Project Writers Nigeria ForumCategory: Project WritingHow can I write a justification of my topic research/ Justification of the study?
Igbaji Chinwendu Staff asked 3 years ago

Providing justification for the study depends to a high extent the outcome of your literature review. In most cases, the Justification of your research study is expected to be in Chapter one, hence before starting the project writing proper, it is assumed that you have ascertained as well as conclude on plans on what your research study will look like. This will help you to make effective justification for your project research/study.

Justification of the Study

  1. This could be that the previous studies employed did not adequately explain the phenomenon;
  2. it may be that new methodology in other field of studies may contradict the existing knowledge about the phenomenon and as such offer fresh insight which you may want to apply;
  3. it may be that the way the problem and its associated concepts were approached and defined were problematic; and
  4. it may be that contemporary problem have falsified at the previous claims about the issue you are investigating.

By the time you do thorough review, any of the points listed above will come out and that will help you in providing a good justification for your research work.

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