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Background of the Study

Government has been seen as a concept which is related to our day by day administrative phenomenon because in every human society or organization there is need for set of rules or how to regulate the conduct of the member. In other words government could be perceived as a configuration of power relationship in a political system. It seen to understand how law are made and implementing them.

According to Agena (2004) stated that government as system of existing authority control through the administrative of law that exist whenever people have live.  He  further describe government as the instrument by which  a community, society  or state organize itself, politically for the realization of the purpose of that state, society or community.

According to Okpata (2000) seen government as agent of the state since the duties of the state are carried out by government. We are concerned with the later definition of government as a disciple, government as a subject was introduced very late into our secondary school system and institution of higher learning by our former colonial master as was noted by Chikendu (1987).

Although they were willing to over feed us with knowledge of Latin, Religions, studies, writing and dictation, they were reluctant to introduce the study of government. The nearest to the disciple they taught us were European modern history, rudimentary civils and British constitution. Their aim was very vivid.

They did not want us to benefit from the exposure, which the study of government gives to the people of a state. At this stage of the background settings, it is important to mention a few benefits that can accrue from the study of government. The study of government open up the avenues. Towards appreciation of other people mode and style of administration.

Government compares the political institutions of different countries of the world. By providing the similarities and differences between them, government seeks to promote world peace. This is why it is important to study such international organization (UNO), organization of African Unity, (OAU) and Economic Community for west African State (ECOWAS).

Government bisects and anayses the problems of particular countries and of the world in general and tries to proffer solutions. The discipline studies and establishes the nature of the organic relationship between the teachers and the led. Also government look at the mode of political recruitment, it look at the electoral systems, nature of the institutions of various countries abide.

Government strive to oversee the role defined for the masses especially as they relate  to dominant forces of production. Government as a discipline scrutinizes and explains the political culture is meant the orientation of a people towards their political system assessed using certain or given criteria. According to Alomond and Vaba (1963) seen government as the configuration of the political value of a society as

against laid down criteria of participant, subject or parochial inclination. For instance it is the assumed political culture or norms in Nigeria that people enter politics to enrich themselves and that votes are inwardly tribalistic. According to Deutesh  (1963) refers government as an  academic field of study that is, it is a subject as other subject taught in school to broaden the knowledge of the student of the

discipline in all the various topic of  patriotism and institutional concepts for the progress of the country. Such as comparative politics, pubic administration, citizenship and the human right; the agitation of nationalism  and post independence, electoral system and election to mention but a few. Government as a subject studies the features, problems, failures and history of government as an institution.

Without government as an institution  man would not have been distinguished from the community of a pest and the curding of reptites. It is against this background that the most function of government as an institution is to maintenance of law and order; while doing this she protects the weak from the strong by using the judiciary.

It strives to guarantee the security of individual, lives and property. It facilitates progress in the society by regulating conflicts and managing crisis with the outside world. According to Appadonai (1968) man would be in Hobbesian state of nature where life is solitary; nasty brutish and poor. Aristotle a great political philosopher said and quote that “man is a political animal” for this motive man has the inbuilt to

struggle for  the security power in order to influence the behaviour or the decision of others. From the above, one can deduce that government peform numerous role as a discipline in our socio-economic, religious and above all political environment for these reasons, this research work is necessitate by the poor performance of the student in government both in secondary schools, tertiary institution and other

professional examination in government as well as in school certificate examination. In addition, there have been poor instructional materials or teaching and learning aids in schools to facilitate the teaching and learning of government. There have also been inadequate teaching staff in government in most school.

Allied to this is the unqualified nature of most teaching staff in the teaching of government. Both in central government and state government have not been able to give the discipline the most priority attention ie. Deserve and as it is assumed that the discipline has been undermined or relegated.

        The pure science teachers as in physics, chemistry, biology etc are usually given priority attention. They receive fat salaries unlike their government teacher counterpart. If the pure science teachers are claiming to be scientific, government also called political science teachers are equally scientific. To illustrate that political science is one of the science disciplines is clear and simple.

The confirmation of a hypothesis establishes a scientific principle and a scientific principle subjected to series of verification when confirmed establishes a scientific law and the scientific law on the same series of verification and its validity is confirmed now establishes itself as  a scientific theory. In effect, there are four important levels of explanation in their order of sonority.

This begins with hypothesis to the scientific principle to the scientific law and to the scientific theory A level of explanation is characterized by and known for the number of relevant factors which are employed at that level of explanation in order to achieve the solution to the problem or the answer(s) to the question (s).

The application of the above procedure to the study qualities. Political science as a science discipline, regardless of the fact that some level of prediction and success may not be attained by the two side at all failed government This will help us understand whether there is impact that is positive in the teaching and learning of government in Nsukka Local government Area of Enugu State.


Statement of the Problem

A great number of secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State have seriously suffered because of problem inherent in some area as inadequate of qualified teachers in teaching and learning of government, language barrier, lack of equipped laboratory, lack of instructional materials, organizational structure, motivation, etc.These factors appears to be the main constraint in teaching and learning of government in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to find out the constraint that confronting the effective teaching and learning of government in senior secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.

        The purpose of the study are as following:

  1. To find out if there are adequate qualified teachers of government in secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area.
  2. To find out if there are sufficient teaching materials/aids used by teachers in the course of their instruction.
  3. To find out if language barrier hinder the understanding of government.
  4. To find out if infrastructural hinder the teaching of government.
  5. To suggest ideal of remedies (recommendation) that will solve the said constraint of teaching government as a subject in senior secondary schools in Nsukka local government area of Enugu State.

Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to contribute to words the teaching and learning of government thereby inculcating political and civil consciousness in moral psyche of the Nigeria society at large. The study will let the citizen know their do and don’ts” in order to achieve congenial with the tenet of the rules of law some teachers are charlatan, who do not known the nifty, grifty of the subject (Government) and that

has continued to be a dog on the wheel of the teaching and learning of government but because if will avil the teachers of government the opportunity to known the way of living up to their expections. The study also identify the problems that hindered the proper teaching  and learning  of government and make suggestions much hopefully would help to improve the teaching of the subject in Nsukka Local

Government Area of Enugu state. Equally, the information provided shall be beneficial to students, teacher and the entire society at larger since the study of government involves the instrument by which a government, society or state organize itself politically for realization of the purpose of that state, society or community.

Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is limited to the constraint in teaching and learning of government in secondary schools, it will concentrate on senior secondary school classes SSI to SSIII in the selected secondary school in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. The following schools were selected for the study: Urban secondary school Aku, Aku girls secondary school, Ishelu secondary school Igbo etiti and comprehensive secondary school Aku.

Research Questions

        The following research questions were formulated for us in the course of this study.

  1. To what extent does the sufficient teaching materials/aids used by teachers in the course of this instrument?
  2. Are there adequate and qualified teacher of government in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State?
  3. How does language barrier constraint in teaching and learning government?
  4. How does lack of infrastructural hinder the understanding of government?
  5. What are remedies to the constraint in teaching and learning in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State?.


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