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Strategies for improving students’ interest in studying of economics in senior secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State

Strategies for improving students’ interest in studying of economics in senior secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State



Background to the Study

       Economics is taught as a core course at the senior secondary school level and in the higher institutions levels.

Economics is a very important subject in the school curriculum which does not only improve the mental ability of an individual for a fruitful living, but also increased potential for problem solving in the society. The realization of these advantages requires all the necessary things and materials for education to put in place to deliver the education which the society aspires to offer every students’ in economics. Unfortunately, much of what passes for economics or the performances is not encouraging in Ezza south L.G.A of Ebonyi State.

Economic like other social science subject has no specific definition. As there are many definitions of the subject economics. These definitions depends greatly on the perception of the definer of the subject. These universal variations in the definition of economics arise because of the fact that the subject studies human being and their behaviours, which can never be the same. These divergent human behaviours are subject to different interpretation.

To substantiate our argument that economics has multi furious definitions given by those we consider as authority in economics.

According to Adam Smith (1776). The enquiry into the study of the nature and causes of the wealth and he defined economics as a stock of goods at a given time, which money value, such goods must posses utility that it ability to satisfy human needs, it must be limited in supply. John defined the practical science of the protection and distribution of wealth he define economics as a means of studying how total production could be increased so that the living standard measured in terms of quality and quality of goods which people consume and services enjoyed per unit of time.

       Alfred defined economic as the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life earning and enjoying a living. His definition also relate to socialization of individual and material well-being. However, of all the definitions of economics adduced by economist, the one that is more widely acceptable by the generally of economist is put forward by Robeson, according to him, economics may be defined as a science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.

       Above all, from the analysis we can understand that modern economics are predicted on the principle of scarcity and choice indeed economics is neither absolutely a pure science nor a real art subject but, a social science.

Thing been know some definitions of economics we can understand that there is hardly any human activity you can engage in without coming into direct contact with economic policy. In virtually all aspect of human activities, economics approach is quite essential and rather quite indispensable the evolution economics from early Greek and Roman philosopher down to the mercantilist, economist was not completely tree from other social science until the period of industrial revolution. The work devoted purely to economics was produced by Adam Smith, in his work rather book called “the wealth of Nation”. The industrial revolution was a landmark in the development of economics independence as a discipline. Since then, the number increases and multiplies daily. So much that it is having narrower and narrower field of specialization such as micro economics, financial system, taxation, monetary economics industrial relation and personal management (Labour economics) project evaluation micro economics etc.

The importance of economics can be found from the fact that it prepares the learners to easily fit into several fields of human endeavours either in the public or private sector. Economics prepares learners for careers in administration, banking and finance, planning and policymaking research, statistics, entrepreneurship.

In Nigeria today, much emphasis is placed on economics, social, political culture development, science and technological advancement. Therefore, education plays the most active role in enabling nation to achieve these development potentials. The importance of education in overall national development makes to ensure that the going ones are satisfied. Ani (1999) in this regard, the above claim is promoted by the nation of the community should play in encouraging the teaching and learning environment. Structure and train teaching methodology employed, ability to teach the subject, use of good curriculum and willingness to learn. These therefore, stand as the major though of this study Lee (1995) the school as the center of educational activities as the responsibilities of organizing and presenting the needed learning experience through the use of good teaching strategies for the acquisition of knowledge. The learning experience in such a way that the child’s interest, ability and potential have to be considered for effective result. The child has to put certain factors in consideration and should of activating such goals. Mohamed (1994) economics education on its parts deals with our day to day activities and behavior as each person tries to utilize the available resources to obtain goods and services necessary for human survival economics inculcates in the students the desires for involvement in the society, provides citizenship training, makes students with intellectual capacities which will enable them have a better understanding of the world as a whole hence students should develop interest in the study of economics as a subject because of the various opportunities it offers as earlier mentioned. Lee (1995) opined that economics is not primarily a body of knowledge. It is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind and a technique of thinking. In view of this, educators have become increasingly concerned with manner in which the instructors can most effectively and judiciously utilize the time to their students in the classroom. Since the teachers are aware of the condition that enhances or interfere with effective understanding of lesson, they should always look forward and stimulate interest so as to induce learning.

In attempt to achieve this effectiveness, the teacher employ different teaching strategies.

Statement of the Problem

       There has been the problem of youth apathy for the study of economics in secondary schools. Some of the problems that led to the low interest or performance of students in economics in our secondary school level are:

  1. Lack of structures and facilities qualification.
  2. Problem of occupational specialization, teachers who are not specialized in economics are sometime assigns to teach economics in some secondary schools.
  3. Lack of textbooks, excursion and some other teaching methodology.
  4. Problem of curriculum.
  5. Lacks of home training
  6. Lacks of knowledge about the need to study economics in secondary schools for the inference for further leaving among others.

   Therefore, the problem of this study is to examine the strategies that should be used to improve student interest in the study of economists in order to improve their performance in subject.

Purpose of the Study

   Generally, the purpose of this study is to identify the strategies that could be adopted to develop the interest of study of economics in secondary schools.

       Specifically, the study wants to:

  1. Find out the problem of student and teachers in the study of economics
  2. Find out strategies for improving the study of economics
  3. Ascertain factors that led to low performance of students in economics in secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.
  4. Determine how to raise the students’ interest in the study of economics.

Significance of the Study

       The researcher believe that the finding of this study will be of immense benefits to all those that appreciate the value of economics they include students, teacher, extension agents, career, counselor government policy makes and the entire public in tackling future problems.

       The findings of the study will enable teacher of economics in secondary schools adopt and employ better teaching strategies which will arouse students interest. It will also help the students develop love for and positive attitude towards the study of economics. When youths develop interest in economics, employment opportunities, because students on learning school can establish small-scale business.

       Finding of the study will guild both teacher and extension officers in giving students the required basic skill needed for effective performance a business operation. It will also create in youths a clear perception of the role of economics in the national development.

Scope of the Study

       The scope of the study is limited to the strategies that could be used to develop the interest of students towards the study of economics in secondary school in Ezza South Local Government of Ebonyi State. Here are the development centres in Ezza South which the study based

East development centre.

Ezzama development centre.

Ezza south development centre.

Ezza South East development centre.

These are the wards-

Ouneke urban

Ameka ward

Ezzama ward

Echara ward.

Umunwagu idembia ward

Amudo-okoffia ward

Ammagu-Nsokkara ward.

Amuzu ward. Etc and others.

Research Questions

       The following research questions guided the study-

  1. What are the problem militating against student’s interest in economics as perceived by economics teachers?
  2. What measures can be adopted to improve the interest of secondary school students in learning economics?
  3. What are the factors that led to low performance of students in economics in secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State?
  4. What are solutions to the low performance of students in economics in secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area?
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