computer during students’ course online registration, how computer can be used to promote teaching and learning. Also the area that the research will cover is on how to use computer in short-listing student for admission, up-loading results online and online payment of department fees.

Research Questions

The following research questions guided the study:

  1. What are the utilization of computerization in short-listing candidate for admission on science education programme?
  2. What are the utilization of computerization in teaching and learning of science education programmes?
  3. How does computerization utilizesup-loading of students results online?
  4. How does computerization utilizes course-online registration?

What are the utilization of computerization in the payment of departmental school fees?


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