Project Writers Nigeria ForumCategory: Project WritingHow to write chapter two of a project topic?
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Igbaji Chinwendu Staff answered 4 months ago

In writing Chapter Two of a Research Project, below are the steps: Introduction: this provides a brief insight into the issues that would be discussed in chapter two as well as the organization of the chapter. Conceptual framework: The conceptual framework should be done in a manner that depicts logical linkages of central themes in your line of research. Theoretical framework: In the theoretical framework, various theories propounded by researchers in the line of study of the current research is reviewed.  Empirical review: In the empirical review, the researcher explores various empirical studies conducted by other researchers on topics which are related to the current research. Empirical research entails giving a comprehensive report of other researchers\’ work. Summary of reviewed literature: At this point, you are expected to present all that you have done in your chapter in brief sentences. For most undergraduate research studies the chapter two terminates here. However, for post-graduate studies, such subtitles as Gap in Knowledge, contribution to knowledge are present and are discussed before the summary of reviewed works of literature. For a detailed explanation on How to write Chapter Two of a research project, Check the articles below:



Chapter Two Format and Guide to Literature Review, Empirical Review and Theoretical Framework